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九年级Unit2 I used to be afraid of the dark知识点

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Unit2 I used to be afraid of the dark. .


1 die (v) →death→ (n)dead (adj)

2 proud (adj) →pride(n0 be proud of = take pride in 以……骄傲,自豪 3 hard(adj)硬的,坚固的,困难的

4 (adv)努力地 hardly(adv)→几乎不

4 surprise(V)→surprised(adj) 感到惊奇的(指人)

→surprising(adj0 令人惊奇的 (指物)

to one’s surprise 令某人吃惊的是

be surprised at sth 对某物感到惊奇

in surprise 惊奇地

5 day (n) →daily (adj) 每日的;日常的


1 be afraid of sth

be afraid of doing sth =be afraid to do sth 害怕……

be terrified of sth

2 go to sleep 入睡 = fall asleep

feel sleepy 感到瞌睡的

3 chew gum to clean one’s teeth (咀嚼口香糖去使牙齿干净)

4 in the end = at last = finally 最后

5 make a decision to do sth = make decisions to do sth = decide to do sth 6 even though == even if 即使,纵然,尽管

7 no longer = not….any longer 不再,已不

8 pay attention to (doing) sth 对。。。。。。注意,留心(p16)

9 give up doing sth 放弃干某事 give it / them up (p16)

10 wait a while = wait a minute / moment 等会

11 be on the swim / soccer /running team 。。。。。。的队员

12 with the bedroom light on /off 开(或)着卧室的灯 with the window/door open/closed( p12)

13 speak in front of a group = speak in public 在公众面前讲话

14 walk to school = go to school on foot 步行去学校

15 worry about = be worried about 烦恼,担心

16 all the time 一直 all day 整天 = the whole day all night 整夜 17 chat with sb 与某人聊天

18 take sb to concerts 带某人去音乐会

19 in the past /last +一段时间 在过去的。。。。。。。(用于现在完成时)P14 20 seem to be adj = seem + adj

seem to do sth

It seems/seemed that 从句

21 time to do sth

time for sth P14

22 cause a lot of trouble 制造许多麻烦

23 can/could afford sth 能支付得起某物,买得起。。。。。。

24 be/go /live alone 单独。。。。。

25 feel lonely 感到孤独

26 make sb do

make sb/sth adj P16

27 be used to doing sth 习惯于干某事

Grammer Focus

Used to do 的用法

肯定句: sb used to do sth .

否定句::sb didn’t use to do sth .

一般疑问句及肯定与否定回答:Did sb use to do sth ?

Yes, sb did. /No,sb didn’t.


1 (与现在完成时连用) 2 It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot .

3 I used to be afraid of the dark .

4 People sure change .

5 I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.

6 It ‘s very important for parents to be there for their children.



We are very glad that Li Hua has made great progress. In the past , he was impolite and even often fought with others. He used to throw litter away and make our classroom dirty. And after class,he usually lost himself in computer games. But after this activity ,Li Hua has changed a lot .He gets on well with others and is ready to help them. He also takes good care of the environment .He takes an active part in all kinds of activities . We are all glad about his progress.

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