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1.There was an a_______ in the subway in Argentina yesterday and over 40 people were killed.

2. I’m a______ that you have to hand in your homework first before you leave.

3. After school , Tom often goes home a_____ the street a______.

4. It’s the hottest in A______ in Chongqing every year.

5. There is going to be a basketball b_______ Class One and Class Two.

6. On Jim’s b_______, he got many gifts.

7. Ann is sad because she b_______ her grandma’s glasses just now.

8. Dick b_______ a I--phone 4 yesterday and he b______ it to school .

9. We have a big c_______ of the latest fashions, so you can c_____ one thing you like best.

11. Think it over before you make a d_________.

12. The soup my mother made was very d_______.

13. It’s d________ for us to find out the d________ the same kind of things .

15. We all e______ Mr. Smith will teach Tom. Tom doesn’t like Chinese.

19. ---- -----Jay Zhou

26. ----Have you taken your m______ after meals?

----Not yet. Because I’m well.

27. ----Could I speak to Mr. Smith ?

---Wait a m______, please.

28. In England , there are many m______ for people to visit.

29. ----Did you r_______ a Christmas Card last year?


30. Most students don’t like s_______ because they think it’s too hard.

31. Pollution is a s________ problem in China.

32. Yesterday s________ students didn’t come to school.

33. He wants to be a s________ in the army.

34. ______ comes after Spring.

35. To our s_______, he didn’t leave for Shanghai and came to have our lesson today. 36. ----Would you like something to drink? ----No, thanks. I’m not t_______.

37. There are over 2000 t______ students in our school. 38. T_______ is the fifth day of a week.

39. ----Have you ever t_______ to Shanghai ? ----Not yet.

40. It seems that it’s going to rain . Please take an u______ with you. 41. He didn’t go to bed u______ his father came back from work. 42. This is a t_______ story . It excited us all. 43. Many v______ come to China every year. 44. W_____ comes before Thursday.

参考答案: father, farther, 19. favorite, 20February, 21. first, 22. 24.hobby, 25.

C. water; to be watered D. water; watered

4. ----Where are the twins ?

----I saw them _____ out for a walk just now.

A. go B. to go C. gone D. went

5. My cousin made me ___ down the radio just now.

A. turned B. turn C. was turning D. to turn

6. We want ____ a trip to Guilin this summer vacation.

A. take B. takes C. taking D. to take

7. I hope _____ a good job in a foreign company after I graduate ____ school.

A. to find; from B. finding ; from C. to find ; at D. finding ; at

8. Aunt Li often asks her son ____ too much meat. It’s bad for his health.

A. don’t eat B. not to eat C. not eat D. to not eat

9. Our teacher told us _____ too much time searching the internet.

It’s bad for our health.

A. not to cost B. not to spend C. not to pay D. not to take

10. The policeman asked the child ___ cross the street ___ the traffic lights turned green.

A. not ; when B. don’t ; before C. not to ; until.

11. The children should be told ____ the traffic rules.

A. to break B. break C. not to break D. not break

12. The policeman told the little boy ___ football in the street . It’sd dangerous.

A. not play B. not playing C. not to play D. to play

13. We’re told _____ here and there. It’s our duty to keep the street clean.

A. not to park B. not to spit C. don’t draw D. don’t pick flowers

14. The players were asked ___- late for the game.

A. to not be B. not be C. not to be

A. not to park B. not to spit C. don’t draw

16. The players were asked ___- late for the game.

A. to not be B. not be C. not to be


A. do not drink B. not to drink C. not drink A. too; to B. enough; to A. to lie; to ride D. lying; ride

20.----Shopping with me ?

A. to wash C. wash D. to be washed

A. run C. to walk D. walked

A. to go C. not to go D. rather than go

23. I’ve for my computers ____ the same programs by means of networking.

A. to share B. share C. shared D. shares

24. You’d better ___ on Sundays. It’s too crowded.

A. go shopping B. not go shopping

C. not to go shopping D. to go shopping

25. My grandparents live in a village nearby. I usually go ___ them once a week.

A. sees B. seeing C. saw D. to see

26. My cousin made me ___ down the radio just now.

A. turned B. turn C. was turning D. to turn

27.Some boys of Class One enjoy _____ music.

A. listen to B. listens to C. listening to D. listened to

28. ---Would you mind _____ my pet dog while I’m away ?

---Sure, no problem.

A. setting up B. looking after C. turning down D. keeping out

29.---Do you feel like ____ or shall we go by bus ?

---I prefer to walk , but we have ____ a taxi, for time is short.

A. walking ; to take B. to walk; take C. walking; taken D. to walk; took

30. When I looked into the room, I found Philip himself ____ in bed.

A. lies B. lie C. lay D. lying

31. That day I saw some parents _____ at the back of the classroom, ___ to the


A. sitting; listened B. sat; listened C. sitting; listening D.

sat; listening

32. ---Did you still remember _____ me somewhere in Shanghai ?

---Yes, of course. Two years ago.

A. to see B. see C. seeing D. saw

33.A. plays B. played C. to play 34. ---- ----OK, I’ll get it.

A. search B. to search C. searching 35.----Did you have anyone ___ the trees ?

----yes, I had the trees _____.

A. to water; water D. water;


36. ----Oh, I had a terrible toothache.


A. to go; pulled to C. to go; pulling D. go to ;



---- A. bring C. bringing

B. to do what C. whether to do D. to do whether

A. not to wear B. not wear C. wearing not D. not wearing

40. When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei _____ my homework. I

really got _____.

A. copying; annoyed B. copying; annoying C. copy; annoyed D. copied;


41. You'd better__’______ football in the street.

A. not play B. playing C. not to play D. play

42. Please stop_______ a rest if you feel tired.

A. to have B. Having C. have. D. has

43. I didn’t go to bed until I finished_______ my homework.

A. to do B. doing C did D. do

44. It's time for supper now. Let's ______ it.

A. stop having B. stop to have C. to stop to have D. stopping to have

45.What time do you expect her _____ ?

A. arrive B. is arriviIg C. arriving D. to arrive

46. This math problem is too difficult. Can you show me _____ , George ?

A. what to work out B. to work it out C. how to work it out D. how to work out it

47. If the launch in 2005 is successful , China will be the third country ______ its

astronauts into space after Russia and the US.

A. send B. sends C. sending D. to send

48.---I feel tired and sleepy.

---Why not stop _____ for a while?

A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

49. One of the difficulties we have ______ English is ho to remember new words and expressions .

A. to learn B. in learning C. learn

A. how to do B. what to do it D. what should to do

51.They decided_______ at the end of this month.

A. to leave B. going back D. not start out

52.------ the window?

-------Of course not.

A not opening B not to open C don’t open D no opening


— Sounds great!

A. go hiking B. C. going hiking D. to go to hike

B. practicing to speak C. practicing speaking

B. not waste C. don’t waste

---_______ for the English test , I guess.

A. To study B. Study C. Studied D. Studying

57.In the past the children were made ______15 hours a day.

A. to lock B. work C. to work D lock

58.—Hi, Tom! Can you tell me when______ for London?

—Yes, tomorrow afternoon.

A. leaving B. leaves C. to leave D. are you leaving


1—5:BADAB; 6—10: DABBC; 11---15: CCACB; 16—20: CCACA; 21---25: ADABD; 26---30: BCBCD; 31—35: CCDCD;36---40: DBCDA; 41—45: AABBD; 46—50: CDBBC; 51—55:AACCA; 56—58: AAC

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