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I 被动语态


2.结构:一般现在时:am/is/are+p.p 一般过去时:was/were +p.p


will be +p.p

情态动词被动态:can/may/must/should/could +p.p

3. Sb. be seen to do sth.

watch sb. do sth. Sb.be watched to do sth.

hear sb. do sth. Sb. be heard to do sth.

notice sb. do sth. Sb. be noticed to do sth.

make sb. do sth. Sb. be made to do sth.

give sb. sth. Sb. be given sth./ Sth. be given to sb.


Dreams come true. Sth.cost sb. some money.

Sth. happened to sb. Sth. sells well, but it is/was sold to…

Sth. looks/smells/sounds/feels/tastes +adj. Sth. belongs to sb.

(3)固定搭配: 被当做. be made of(物)

be invented/discovered in be made from(化)

be invented/discovered by be used for be made in

II Phrases:

1. thin (反) thick (级的变化)thinner-thinnest

thinly-sliced(薄片的) not thin enough(不够薄)

2. salt (n.) a lot of salt ; much salt

salty (adj.) (sweet, sour, crispy) not salty enough

3. by mistake=by accident

4. in the end =at last =finally

5. 6. sprinkle…on…

7. fall into(落入) /fall down (摔倒)

8. produce a pleasant smell

9. much-loved and active sports

throw the ball to each other


12. knock into(相撞)/knock at(敲…)

13. guide ..into

14. the aim of… the safety/danger of… the history of…

15. the number…(的数量)谓语为单数

a number of…(大量的,=a lot of)谓语为复数

16 pleased ( adj.) 指人 I feel pleased.

pleasant (adj.) 指物 produce a pleasant smell

pleasure (n.) It’s my/a pleasure.

17 decide (not ) to do sth.

decision (n.) make a decision

18 towards (prep.) 19. remain (v.)

20. It’s said that…( 据说 )

It’s believed that…( 据认为 )

It’s reported that…( 据报道 )

21. mix ( it/them ) up

mixture (n. )

22. divide A into B

23. in the sixth/twenty-first century ( pl. centuries)

24. not…until

25. invent ( v. )

inventor ( n. ) Edison is an inventor, he has invented many

invention ( n. ) useful inventions.


annoying/helpful invention?

27. in this way (就这样)

in the way (妨碍的,阻碍的)

in a way (从某种意义上讲)

on the/one’s way to…(在路上)

by the way (顺便问一下)

28. shoes with adjustable heels—changing the style of the shoes

battery-operated slippers—seeing in the dark

heated ice cream scoop---scooping really cold ice cream


microwave oven---heating and cooking food

light bulb---give people more time to work and play every day

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