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Ⅰ卷 听力(20分)


Ⅱ卷 笔试(100分)


21. There _____ a concert in Sunshine Theater this evening.

A. has B. will be C. will have

22. I feel_____ with reading the ______ book.

A. bored, boring B. bored, bored C. boring, bored

23. Ge You is one of _______ in China.

A. most well-known actor B. the most well-known actor

C. the most well-known actors

24. Julia won’t take part in the sports meeting. I won’t_____.

A. too B. either C. also

25. Can I ____ some money_____ you?

A. borrow, to B. borrow, from C. lend, from

26. Nicole_____ her pencil-case at home this morning.

A. leave B. forgot C. left

27. There is _____ orange juice left in the fridge. We don’t need to buy any

right now.

A. a few B. little C. a little

28. _____ people _____ standing in front of the building now.

A. Hundreds of, is B. Hundreds of, are C. Hundred of, are

29. I met Julia _____ I was walking around the playground.

A. when B. while C. until

30. Not all the students could jump______ as Ted.

A. as high B. like high C. as highly

31. Scott told us that he_____ predict what would happen in the future.

A. can B. could C. will

32. I _____ if you ______me.

A. will come, will invite B. will come, invite C. come, will invite

33. He looks very sad. Let’s do something to make him ______.

A. happy B. happily C. to be happy

34. Maria is a _______ young girl with good appearance.

A. 28-year-old B. 28 years old C. 28-years-old

35. I have______ to do this afternoon. Can we go shopping in the new


A. something else B. else something C. nothing else



A little boy wanted to visit his aunt in town. He thought his aunt___36___ be very glad to see him. So he__37___ to his aunt to tell her he would arrive at one o’clock in the afternoon. After that, he went on his way___38___. When he arrived at his aunt’s, she __39___ a nap(午睡). The boy was___40__ polite and he didn’t wake his aunt up. So he just sat down in a chair in her room and ___41__ a cartoon 云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 1

book. After a while, he saw some peanuts(花生)___42____ a bowl. He began to eat them__43___ he was enjoying the comics.

When his aunt woke up, the little boy finished all the peanuts! “I’m so__44___ , auntie. I ate all of your peanuts!” “That’s OK, dear,” his aunt answered. “___45____ I sucked(舔食) the chocolate off, I don’t care for them anyway.”

36. A. need B. have to C. would D. can

37. A. took a call B. made a call C. told D. said

38. A. happy B. sad C. happily D. sadly

39. A. took B. was taking C. takes D. taken

40. A. less B. more C. lot D. quite

41. A. read B. looked C. saw D. looked at

42. A. in B. on C. at D. under

43. A. while B. because C. and D. but

44. A. happy B. sorry C. sad D. glad

45. A. Because B. Before C. When D. If


Polly went to school___46___ she was six years old. She liked her first day___47___. Her teacher, Miss Yates, was very nice, and the other children in her class were___48__, too. But at he end of the second day, when the other children___49__ the classroom, Polly stayed behind and waited. Miss Yates had some work to do and did not___50___ Polly at first, but when she looked up and saw her. “Why__51___ you go with the others, Polly?” she asked kindly. “Did you want to ask me___52___?”

“Yes, Miss Yates,” Polly said.

“What is it?” Miss Yates asked.

“What did I do in school today?” Polly asked.

Miss Yates laughed. “What did you do in school today?” She said, “___53___ did you ask me that, Polly?”

“Because I’m going___54___ now,” Polly answered, “and my mother is going to __55___ me that.”

46. A. at B. when C. just D. where

47. A. very much B. very well C. too D. much better

48. A. young B. bad C. clever D. nice

49. A. came to B. went to C. leave D. left

50. A. listen to B. look at C. see D. wait for

51. A. didn’t B. did C. do D. don’t

52. A. a word B. a sentence C. my name D. a question

53. A. Why B. How C. When D. Where

54. A. to school B. to my room C. to the classroom D. home

55. A. tell B. give C. ask D. teach



John is a paper boy. He delivers newspapers to different houses in his street every day. He has about 80 customers. Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays, and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays. Two of John’s customers only take the newspapers on Sundays.

John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers. It takes longer to deliver the newspapers on Sundays. The Sunday newspapers are twice as 云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 2

heavy as those on weekdays.

John is saving his money to buy a new bike. He is also saving money for college. He has already saved 500 dollars.

56. John______ every day.

A. reads books B. sells newspapers C. borrows books D. delivers newspapers

57. How many customers does he have?

A. About 40 B. About 120 C. About 80 D. About 20

58. _____ of his customers only take the newspapers on Sundays.

A. Two B. Eighty C. Forty D. Twenty

59. What time does he have to get up every morning?

A. 3:30 B. 4:30 C. 5:30 D. 6:30

60. John is saving his money to buy_______.

A. a newspaper B. a new bag C. a house D. a new bike


If you get the flu(流感), what should you do? Here is some advice.

1. Go to see your doctor first. And take the medicine according to the doctor’s suggestion.

2. Get enough sleep. If you can’t sleep well, keep relaxed. Listen to some music, see a movie, read an interesting book or a magazine.

3. Wear warm clothes. You might be cold within one minute, but hot within the next minute. So if you wear some clothes, don’t pull your favorite outer wear(外套)on and off.

4. Wash your hands often. Also, don’t share your cups, chopsticks or spoons with others.

5. Maybe you will get better in a week. But you should keep on taking the medicine on time for several days and take care of yourself.

6. If you have trouble breathing(呼吸), or you feel uncomfortable, then you need to see your doctor again.

61. If you have the flu, you should lie down and have a rest first.

62. When you get the flu, you need to take off your outer wear when you feel hot,

and put it on when you feel cold.

63. If you get better in a week, you should stop taking the medicine at once.

64. If you get the flu, you should share your cups with others.

65. If there is something wrong with your breathing, you should see a doctor.


There were many mice(老鼠) in the house. The man of the house got a cat. The cat killed many of the mice.

Then the oldest mouse(老鼠) said, “All mice came to my hole tonight, and we will think what we can do about this cat.”

All the mice came. Many mice spoke, but none knew what to do. At last a young mouse stood up and said, “We must put a bell(铃) on the cat. Then, when the cat comes near, we shall hear the bell and turn away and hide. So the cat will not catch any more mice.”

Then the oldest mouse asked, “Who will put the bell on the cat?”

No mouse answered.

He waited, but still no one answered.

云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 3

At last he said, “It is not hard to say things, but it is harder to do them.”

66. Many of the mice in the house were killed by______ in the house.

A. the man B. the cat C. the oldest mouse D. a dog

67. The mice had a meeting_______.

A. in the oldest mouse’s hole B. in the biggest hole

C. in the hall of the house D. in front of the cat

68. When did they have the meeting? ________

A. In the morning B. In the evening

C. At night D. At noon

69. They decided to put a bell on______.

A. the man B. the cat C. the door D. a dog

70. Who would put the bell? _______

A. The young mouse B. The oldest mouse

C. No mouse D. We don’t know


When pets get sick, you can usually take them to an animal doctor or an animal hospital. Sometimes animals are so sick or hurt that you shouldn’t move them. That’s why Dr. Bird, a hospital, which is really a van(货车), to the animals.

Dr. Bird has run the hospital for over 10 years, and he has saved the lives of many pets. The van has an operating table, medicines, and everything else he needs to treat animals. Dr. Bird says that there will soon be many more traveling hospitals to help sick or injured animals.

71. Why does Dr. Bird open a traveling hospital?

A. Because he likes traveling B. Because he hates staying in hospital

C. Because he is good at driving

D. Because he wants to help sick animals that can’t move

72. What does the word “veterinarian” mean in Chinese?

A. 医生 B. 司机 C. 爱好旅游的人 D. 兽医

73. Dr. Bird________ according to the passage.

A. is very young B. has a van C. is a dentist D. has many pets

74. The passage says that Dr. Bird’s hospital has ________.

A. medicines B. two nurses C. toys D. pet food

75. Which is the best title of the passage?

A. Why people get sick B. Dogs make good pets

C. A traveling hospital D. A very sick animal

He teaches very well and is ___76___ to us. We___77___ him last Sunday. He cooked some traditional___78____ food for us. We taught him how to make dumplings and how to use chopsticks. He had an interest in___79____ Chinese food. He told us a lot of ___80___ customs. For example, when they have dinner in a restaurant together, they usually___81___ quiet. At last, when I said to him, “Come to my home for dinner when you have___82____!”, he looked happy and___83____, “When?” But in fact, I was just to be polite. Form that, we could see the culture is so___84___ from country to country. We really____85___ a good time that day! 云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 4

76.__________77. __________78. __________79. __________80. __________

81. __________82. __________83. __________84. __________85. __________


Eating habits(习惯) are different in different countries. The Chinese have a saying(谚语) “Eat good things for breakfast, eat a big meal for lunch, but eat less at dinner.” Many Americans agree that one should start the day with a good breakfast, but their ideas about lunch and dinner are different.

Most Americans only give themselves a short time for lunch. So they eat a small lunch. After work they will have more time to eat a big dinner. Also a quiet dinner at home with all the family talking about their day is a way to take a good rest after a long, hard day of work.

Eating at restaurants is also different. In China, people like to laugh while eating. Very often you can hear people talking and laughing loudly(大声地), and they are just having a good time. In America it is not like this. They want a quiet place where they can eat a good meal far away from the nosies of the outside world. If someone is talking too loudly, the manager(经理) of the restaurant will look at him or her angrily. If some people are talking too loudly, the manager of the restaurant may come out and ask them to be quiet.

假如你是一名中学生志愿者.请你用英语写一篇短文,介绍你上周末去一家孤儿院(an orphanage)参加志愿者活动的经历.以下是你拟的提纲:

1. a quick breakfast, go to---with

2. get, 8:30

3. give presents, sing and dance, tell stories, play games

4. the children, feel happy

5. go home, 15:30


云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 5

My busy Sunday

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Name____________ 听力(20分)







56—60____________61—65____________66—70_____________71—75_________ 云峰初中八年级下第三次月考英语试题 6

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