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Unit 6 Writing

My favourite city

What is your favourite city?I like Shenzhen.

Chongqing Hainan Beijing


New York Tokyo

Bangkok Venice...

Where is the city?It is in China.Japan


How long is its history?It has a long history of 100 years.

What is the weather like in this

city in each season?

It is warm in spring,hot in summer,cool in autumn and cold in winter.

How can people get to this city?People can travel to it by bus,plane and train.

What is this city famous for?世界之窗主题公园Window of The World Theme Park锦秀中华主题公园Splendid China Theme Park 中国民俗文华村China Folk Culture Village theme park 欢乐谷Happy Valley Theme Park深圳野生动物园Safari Park 深圳仙湖植物园Xian Lake Botanical Garden海上世界Sea World 小梅沙海滩Xiaomeisha Beach Park 大梅沙海滩Dameisha Beach Park罗湖口岸Louhu Port蛇口港Shekou Harbour Passenger Terminal

Shenzhen is famous for Xiaomeisha Beach

Park ,Window of The World and Happy Valley Theme Park .

Where can people visit and waht can they do when they go to this city?

delicious food

go shopping

place of interest

years.It is in in winter.People can .If you want to go to remember this trip for the rest of your life.

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