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— What's your favorite fruit? — My favorite fruit is bananas. /I like bananas best.


— What’s your favorite sport? — My favorite sport is _______.

/I like ______ best.

— What's your favorite color? — My favorite color is _______. /I like _______best.











Listening 2a
Listen and put the conversation in order.
Because it’s fun. 4 My favorite subject is P.E. 2 What’s your 1 favorite subject?

Why do you like P.E.? 3

2b Listening Subject
1. art 2. science 3. music

Description a. fun

b. interesting
c. boring d. difficult e. relaxing

4. P.E.
5. math

6. geography
7. history

What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is____.

Why do you like _____?

Because it’s ________.



1. Bob’s favorite day is ________. Monday 2. Bob’s favorite subjects are P.E. and history ______________. 3. Bob’s P.E. teacher is _______. Mr. Hu 4. Frank’s favorite day is _______. Friday 5. Bob thinks history is _______. boring interesting 6. Frank thinks history is ___________.

F: Hi, Bob. How’s your day? B: It’s OK. I like Monday because I have P.E. and history. They’re my favorite subjects. F: Who’s your P.E. teacher? B: Mr. Hu. He always plays games with us.

F: That’s great. But why do you like history? It’s boring. B: Oh, I think history is interesting. What’s your favorite day? F: Friday. B: Why? F: Because the next day is Saturday! B: Haha! That’s for sure. I like Friday, too.

1.—How’s your day? 今天过得咋样? — Great!/It's OK./Very good! 2.Who’s your P.E. teacher? 3.That’s for sure. 的确如此 5. the next day 第二天 6.have+学科名词 上...课 have English

1.? favorite 形容词,“最喜欢的,最喜 爱的”。相当于like … best。
Her favorite fruit is strawberries.
= She likes strawberries best.

她最喜欢的水果是草莓。 Their favorite day is Sunday. = They like Sunday best.

?favorite 作名词,“最喜欢的人或物”。 Hamburger is Bob’s favorite. 鲍勃最最喜欢汉堡。 White T-shirt and blue shorts are her favorites. 白色T恤和蓝色牛仔裤是她最喜欢的。 ?“What’s your/his/her/Bob's favorite …?” “某人最喜欢的是什么?”。 What’s his favorite sport? 他最喜欢的运动是什么? What’s Jane’s favorite color? 简最喜欢的颜色是什么?

2. why 疑问副词,“为什么”,询问原
因或理由。“Why + 一般疑问句?”构成

特殊疑问句,答语:Because …。
— Why do you like math? 你为什么喜欢数学? — Because they are useful. 因为它们有用。

3. because 连词,后接从句,陈 述原 因或理由,回答why提出的问题。 — Why do you like P.E.? — Because it’s relaxing. 在英语中because和so不能同时连用。 The book is very fun, so we like it. 这本书很有趣

,我们都很喜欢它。 = Because the book is very fun, we like it.

4.play with sth./sb. 玩某物/与某人玩. Kate likes to play with her dog after school. ? She often plays with her children in the garden. 5.useful 形容词 “有用的” →useless “没用的” a useful book 6.finish 动词 “完成” finish doing “完成做某 事”

He finishes________(read) this book for two days.

7、on Friday 在周五。“星期几”为具体 的某一天,在星期几用介词on。 on Saturday 在星期六 on Sunday 在星期天 注意:但当星期名称前有 this, that, next,

last 等词修饰时,其前不能再用介词 on。
We have a basketball game this Sunday.

8.hour 名词 “小时” an hour He plays soccer for two hours. 9.from...to... 从...到... from Monday to Friday from Panzhihua to Chengdu 10.free 形容词 ?空闲的 be free 有空 ; in my free time在我的空闲时间里 Are you free this Monday? ?免费的 Here is free lunch.

11、for sure adv. 无疑;肯定 That's for sure ! 确实如此! 12.China 名词 “中国” I love China! Chinese ①名词 汉语,中国人 I have Chinese class from Monday to Friday. I am a Chinese. ②形容词 汉语的,中国的 a Chinese dictionary a Chinese boy

Listening 1b
Listen and circle the subjects you hear in 1a.





math history



A:What's your favorite subject? B:My favorite subject is English./ I like English best. A:Why do you like English? B:Because it's interesting. A:Who is your English teacher? B:My English teacher is Miss Liu.

一、 根据图片提示完成句子。 1. — _______ your ________ fruit? What’s favorite — My _______ _____ is ___________. favorite fruit strawberries 2. — ________ your ________ _____? What’s favorite day — It’s _______. Friday

Who math 3. — _____ is your ______ teacher? Mr. — ______ Wu.


Why music 4. — _____ do you like _______? Because relaxing — ________ it’s very _________.

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