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外研版九年级英语下册Module 1Unit1

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Module 1 Travel Unit 1 The flight was late

? Do you like to travel? ? How do you like to travel? by plane by train by ship by bus

by coach 长途大巴

by taxi

by car







What do you have to consider before you decide which form of transportation you will choose?

Cost Safety Comfort (舒适) Quickness Convenience (方便) Which do you think is the most important?

? Oral practice: ? A: How do you like to travel? ? B: I like to travel by …., because it is fast/cheap/ comfortable/interesting…. ? / I don’t like to travel by…, ? because it is boring/expensive/slow/ crowded…

How do you like to travel?

I like to travel by …, because…

Act.3 P2 Listen again and complete the table.
Flight number: CA 938

London Beijing From _______ to ________
20:30 23:30 Leave: ______ New time: _______ 14:30 17:30 Arrive: ______ New time: _______

Flight takes: _______ hours 10
8 Time difference(时差): _______ hours

? Listening part 2: ? Listen to Tony and his father and answer the questions. Use the words to help you. airline; departure lounge; late

? 1. What form of transport(交通工具) are they going to take? ? They are going by _____________. airplane/plane ? 2. What has happened? three hours late ? The plane is _________________. ? 3. What do they have to do? ? They have to returned to the departure lounge ______________.

Acitivity4 Listen to the tape and answer the questions:
? 1.Did Lingling generally enjoy her holiday?
Yes, she did.

? How about Betty’s holiday ?
She had quite a good time in Beijing.

? What are Daming, Lingling and Betty looking forward to this term?
The school trip, the school leavers’ party, a visit to the theater and a trip to LA.

Act.5 P3 Read and complete the chart.
Holiday place Holiday activity Sightseeing Form of transport



bus, taxi, coach

Daming Hong Kong Landau Island Plane, Disneyland boat

Henan Province UK


Doesn’t say Family visit

train plane

1. …the trip back was very long. 返回的旅途很长。 2. Better get back to work. 最好还是回来学习。 3. plenty of fun things 许多有趣的事情 4. We’ll have a great time! 我们会玩得很愉快的!

Language points(知识点)

? The train was full of people, and I had to stand for six hours. 火车上挤满了人,我不得不站了6个多小时。

? be full of 意为“充满……;装满……”.其同 义词组为 be filled with ? 例:瓶子里装满了水(be full of)
The bottle is full of water.

她眼里充满了泪水(be filled with)
Her eyes were filled with tears.

In order to catch the early bus, he had to get up early.

? Well, it’s the busiest season in China, because of Spring Festival. 哦,因为春节的缘故,冬季成了中国最 繁忙的季节。

? because 连词,引导原因状语从句,后接 句子 ?

because of 介词短语,后接名词、代词、 动名词 ? 例:我没有买它,是因为它太贵了。
I didn’t buy it, because it’s too expensive.


I didn’t go to the football match because of the heavy rain.

? And now, better get back to work. 现在,最好回到学习上来。

? had better do sth. 最好做某事, 其否定形 had better not do sth. 式为____________________ ? 例:你最好照顾好你自己。
You had better take good care of yourself.

? 你最好不要花费太多的时间玩电脑游戏。
You had better not spend too much time playing computer games.

3. …but there are plenty of fun things to do this term… the school trip…但是这个学期仍然有很多 有意思的事情可以做,像学校旅行…… ? 【讲解】1)plenty of 意为“很多”,同a lot of, some一样,可以修饰可数或不可数名词。如: plenty of We have _______ water in the bottle. 我们瓶子 里还有很多水。 ? 2)a number of, many, few, a few用来 a number of 修饰可数名词复数。如:There are _________ young students planting trees. 有很多年轻的学生 正在植树。 ? 3)a great deal of, much, little, a little用 much 来修饰不可数名词。如:We have _____ trouble now ? . 我们现在有很多麻烦。

1.Workbook A – Module1-U1

2.Copy the words in Module1

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