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Word :

1.tire v. tired adj 2 . fascinate v. fascinated adj tiring adj fascinating adj

3. interest v./n. interested adj fascination n. interesting adj 9. relax v. relaxed adj

4. thrill v. thrilled adj relaxing adj thrilling adj 10. bore v. bored adj thriller n.(恐怖片) boring adj

5. excite v. excited adj 11. educate v. education n. exciting adj educational adj excitement n . 12. beauty n . beautiful adj

6. peace n. peaceful adj 13.danger n. dangerous adj

7. tour v. /n. tourist n. 14.history n. historic adj touristy adj

8. convenient adj convenience n. 15. east n./adj eastern adj

16. find v. finding n. 17.will n. willing adj

18. program(me) n. programmer n. be willing to +do (计划,方案,节目) programming n.

19. report v. reporter n. 20. conclude v. conclusion n. PHRASES:

1. take it easy

2. consider doing sth consider …as

3. in general

4. provide sb with sth ===provide sth for sb offer sb sth == offer sth to sb

5. thousands of hundreds of millions of

6. as soon /often /well /as possible === as …as sb can/want

7. be willing to do

8. quite a few +n(pl.)

9. dream of /about sth /doing sth

10. hold on to sth

11. would like /love to do sth === want to do sth

12. hope to do sth

13. wish sb to do sth

14. some day one day

15. go on vacation

16. fantastic sights

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