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九年级Unit 6知识点

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Unit 6

一. 词形转换

1.like V--------- dislike V

2.fish n-----------fishman n (复数)---

3.recent adj----------recently adv

4.music n.-------- musical adj ---------musician n n----photographer .n 6. interest v

interested adj be/become interested in …

interesting adj

7.suggest v ----------suggestion n advice (不可数)

8. energy n ---------energetic adj

9 (An) honest …. adj -------dishonest adj

10. taste v.--------tasty adj

11. fry v----------fried adj

12. main adj ------mainly adv

13.suit V. 适合 suit sb fine

n. 套装 a set of suit

14.discuss v ---------discussion n

二. 重点短语

1.sing along with … 2.danco to ….

n/ving /to do sth

A to B(A和 B为n /ving)

4.write their own lyrics 5.over the years

be famous/well-known for 7.on display/show. be famous as…


be sure of /about sth when whenever be sure to do sth what = whatever be sure that +句子 where wherever

11. to be honest 12.expect(sb) to do sth

13.see sb do/ doing sth 14. on a Monday morning

15.a group of … 16.get together

17.be bad/good for… 18. stay away from..

19.be in agreement 20.even if /though

21.get sb sth /get sth for sb 22.It’s +adj+(for sb)+to do sth

23. for example , 句子

such as +名词/短语

like +n/ving

24. 感官动词(look, sound, taste ,smell, feel +adj)

25. eat a balanced diet=have a good balance

26. one’s latest movie 27.increace the risk of…

28.keep healthy =keep in good health

29. sing the words clearly 30. explain things well remind sb to do sth 33.can’t stand +n/ving

1.What a/an +adj+n!/How adj/adv +主语+谓语!

2.询问对某事物的看法:What do you think of/about….?

How do you like sth /ving ?

3. Whatever you do ,don’t miss this exhibition.

4. Here is part of their discussion.

5. The main thing is to have a good balance.

6. People who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuits and hamburgers.

7. The few city photographs are less successful.

8. It’s a great place to visit .

9. I don’t know what to try.


在复合句中,修饰名词或代词的句子叫定语从句,被定语从句修饰的词叫先行词 。引导定语从句的词叫先行词。引导定语从句的的词有关系代词who(指人)that(指人或物)which(指物)和关系副词(when,where,why)

1.I prefer groups that/which play quiet and gentle music.(作主语)

2.I like musicians who//that write their own music.(作主语)

3.He likes writers who/that explain things well.(作主语)

4.I love places where the weather is always warm.(作地点状语

5. Those who wear beautiful clothes are my teachers.

6.They can choose something that threy like .(作宾语)

Writing; My Father

My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind man. He often helps his neighbors and some strangers whom he doesn’t know at all. He has really done a lot for others. I don’t like him to do so because I think it has taken (花费)him too much time. he always says the world needs warm hearts. My father loves his family, and loves his work even better. He spends most of his time working, and often forgets to have meals or to go to bed. My father likes reading in his spare time. He told me reading was very interesting. I became interested in reading little by little(渐渐地). I like books, because they help me in many ways. My father has a bad habit he likes smoking very much. I hate it. See, the house is full of smoke. I know it’s bad for his health as well as也 mothers and mine. I advise him to give up smoking. I’m sure he will follow my advice some day. Such is my father. I am proud of having such a good father.

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