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Unit 7

Made by Xiao Li

1. Review
--- What’s this? ? ---What color is it? --- It’s a white skirt. --- What are these? ---What color are these? --- They are orange socks.

a shirt

pants shorts

a T-shirt

a skirt a sweater




Talk about prices. 谈论价格


1 美元= 6.65 元人民币


2. Talk about prices. 谈论价格


---How much is this skirt ? ---It’s nine dollars.

---How much are these socks ? ---They are four dollars.


A:How much is this bag?

B:It’s $ 8 .

$8=8 dollars

-- How much is this hat? $3 $3 -- It is _____ . ¥ 58 ---____________this shirt? How much is -- It is ¥ 58.

A:How much are these shoes?


B:They’re $9.

A:How much are these socks? B:They’re $3.


How much is this small hat?

It’s $ 3 .



How much is the big hat? It is $ 5. big

shoes/ u: /

---- How much are these shoes? ---- They’re 20 dollars

T-shirt /

---- How much is this T-shirt? ---- It’s 10 dollars.



Pair work
How much is this T-shirt/sweater/skirt/bag/hat? How much are these shoes/pants/shorts/socks?



















Section A- 3a
1.Can I help you? 我能帮助你吗?
此句是主动提供帮助时的服务用语,用途较为广泛 。它在不同场所意思不同;在饭店,可以翻译为“ 你想吃点什么?”, 在商店,可以翻译为“你想买 点什么?” 与它意思相同的句子有:

What can I do for you? May I help you?
如果你需要别人的帮助,则用肯定回答:Yes, please. 如果你不需要被人的帮助,则用否定回答:No, thanks.

2. I want a sweater. 我想要(买)一件毛衣。
want是实义动词,“想,想要”。 基本用法是:want sth. 想要某物 want to do sth. 想要做某事 want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 eg: I want some apples. 我想要一些苹果 He wants to watch TV. 他想看电视 My parents want me to eat healthy food. 我爸妈想要我吃健康的食物

3. What color do you want? 你想要什么颜色 的? 这是一个what引导的特殊疑问句。
What fruits do you like? 你喜欢什么水果? What book do you want? 你想要什么书? What food do you like? 你喜欢什么食物?

4. Here you are. 给你。
这是把某物递给对方的常用语。当你购物或 者向别人借东西是,对方也常说“Here you are”. 表示“给你”
---May I use your ruler? 我可以用你的尺子吗? ---Here you are. 给你

5. I’ll take it. 我买它了。
此句是已经选择好商品并决定购买时的常用 语。 I’ll =I will, 意思是“我将要”。will 是一个情态 动词,表示“将要”,用于将来发生的动作。 take 在这里的意思是“买”,相当于buy. eg: The sweater is nice. I’ll take it. 这件毛衣很好,我就买它吧。

6. You’re welcome. 别客气、不用谢。

句是对别人的致谢表示的礼貌回答。还 可以说: That’s ok. That’s all right. Not at all. ---Thank you very much! 非常感谢! --- You’re welcome. 不用谢(别客气)

Pair work 2 A: Can I help you? B: Yes ,please. I want a pair of socks. A: What color do you want? B: Green. A: Here you are. B: How much are they ? A: 2 dollars. B: I’ll take them, Thank you. /Thanks. A: You’re welcome.

Fill in the blanks: Clerk: Can I help you ? Mary : Yes, please. I want sweater a________? color Clerk: What _____ do you want? Mary: Blue. Clerk: Here you are . How much Mary: ____________ is it? Clerk: 20 dollars. Thank you Mary: I’ll take it. _____________. Clerk: You’re welcome

Choose the right sentences. 2 A: _______________ B: Yes, please. I want a sweater. A: _____________________ 4 B: Green. A: Here you are. 5 B: Oh, _____________ A: Sorry, this is a small one. B: Good. 1 ___________________ A: 20 dollars. 3 B: ____________Here is the money. A: Thank you.

1.How much is this sweater? 2.Can I help you? 3.I’ll take it. 4. What color do you want? 5. it’s too big.

Task: 赠送生日礼物
Today is Lily ’s birthday. You are her best friend: you want to give her some presents with 15 dollars. What will you buy?
操作建议: 1。学生模拟在商场购物; 2。列出所知道的服装、鞋帽的英文名称 3。想象买东西是的对话情景,演练并写下来

Some sentences in need
Come and have a look. 1.Can I help you ?/What can I do for you ? 2.I want to buy a gift. 3.Does she like that ….? Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t. 4.Oh . It’s too expensive. Can you give me a lower price? Sorry, I can’t./ that one is cheap. 5.How much is it? It’s five dollars. 6.I’ll take it. Here you are. 7.Thank you . You’re welcome.

Section B- 3a: Read the ad and fill in the price tags. 读广告并填写价格签
Huaxing Clothes Store Sale! Come and buy your clothes at Huaxing’s great sale! Do you like sweaters? We have sweaters at a very good price---only ¥25! Do you need bags for sports? We have great bags for only ¥12! For girls, we have T-shirts in red, green and white for only ¥18! For boys, you can buy socks for only ¥5 each! Anybody can afford our prices! Come and see for yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store!

How much---?
¥18 ¥25


¥5 each

华兴衣服大减价! 快来买,华兴衣服大减价!你喜欢毛衣吗? 我们的毛衣价格非常便宜—仅售25元!你需要 运动包吗?我们有很棒的包,仅售12元!我们 有女孩穿的红色、绿色、白色T恤衫,仅售18元 !男孩子则可以买到每双仅售5元的袜子!大家 都可以承受得起这个价格!亲自来华兴服装店 看看吧!

Please finish part self-check Review the language points and vocabulary Practice the sentences: How much is/are…? It’s/They’re….

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