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Section 3A

1.allow sb to do sth 3. go out with their friends 和


2.语法:被动语态 4. sixteen-year-olds 16岁的孩

①构成:主语+be+过去分词+by短语 sixteen-year-old+n.

Be (not) allowed to do sth 被允许干… be Sixteen years old

Should (not) be allowed to do sth 5.part-time jobs 兼职工作

6.get /have sth done“使…被…” get one’s ears pierced 穿耳孔

Have one's hair cut =cut one's hair

7.choose one’s own clothes 选自己的衣服 12.instead

8. a driver’s license 驾照 instead of (+n/prep/doing sth)


9.enough 用法: enough money/books; old enough

10.stop doing sth 19.need to do sth

stop to do sth 20.sb spend some time on/doing sth

11.on weekends 在周末 21.It takes /took sb some time to do sth

13 at that age 在那个年龄段 22.sth cost sb some time

14.so do we 我们也一样 23.pay for

倒装句: 口诀:前后主语不一样,语序当然用倒装;前后主语一个样,

语序当然要正常 (用陈述语序)

So + be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(前为肯定) 表示与前面所述事实一


Neither/Nor + be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(前为否定) 表示与前面所


15.at night on school nights 在上学期间的每个晚上

16.by 10:00pm 晚上十点前,by不迟于,常用于将来时的句子中

17.stay up熬夜 ,不睡觉 wake up get up look up use up

18.clean up (v-adv.) 打扫干净, 收拾整洁 turn up /down give up

24. get to class late . == come to class late. == be late for class.上课迟到

25.fail (in) sth做某事失败 fail (in) a test考试不及格; pass a test考试及格; take a test参加考试

26.be strict with+人. be strict in+事物. .对…要求严格

25.the other day== a few days ago前几天,不久以前

26.concentrate on…专注于…

27.辨析:①be good to sb/sth对…好

② be good to do sth做某事好 例:Why is it good to volunteer?

③be good at擅长;

④ be good for对…有益 Swimming is good for our health.

28. be a good way to do 是…的好方法

29.keep sb /sth+adj “使…保持…状态” keep sb doing sth

Make sb /sth +adj make sb do sth

10.both;neither用法:Both answers are right.---Neither answer is right. Both of the answers are right.---Neither of the answers is right.

11. It’s a good idea for sb. to do


12. in groups 成群的,按组的

13.get noisy (noise ) 吵闹(系表结构)

14. learn sth from sb (learn from each other) 向某人学习

15.at present ==now == at this time 现在,目前

16. have an opportunity to do sth === have a chance to do sth 有做…的机会 have an opportunity of doing sth == have a chance of doing sth

17. be a good/great experience for sb. 对…来说是一次很好的经历

18. have lots of experience doing sth 在干。。。有大量的经验

19. at least 至少

20. eight hours’ sleep a night 每晚8小时的睡眠

21. an old people’s home 敬老院

22. perform a play for sb为…表演节目

23. primary schools 小学

27. have…off 放假,休息

28. reply to 回答,答复

1.get in the way of妨碍

3.achieve one’s dreams实现某人的梦想

4. have nothing against doing sth不反对…

5. think about 思考,考虑

7.make a decision 做决定

8.be serious about对…感兴趣的/是认真的.

10.care about关心,留心,重视 care for 喜欢,照料

11. The importance of ... the important part of ...

12. Succeed (v.) succeed in doing sth success(n.) successful(adj)

13. Sb achieve one's dream sth come true

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