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八 年 级 英 语


A. very carefully B. the most carefully C. more carefully D. the most careful 12. — Can you speak French, Mr. Brown? — Yes. But only __________ French words. A. few B. little C. a little D. a few

13. Don’t forget _______ the door when you ________.

A. closing;leave B. closing;are leaving C. to close;leave D. to close;will leave 14. — _________ hours do they exercise every week? — About 40 hours. I think. A. How many B. How long C. How often D. How 15. I have two cats. One is black, and ______ is white.

A. another B. some C. other D. the other

二、根据句意及首字母提示补全单词,使句子完整、通顺。(每小题1分,共10分)1. I had e_____________ time to do my homework yesterday. 2. I had nothing to do, so I felt very b_____________ last Sunday. 3. My mother goes shopping t_____________ a week. 4. I watch TV at l_____________ two hours every day. 5. It is n_____________ for us to have a good study habit.

6. Nothing is impossible(不可能的) if you put your h_____________ into it. 7. The bed is so c_____________ and warm that he didn’t want to get up. 8. He and his twin brother have something in c_____________. 9. You will be s_____________ if you work hard. 10. Linda e_____________ her parents to buy a new bike for her.

三、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共10分) 1. What about _____________(visit) the museum? 2. I was so _____________(tire) that I wanted to have a rest. 3. Bill goes _____________(swim) once a week.

4. We are busy _____________(study) these days, so we aren’t free. 5. Who is _____________(thin), you or your sister?

6. My mother often makes me _____________(do) housework on weekends. 7. Which question is _____________(easy), the first, the second or the third?

8. _____________ you _____________(see) the bird dancing in the tree a moment ago?


9. John wants _____________(watch) talk shows because they’re _____________(interest). 10. It’s _____________(danger) for you to do that.

四、根据汉语提示,完成英语句子(每空一词)。(每小题2分,共20分) 1. 你去哪里度假了?

Where did you go ___________ ___________? 2. 他正在动物园里拍照。

He is ___________ ___________ in the zoo. 3. 昨天我妈妈去购物了。

My mother ___________ ___________ yesterday. 4. 上周末这些孩子玩得很开心。

These children ___________ a good ___________ last weekend. 5. 袋子里装满了大米。

The bag is ___________ ___________ rice. 6. 对你来说什么是最重要的?

What is _____________ _____________ _____________ to you? 7. 你认为我们的校规和班规怎么样?

_____________ do you _____________ _____________ our school rules and class rules? 8. 我哥哥有相当多的朋友。

My brother has _____________ _____________ _____________ friends. 9. 昨天我遇到许多问题,比如丢了钱和衣服。

I had many problems __________ __________ losing money and clothes yesterday. 10. 我想要去有趣的地方。

I want to go _____________ _____________.

五.句型转换,每空一词。(每小题2分,共20分) 1. He read English 10 minutes ago. (改为一般疑问句并作出肯定回答)

— ___________ he ___________ English 10 minutes ago? — Yes, he _____________. 2. He did his homework last night. (改为否定句)

He _____________ _____________ his homework last night. 就划线部分提问)


____________ _____________ _____________ they go to the movies? 4. Linda has to learn more about healthy habits. (改为一般疑问句) ______ Linda ______ ______ _______ more about healthy habits? 5. Maybe he is in the bedroom. (改为同义句) He _____________ _____________ in the bedroom. 就划线部分提问)

___________ _____________ hours _____________ she sleep every night? 7. Carol isn’t the same as Mary. (改为同义句)

Carol is _____________ _____________ Mary.

8. You can watch TV. You finish your homework. (用as long as合并为一个句子)

You can watch TV _____________ _____________ _____________ you finish your homework. 9. How do you like this TV show? (改为同义句) What do you _____________ _____________ this TV show? 10. I like talk shows . (就划线部分提问) _____________ _____________ you like talk shows?

六、补全对话。(Jim=J Lin Tao=L) (每小题2分,共10分) J: Hi, Lin Tao! I called you yesterday morning, but you were not in.

L: 1. ___________________. I went to see my grandparents with my father and mother. J: Don’t your grandparents live with you? L: No. 2. _______________. It’s not far from here. J: A village? Is it beautiful?

L: Yeah, it’s very beautiful. There’s a river around it. Trees and flowers are everywhere. And my grandparents have a big farm.

J: Great! What’s on the farm?

L: Orange trees. Grandpa wants me to go back to pick oranges this autumn. Well, 3. _____________? J: I’d love to. And we can eat oranges while picking them, can’t we? L: Of course. Oh, 4. ________________________?

J: Er, I called you to go hiking with me. But it doesn’t matter. I asked Mike and Sam instead.



One day, Mike came home very late because he was very busy in the factory. He was very hungry when he got home.

He was not happy when he found his dinner was not ready. He was very angry with his wife. He shouted at her, “I’m going out to eat in a restaurant.” “Wait for five minutes.” said his wife. “Why? Do you think that the dinner will be ready in five minutes?”asked Mike.

“Of course not,”she answered,“But I can be ready to go with you in five minutes.” 1. Mike works in ________.

A. a factory B. an office C. a school D. a hospital 2. Jenny stays at home because ________.

A. she likes cooking B. she loves her husband very much C. she doesn’t have a job D. she doesn’t want to work

3. One day, Mike came home very late because ________.

A. he wanted to have dinner in a restaurant B. he had a lot of work to do C. he was angry with his wife D. his wife didn’t cook dinner 4. Mike was ________ when he found his dinner was not ready. A. happy B. glad C. hungry D. not happy 5. Which sentence is correct?

A. Jenny could have the dinner ready in five minutes. B. Jenny wanted to go to the restaurant with her husband. C. Jenny didn’t like the dinner at home. D. Jenny didn’t love her husband. 书面表达。(共10分)




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