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初二Unit7 单元检测题

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Unit7 单元检测题

一.单项选择题(每小题1分, 共25分)

( ) 1. How many birds can you see in the trees? I can see _________ birds in them.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of

( ) 2. There will be ____ cars and ____ pollution twenty years later.

A. many, few B. little, few C. less, more D. fewer, less

( ) 3.The TV program was very______and we all got______.

A.bored;bored B.boring;boring C.bored;boring


( ) 4.—He got an A in last week's math test. It is ______!His math is always the worst.

A.possible B.simple C.impossible D.bored

( ) 5.The old man is very healthy. I think he will live______.

A.to be 100 years old B.100 years old C.at 100 years old

D.in 100 years old

( ) 6.What will the future ______? No one can predict exactly.

A.be like B.be C.like D.like as

( ) 7.Some old houses ______in my hometown last summer.

A.fall down B.fell down C.write down D.wrote down

( ) 8.I can't find my notebook. Could you help me ______ it?

A.look for B.look at C.look like D.look out

( ) 9.―There______ a meeting next Monday.‖means ―They______a meeting next Monday.‖

A.will be;will be B.will have;will have

C. will be, will have D. will have , will be.

( ) 10. My grandfather only reads news ______ newspapers, not ______ computers.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

( ) 11. It ______ that everyone in our class likes Xiao Shenyang.

A. looks B. seems C. sees D. feels

( )12.There ______ a basketball match in our school Would you like to come and watch it with me? Yes, I’d love to.

A. will be B. was C. is going to have D. has

( ) 13.Do you like the city life or the country life?

It's hard to say. In the city there is _____fun, but in the country there is _____ pollution.

A. less; more B. more; less C. more; fewer D. much; much

( ) 14. If there are _____trees, the air in our city will be _____ cleaner.

A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much D. much; more

( ) 15. I think I will be astronaut when I grow up.

A. an B. a C. the D. /

( )1 6. I you can be better this term. Thank you. I hope so.

A. disagree B. decide C. believe D. discuss

( ) 17.There _______ a robot in every home.

A.will have B.will be C.are D.are going to be

( ) 18.I will be an engineer ____ ten years.

A.after B.in C.at D.on

( ) 19.It may take _________ years to make such robots .

A.hundred of B.two hundreds C.hundreds of D.hundred

( ) 20. He seems________.

A. happily B. happy C. happiness D. to happy

( ) 21.Paul always makes his sister ______.

A.crying B.to cry C.cried D.cry

( ) 22 .Will there be less paper ? _______ . Books will only be on computers.

A. No, there won’t B. Yes, there will C. Yes, they will D. No, they won’t

( ) 23.It ____ him half an hour to drive home every day.

A . costs B. spends C .takes . D.uses

( ) 24. There are ______ of students in our school but only _____ of them are girls.

A. hundreds; two hundred B. hundred; two hundreds C. hundreds; two hundreds D. hundred; two hundred

( ) 25.Mr. White will ________ buy a new car for his son next month.

A.possible B. impossible C. probably D. probable


21.He ___________________(be)a teacher after he leaves college.

22.There __________________(be)fewer children in people's homes in 10 years.

23.His sister always plays a part in _______________ (save) the animals.

24.—What will you do tomorrow afternoon?

I _____________________(play)basketball with Jim.

25.Now the __________________ (pollute) is very serious.

26.We should plant ____________________ (many)trees than before.

27.It _______________(seem) that it's going to rain.

28.There are ___________________(hundred) of people planting trees on the hill.

29.The elephants are in great ___________________(dangerous);people

shouldn't kill them any longer.

30.There will be less _____________________ (pollute) in the sea.

31. They __________________ ( not have ) any classes next week.

32.Now the _________________ (pollute) is very serious.

33.Nothing is 34.What’s your ________________________(predict) about the future?

36. We can do the work with ________________ (little) money and __________________ (few) people than they can.

37. They _____________________ ( not have ) any classes next week.

38. There are many tall _________________________(build)in Yueqing.

39. The children will get _____________________________ (boring)quickly if they stay indoors for a long time.


People began to make robots about a few the early like animals or humans . However, they couldn’t and were pretty dumb(愚蠢的). They worked like clocks and did the same things Now modern robots don’t always people. Some are like big machines , others

are nothing but long arms attached to boxy(箱子般四四方方的)bodies. However. Modern robots are smart. Some can solve(解决computers and their eyes are sensors(传感器)。Motors (发动机) help them . In the future, robots will learn from their mistakes more than they do now. They will be It’s we will have robots shop assistant, robot house –hold workers, and robot factory workers. Robots will help people to do things.


Tom and Fred now. ―What will our world (be) like in the year 2020?‖ ―I don't know,‖ says Fred. ―What do you think?‖ ―Well, no one (know), but it’s interesting to guess.‖ ―In the year 2020 everyone (have) a pocket computer. The computer will give people the answers to all their problems. We shall all have telephones in our pockets(衣袋), too, and we’ll be able to talk to our friends all over the world. (Probably )we’ll be able to (see) them at the same time. ‖ ―A lot of people will live and work under the sea. Perhaps there will be big towns, factories and farms under the sea, too. ‖ ―robots will do most of the work, and so people will have ( many) holidays, perhaps they’ll work only two or three days a week. They’ll be able to fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there. ‖ ―I’m looking forward(期待)to the year 2020. I hope ( go) to the moon! And 1 hope I’ll be able to live under the sea.‖ says Fred. ―Won’t that be very interesting? Just like a fish! ‖ ―Maybe there will be (few)trees and the environment will become worse, everyone will play a part in (save )the world.’

11.She ________(be)able to play the piano well.

12.It’s easy for children ____________(wake) up and know where they are.

13.I ____________(not believe) him.He is dishonest.

14.There are many ____________(factory) in my hometown and lots of people are sick because of the air _____________(pollute).

15.It’s ___________(danger)for you to go across the road like that.

16. 有很多人在沙滩上玩。 There _________many people _________ on the beach.

17. 科学家正在试图使机器人唱歌跳舞。

Scientists are __________ to ___________ robots ____________ and dance.

18.They____________(fly) to Beijing next week.

19.Be careful when you ___________(across)the street

20.___________ people ___________(live) on the moon in 100 years ?

21.Jim _________(take)the bus to school every day. 10.I have a little room __________(live) in.

22.我叔叔住在街道对面的公寓里。My uncle lives in an ________ ________ _________ the street.

23.I ________ (be)a singer five years ago.But I ___________ (be) an actor tomorrow.

24.Everything will _________ _________(免费的)

25.What’s your___________ (predict) about the future?

26.There will be __________pollution and ____________trees in the future(较少的)。

27.People will have robots at their homes.(变一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)



28.There will be only one country.( 变一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

29.Do you think __________ a football match tomorrow? ?

A.there will be B.will there be C.there will have D.there are going to be

30-----How soon will he be back? -----________________

A.After three days B.In a week C.On Friday D.For a month 划线部分提问)

__________ __________Sally be in six years?

32.There were some trees near the river (用next year 改写句子)

There__________ ___________ some trees near the river.

33.There are many new_________in our city

A.build B.building C.buildings D.built

12.I think there_______more buses in the future

A.will have B.will be C.have D.are

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