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重庆市江津第六中学 付林

一、 连系动词、助动词

1.(福州)---I often listen to the song Rainbow.

----So do I. It ______ beautiful.

A. feels B. smells C. sounds

2.(重庆) I called you, but nobody answered. Where _____ you ?

A. is B. are C. was D. were

3.(威海)----Mom, when can I go out to play football ?

----Finish your homework, or I _____ let you go out.

A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. haven’t

4.(安徽) If you want to go to see the movie this evening, so __ I.

A. do B. am C. will D. should

5. (安徽) The food here smells good, but what does it _____ like?

A. taste B. touch C. seem D. feel

6.(江西)----Excuse me, have you got an eraser ?

---Sorry, I haven’t. Why ______ you ask Mary ? Perhaps she’s got one .

A. do B. don’t C. did D. didn’t

7.(四川德阳) – Physics _____ more difficult than Chinese, do you think so?

-- Yes, I think so. A. is B. are C. has

8.(四川德阳) – Do you know who cleaned the blackboard, Tina? -- Yes. John _____.

A. do B. does C. did

二、 情态动词

1.(福州)----Mom, must I finish my homework now ?

---No, you _____. You may have supper first.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t

2.(重庆) ----Mr. Wang, can I finish my homework tomorrow ?

---- No, you _____.

A. can’t B. don’t C. needn’t D. won’t

3.(滨州) ----Must I get up early tomorrow morning ?

----No, ______.

A. you mustn’t B. I don’t think you have to C. you can’t D. you need

4.(山东菏泽) —Will you stay for some more days?

—Sorry, I_____. My mother called to ask me to go back at once.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. wouldn’t

5.(浙江湖州) ----Who is singing in the next room ? is it Lucy ?

----It ______ be her. She has gone to New York.

A. can’t B. must C. shouldn’t D. can

6.(杭州)----Will the new iphone cost a lot ?

----I _____ think so. Apple’s products are usually expensive.

A. shouldn’t B. needn’t C. would D. must

7.(温州)----Dad, can I go to the movie tonight ?

----Sure, but you _____ come back home before 9 o’clock.

A. can B., must C. may D. might

8.(宁波)----May I take the magazine out of the reading room ?

----No, you can’t. You _____ read it here. It is the rule.

A. must B. would C. may D. might

9.(聊城) As everyone knows, rubbish ______ everywhere.

A. need be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may throw

10.(烟台)----I think the man over there must be Bob?

----It _____ be him. He has _____ to Australia.

A. can’t ; gone B. can’t; been C. may not; been D. mustn’t; gone 11( 南宁) The room is big enough. It ______hold 100 people.

A. can B. must be C. need D. have to

12. (南京市) —Must I go with them tomorrow?

—No, you ______ .

A. mustn't B, shouldn't C. needn't D. can't

13. (威海) ----Have you decided where to do for your summer vacation ?

----Not yet. We _____ go to Qingdao . It is a good place for vacation.

A. may B. should C. need D. must

14. (安徽) --- May I go out now. Dad?

---- No. You ______ let your mother know first.

A. can B. may C. need D. must

15. (上海) Cars, buses and bikes _____ stop when the traffic lights change to red.

A. can B. may C. must D. need

16.(江西) I have my own room in my house, so I ______ do what I want in it.

A. must B. have to C. need to D. can

17.(泰安)---Must I learn all these words by heart ?

----No, you _____. It’ll be fine if you copy them in your exercise books. A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t

18.(浙江丽水) — Must we clean the classroom now?

—after school.

A. may clean B. must clean C. need be cleaned D. can be cleaned

19.(贵州铜仁) — _______ we clean the classroom at once?

— No, you _______. You _______ clean it after school.

A. Must; needn’t; may B. Must; mustn’t; can. C. Shall; can’t; must D. Need; mustn’t; may

20. (四川德阳) – Whose notebook is this?

-- It _____ Tom. I saw he used it just now. A. must belong to B. can’t belong to C. might be belonged to

21.(枣庄) You ______ wear sports shoes when you climb a mountain.

A. can’t B. shouldn’t C. mustn’t D. have to

22.(济宁) ---Would you come to my birthday party tomorrow evening?

---I’m afraid I ______. I have to look after my sister.

A. wouldn’t B. can’t C. won’t D. mustn’t

23.(广州) —_______ I take some photos in the hall?

—No, you______ .

A. Can; needn't B. Must ; mustn't C. Could; won't D. May; mustn't

24.(武汉) .----Look, Sue is over there.

-----That _______be her. She is in Canada now.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. won’t

25.(长沙) She________ know the answer, but I'm not sure.

A. maybe B. may be C. may D. must

三、 动词时态

1、 一般现在时

1) (重庆) Betty will ring me up when she ______ in Beijing.

A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D. will arrive

2) (南宁) I'11 go out for a walk after supper if it____ rain.

A. didn't B won't C. isn't D. doesn't

3) (泰安)----Tom wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.

----Yes. But if it _____ , we will play chess instead.

A. will rain B. rained C. is raining D. rains

4) (四川眉山around the sun.

A went B goes C will go D would go

5) (贵州铜仁) If it ________ this Saturday, we________ for a picnic.

A. won’t rain; shall go B. doesn’t rain; will go C. isn’t rain; go D. doesn’t rain; go

6) (四川德阳) If you _____ your homework, you can go out to play football.

A. finish B. will finish C. are finishing

7) (枣庄) He said that light ______much faster than sound.

A. has travelled B. went C. travels D. travelled

8) (武汉) .John likes playing soccer very much and he _______about one hour playing it every


A. spent. B. will spend C. has spent D. spends

2、 现在进行时

1) (温州)----Where is Grace ?

----She _____ in the yard.

A. reads B. read C. is reading D. was reading

2) (兰州) The population of the world ______ still _____ now.

A. will; grow B. have; grown C. is ; growing D. is ; grown

3) (四川德阳) – It _____ hard outside. You have to stay at home.

A. rain B. is raining C. rained

4) (浙江绍兴)----May I speak to Mr. Morgan ?

---Sorry. He _____ on the farm.

A. works B. worked C. is working D. has worked

3、 一般将来时

1) (滨州) ----Mary, could you tell me if your mother______ our school sports meeting tomorrow ?

---- I think she will come to school if she _____ free.

A. will take part in; will be B. takes part in; is

C. will take part in ; is D. takes part in; will be

2) (江西)---Excuse me. What did you say you would like to do , Miss White ?

----I said I’d better go back to the office. I _____ someone this afternoon .

A. would meet B. met C. am going to meet D. was meeting

3) (兰州) There ______ a basketball match between Class One and Class Three this afternoon.

A. is going to be B. will have C. are going to be D. is going to have

4) (四川眉山an English party in our school tomorrow evening.

A have B will have C is going to have D will be

5) (贵州铜仁) There _________ a concert on Qixing Square next Monday evening.

A. is B. is going to C. is going to be D. will have

6) (广州) If you ______ carefully, you_______ the report well.

A. will listen; will be understood B. will listen; understand

C. listen; will understand D. listen; understand

4、 现在完成时

1) (福州)----Where’s Ben?

---- He______ to the teachers’ office. He’ll be back soon.

A. go B. has gone C. has been

2) (重庆) I _______ my hometown for a long time. I really miss it.

A. left B. went away from C. have left D. have been away from

3) (聊城)----Will you please go to see the movie Guanyinshan with me ?

----No, I won’t. I ______ it already.

A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see

4) (南宁) She isn’t at the cinema now because she _________the library.

A. has been to B. have been to C. have gone to D. has gone to

5) (南京市) —Where do you think ______ he ______ the computer?

—Sorry, I have no idea.

A. /; bought B. has; bought C. did; buy D. does; buy

6) (威海)---Hi, guys. Where are you heading now ?

---- Home. We _____ all our money, so have to walk home now.

A. spend B. spent C. have spent D. are spending

7) (安徽) He promised to pick me up at the school gate. However. he __ yet.

A. didn't arrive B. doesn't an'lye C. isn't arriving D. hasn't arrived

8) (兰州) ----How do you like your English teacher ?

----He is great. We all love him. We ______ friends since three years ago.

A. were B. have made C, have been D. have become

9) (济南) He has ________ for three or four days.

A. got a headache B. fallen ill C. caught a cold D. had a cough

10) 四川眉山)----How long has Sam been skating?

for five hours.

A have been skating B has been skating C was skating D has been skated

11) (广州) —What is the weather like this summer here?

—There ________very little rain.

A. has B. has been C. are D. have been

12) (武汉) ---Jim isn’t in the classroom.Where is he?

---He _______to the teacher’s office.

A. will go B. has gone C. had gone D. is going

5、 一般过去时

1) (山东菏泽) This morning I had hardly got to my school when it_____ to rain.

A. had begun B. was beginning C. began D. begins

2) (浙江湖州) ----How was your trip to Hangzhou , Jim?

----Great ! We ______ to Xixi National Wetland Park.

A. go B. am going C. will go D. went

3) (杭州) The last time I ______ to the cinema was two years ago. A. go B. have gone C. have been D. went

4) (浙江丽水) — Have you ever been to Canada?

— there last year with my parents.

A. have been B. have gone C. went D. go

5) (湖南邵阳) ---I ______ something wrong just now. May I use your eraser?

--- Yes. Here you are.

A. write B. wrote C. am writing

6). (浙江台州)----I’ve got a ticket for the basketball game tonight.

----Cool! How ______ you _____ it?

A. had, got B. did ;get C. were ; getting D. will ; get

7) (广州) —How did the accident happen?

—You know, it ______ difficult to see the road clearly because it _______ .

A. was; was raining B. is; has rained C. is; is raining D. will be; will rain

8) (武汉) Tom was so careless that he _______his right arm when he was riding to school.

A. hurts B. hurt C. has hurt D. had hurt

9) (长沙) I often________ my homework after supper. But yesterday evening, I________ TV.

A. do; watch B. did; watched C. did; watch D. do; watched

6、 过去进行时

1) (福州)----What were you doing at 7:00 last night ?

---- I ____ to my mom at home.

A. write B. was writing C. wrote

2) (山东菏泽) —Why didn’t you go to play football with us yesterday afternoon?

—I _____my mother with the housework then.

A. helped B. was helping C. had helped D. have been helping

3) (宁波)----Amy, I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone. ----Oh, I _______ a walk with my mother at that time.

A. take B. took C. am taking D. was taking

4) (江西)----Hi, Lin Tao. I didn’t see you at the party.

----Oh, I _______ ready for the maths exam.

A. am getting B. was getting C. got D. have got

5) 贵州铜仁)My father _______ TV in the living room when I ______ home yesterday.

A. watched; got B. was watching; got

C. watched; was getting D. was watching; was getting

6) (枣庄) He ______when the UFO arrived. He didn’t wake until the UFO disappeared.

A. slept B. was sleeping C. was doing homework D. was singing

7、 过去完成时

1)(广州)They ______about eight hundred English words by the end of last term.

A. will learn B. had learned C. are going to learn D. have learned

四、 动词非谓语形式

1.(福州)----Don’t forget _____ your history and politics books tomorrow morning.

----Thanks , I won’t.

A. bring B. to bring C. bringing

2.(重庆) We don’t know ______ it next. Let’s go and ask Mr. Li.

A. what to do B. to do what C. whether to do D. to do whether

3.(杭州)Nick, would you mind _____ those old jeans? They look terrible.

A. not to wear B. not wear C. wearing not D. not wearing

4.(烟台) When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei _____ my homework. I really got _____.

A. copying; annoyed B. copying; annoying C. copy; annoyed D. copied; annoyed

5. (南宁) You'd better_________ football in the street.

A. not play B. playing C. not to play D. play

6.(南宁) Please stop_______ a rest if you feel tired.

A. to have B. Having C. have. D. has

7. (南宁) I didn’t go to bed until I finished_______ my homework.

A. to do B. doing C did D. do

8.(南京市) It's time for supper now. Let's ______ it.

A. stop having B. stop to have C. to stop to have D. stopping to have

9. (威海)What time do you expect her _____ ?

A. arrive B. is arriving C. arriving D. to arrive

10.(威海) This math problem is too difficult. Can you show me _____ , George ?

A. what to work out B. to work it out C. how to work it out D. how to work out it

11.(上海) If the launch in 2005 is successful , China will be the third country ______ its astronauts

into space after Russia and the US.

A. send B. sends C. sending D. to send

12.(泰安)---I feel tired and sleepy.

---Why not stop _____ for a while?

A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

13.(兰州) One of the difficulties we have ______ English is ho to remember new words and

expressions .

A. to learn B. in learning C. learn D. learned

14.(兰州) We can’t work out the physics problem. Can you tell us ______ ?

A. how to do B. what to do it C. how to do it D. what should to do

15.(济南) They decided_______ at the end of this month.

A. to leave B. going back C. travel D. not start out

16.(四川眉山) ------It’s a little cold today. Would you mindthe window?

-------Of course not.

A not opening B not to open C don’t open D no opening

17.(贵州铜仁) — It’s a fine day today. How about __________?

— Sounds great!

A. go hiking B. go to hike C. going hiking D. to go to hike

18(湖南) I spent a lot of time ______ English last week.

A. to practice speaking B. practicing to speak C. practicing speaking

19.(四川德阳) The final exam is coming. Our teachers tell us _____ time.

A. not to waste B. not waste C. don’t waste

20.(浙江绍兴) ---Do you know why he left so early ?

---_______ for the English test , I guess.

A. To study B. Study C. Studied D. Studying

21.(枣庄) In the past the children were made ______15 hours a day.

A. to lock B. work C. to work D lock

22.(广州) —Hi, Tom! Can you tell me when______ for London?

—Yes, tomorrow afternoon.

A. leaving B. leaves C. to leave D. are you leaving

1~5: BCDAA; 6~10: ABBDC; 11~15: DBBCA; 18~20: ACCAA; 21~22: CC

五、 动词语态

1.(重庆)I’m glad to find that many trees _______ in our city last year.

A. plant B. planted C. were planted D. are planted

2.(滨州) The Taiwan spotted deer , Fan Xing and Dian Dian , ______ to the Chinese mainland on April 16, 2011.

A. have sent B. were sending C. were sent D. had sent

3.(宁波) There was a big earthquake in Japan, but luckily many people ______.

A. save B. saved C. are saved D. were saved

4.(烟台) It is true that knowledge ______ rather than being taught.

A. learns B. learned C. is learned D. was learned

5.(烟台) Some people waste too much water. They don’t believe that it can ______ some day.

A. keep out B run out C. be run out D. run out of

6. (威海)----Who is the little girl in the picture ?

---- It’s me. The picture ______ ten years ago.

A. took B. is taken C. has taken D. was taken

7.(安徽) Don't worry. Your package _______ here until you come back, so enjoy shopping here.

A. will keep B. has kept C. will be kept D. has been kept

8. (江西)----Have all the students known that our class will visit the factory this afternoon ? ----Yes. Every student _______ about it.

A. tells B. told C. was told D. has told

9.(兰州) In many places in China, the old over 90 ______ not only by the family but also by the


A. is taking good care B. are taken good care of

C. is taking good care of D. are taken good care

10.(济南) These books should ________ to the library on time.

A. send B. be returned C. give back D. be got back

11.(浙江舟山) Food safety is important. Rules ______ to stop people from food pollution.

A. must make B. must be made C. can’t make D. can’t be made

12.(四川眉山) Thousands of after the powerful earthquake happened in Japan on March 11th.

A saved B was saved C were saved D has saved

13.(贵州铜仁) Great changes _________ in Tongren in the past five years.

A. have happened B. have taken place

C. have been happened D. have been taken place

14.(四川德阳) Waste paper shouldn’t _____ everywhere. It’s our duty to keep our classroom clean.

A. be thrown B. throw C. is thrown

15.(浙江台州) ----How often do I need to feed the birds ?

----They _____ food every day, or they will be hungry.

A. must give B. mustn’t give C. must be given D. mustn’t be given

16.(浙江绍兴) ----Good morning. I’ve got an appointment with Ms. King in her office. ----Morning. You _____ be Mr. Jones. This way, please.

A. will B. must C. can D. might

17.(济宁) China has offered much help to Japan since it ______ by the earthquake and tsunami(海啸).

A. hits B. is hit C. was hit D. will be hit

18.(浙江) Food safety is important. Rules ______ to stop people from food pollution.

A. must make B. must be made C. can’t make D. can’t be made

19.(广州) Don't worry. All the children _______by the nurses.

A. are well taken care of B. take good care of

C. are taken good care of D. take good care

20.(长沙) Chinese________ by the largest number of people.

A. is speaking B. speak C. speaks D. is spoken

六、 句意选词

1.(福州)----I ______ 5000yuan on this i--phone

---Wow, So much! I can’t afford it.

A. spent B. paid C. cost

2.(滨州) ----Shall we go and _____ hello to the foreign teachers ?

---- Good idea ! Let’s go.

A. say B. speak C. talk D. shout

3.(山东菏泽) Mary is tired of learning because, she is _____to do better than she can, both at

school and at home.

A. thought B. expected C. hoped D. helped

4.(宁波) ----Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet Fly ?

----Yes, it made me _____ many times.

A. laugh B. cry C. sleep D. sing

5.(烟台)----Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in the next match?

----Yes, they have better players, so I ______ them to win.

A. hope B. except C. expect D. prefer

6. (南宁) The No. 72 bus will_______ you there.

A. hold B. catch C. take D. bring

7.(南京市).______ me carefully, boys and girls. Can you ______ me?

A. Listen to; hear from B. Hear; listen to

C. Hear; hear D. Listen to; hear

8. (安徽) We can't do listening .practice today, for Miss Zhao's tape-recorder doesn't______.

A. act B. do C. serve D. work

9. (上海) The manager _____ that the business would be worse after the stock went down.

A. talked B. told C. said D. spoke

10.(江西) ---She tried hard to stop her husband from smoking, didn’t she ?

---Yes. But she _____.

A. failed B. fell C. made it D. got it

11. (江西)Would you please speak more slowly ? I can hardly _____ you .

A. talk with B. agree with C. follow D. hear

12.(江西)---What a day ! It’s raining again. I’m afraid we can’t go boating tomorrow. ---Don’t worry. It won’t ______ long.

A. drop B. last C. rain D. go

13.(泰安)---The little girl ______ her seat to an old man on the bus.

---What a kind girl!

A. brought B. offered C. gave D. lent

14.(兰州) ― Don’t _____ to strangers on your way to and from school‖, my mother often ____ to me.

A. speak, says B. speak , tells C. talk; speaks D. talk , tells

15.(四川眉山 ------$500. I told him I would return it to her in three weeks.

17.(贵州铜仁) — How long can I ________ the book?

—For two weeks.

A. keep B. borrow C. lend D. buy

18.(四川德阳) – Oh, I left my dictionary at home. Can you _____ me yours?

A. lend B. borrow C. keep

19.(浙江台州) ----Let’s ______ some dumplings right now.

----OK. I’ll cut up the meat first.

A. eat B. buy C. heat D. make

20.(枣庄) When I got to school, Amy ______his homework.

A. had invented B. had finished C. had developed D. had rushed

21.(济宁) Most British high school children ______ uniforms at school.

A. wear B. dress C. put on D. dress up

22.(广州) The boys arrived late at the cinema, and _______the start of the film.

A. caught B. missed C. got D. lost

23.(广州) As we know, some people are good at ______ but bad at giving back.

A. lending B. keeping C. borrowing D. using

24.(武汉) ----I like reading.

----Great! It can _______you mind.

A. read B. lose C. feed D. feel

25.(武汉) ----Chinese tennis player Li Na won a championship again!

----Yeah, I watched the game and my spirits _______at the news.

A. rose B. calmed C. turned D. shook


一、1~5: CDCCA; 6~8: BAB

二、1~5: BCBCA; 6~10: DBABA;11~15:ACADC; 16~20:DADAA; 21~25:ABDBC 三:

1、1)~5:BDDBB; 6)~8):ACD


3、1)~6): CCADCC

4、1)~5):BDBCB; 6)~10): CDCDB; 11)~12):BB

5、1)~5): CDDCB; 6)~9):BABC



四、1~5: BCDAA; 6~10:ABBDC; 11~15:DBBCA; 18~20:ACCAA; 21~22:CC 五、1~5: CCDCC; 6~10: DCCBB; 11~15:BCBAC; 16~20: BCBCD

六、1~5: AABAB;6~10: CDDCA; 11~15: CBBAC; 16~20: BAADB; 21~25: ABCCA


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