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1. learn about

2. launch…into the sky发射...进入天空

3. disappear into消失在...里面4. all the way一路上,自始至终

5. of course当然

6. solar power 太阳能

7. a remote control 一个遥控器

感觉兴奋的8. feel excited

9. join all the clubs参加所有的俱乐部

10. at the fair在展览会上学习,了解

和......一起玩1. play with把......归还给......2. give…back to 一段令人兴奋的时间3. an exciting time

4. finish all the homework完成全部家庭作业

5. the night before前一天晚上

6. go on a long walk走了很长的路

7. go on an adventure 去冒险

8. make a poster制作海报

9. take photos拍照

10. look up查阅

在周末期间1. during the weekend

2. in the woods在树丛里3. go to a fair去展览会4. leave for somewhere离开去某地

5. learn a lot about学到了很多6. go outside去外面7. wait for等待......

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