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was When I _____ young I' d listen to the radio. Waiting for my favourite song. made When they played I'd sing along. It _______ ______ smile.Those _______ such happy times, and were not long ago. How I wonder where they'd gone, but they're back again just like a long lost friend. All the songs I love so well. Every sha-la-la-la, every wo-wo still shine...

Dear Miss Chen, I'm Lingling, I 'm sorry to tell you that I have a trouble.My father gave me 50 yuan yesterday and I put it in my purse in bedroom(寝室)But I can't find it now. My friend Sun Li told me she saw two people around our bedroom, here are some details(细节) about the two people. Can you help me find who stole my money to deal with my trouble? Thank you very much! Yours, Lingling

A B 1 trouble a. solve(解决) the problem 2 stole b. a bag we can put money 3purse d. took it without permission许可 4 deal with e. the thing we meet made us unhappy

some details about two people
people A Age about 20 Height quite tall and thin Clothes whiteT-shirt with red words on it;black shoes people B about 17 rather short and thin blue shirt;redshorts black hat









dial 110

Read the paragraph1, and think about the following questions. 1.When did the story happen? 2.Where did the story happen? When they were waiting for the ferry. 渡船,渡口 3.Who were in the story ?
two women a big man

argue, argument

Read the pragraph 4 carefully, and you can find the answer: Why did they argue? Beacuse______ stole ______'s purse. Where did they steal the purse? in the bookshop 偷 How about the other two men? ran away
The women followed the big man at the ferry.

Read the pragraphs 6-9 , and find out: Did Paul's father go on that ferry? Where did he go? He went to an _____. What did he do there? He dialled _____.

Read the pragraph 10,and you will find the answer. Who came out at the ferry at last?


What do you think of Paul’s father? 认为

He is a _______ man.
clever/ smart kind warm-hearted/ friendly

Dear Helen, How are you? I want to tell you an exciting thing I met yesterday. Two women and a man were having an(1) argument ___________when my father and I were (2) waiting for the ferry. One woman told my _______ father that the man and his two friends stole her friend’s (3)______________. purse/money My father and I did not get on the ferry. He shop hurried to a (4) ________ and quickly (5) dialled ________ 110 . At last,the policeman

caught(抓住)the man. kind I thought my father was a ________ man. Write and tell me your news soon, Helen. Best wishes Yours, Paul

If your friend is in trouble,what will you do? 处于困境中


How did you deal with the trouble?

let's deal with the trouble!

They can't go to school,because they are poor.
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How did you deal with the trouble?

let's deal with the trouble!

When you see someone argue on the street
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How did you deal with the trouble?

let's deal with the trouble!

When you see the fire of the forest
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If you are in trouble,what will you do?
stay cool 保持冷静
ask teacher/friend to help you

Write a short passage about your trouble with your parents . And it happened last week.

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