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【2011北京】1. Many accidents____ by careless drivers last year.

A. are caused B. were caused

C. have caused D. will cause

【2011上海】2. An official _____ by some reporters on food problems in Shanghai yesterday.

A. is interviewing B. is interviewed C. was

interviewing D. was interviewed

【2011天津】3. Today a lot of information can _____ online.

A. receive B. be received C. is received D. receiving

【2011重庆】4. I’m glad to find that many trees_______ in our city last year.

A. plant


【2011陕西】5. Driving after drinking wine in China.

A. allows B. doesn't allow C. is allowed

D. isn't allowed

【2011安徽】6. Don't worry. Your package here until you

come back, so enjoy shopping here.

A. will keep B. has kept C. will be kept

用心 爱心 专心 1 B. planted C. were planted D. are

D. has been kept

【2011山东】7. It’s true that Shakespeare’s play ______ by so many people every year.

A. see


【2011广东】8. People who drink wine ______ to drive after May Day.

A. don’t allow B. isn’t allowed C. mustn’t allow D. B. will see C. are seeing D. are mustn’t be allowed

【2011江西省】9. —What happened to Billy?

—He________ because of his drink-driving.

A. is caught B. was caught C. has caught

D. had caught

【2011河北省】10. The Spring Festival in January or February.

A. celebrates B. is celebrated C. celebrated

D. was celebrated

【2011?河南省】11.Soft drinks__ to children for free in some restaurants on Children's Day.

A. offer B. have offered C. are offered

D. will be offered

【2011浙江丽水】12.A friendly basketball match between teachers and


afternoon.Anybody is welcome.

用心 爱心 专心 2 tomorrow

A.was held B. will be held C.is held D. must

be held

【2011辽宁沈阳】13. The computer is broken. ___ it___ today?

A. Will; repair B. Has; repaired

C. Will; be repaired D. Has; been repaired

【2011广西桂林】14. Many trees and flowers ________ in our city every year.

A. planted


【2011黑龙江绥化市】15. —Suihua is so beautiful. It's like a big garden.

—Yes. Many trees and flowers _______in

our city every year.

A. are planting B. are planted

C. were planted

【2011江苏徐州】16. When will the birthday party ___, on Monday evening or Tuesday evening?

A. hold

D. be holding B. be held C. held B. are planted C. were planted D.

【2011内蒙古包头】17. It will be two days before the decision_________.

A. has made

D. is made.

用心 爱心 专心 3 B. will be made C. was made

【2011呼和浩特】18. ----Did you go to Jim’s birthday party?

----No, I A. haven’t invited B. didn’t invite C. am not invited D. wasn’t invited

【2011呼和浩特】19. At last the boy was made and began to laugh.

A. stop crying B. to to stop to cry C. to stop crying D. stop to cry

【2011四川达州】20.— Do you know Lucy’s grandma?

—in the accident.

 A. been dead; was killed B. died; was killed

 C. been dead; killed D. died; killed

【2011?四川广元】21.English __more and more widely (广泛) today. So we must learn it well.

A. uses B. used C. is


【2011?四川南充】22. —How many people will________ to your birthday party?


用心 爱心 专心 4

A. invite B. be invited C. be


【2011四川宜宾】23.Computers ________widely in our daily life.

A . use B. used C. were

used D. are used

【2011?广西柳州】24.Half of the work ______ by now.

A. has finished B. has been finished

C. have been finished

【2011湖南岳阳】25.Every year lots of trees to make our country

more beautiful.

A. is planted B. are planted C.


【2011湖南益阳】26. His car was by the police because he drove

too fast

A. stopping B. stopped C. stop

(2011贵州毕节)27.He likes reading very much.Most of his money on books.

A.is spent B.spend C.spends

D.are spent

【2011广西梧州】28. A new cinema _ in our city last year.

A. built B. was built C. will build

D. is built

用心 爱心 专心 5

【2011广东深圳】29. - When should I hand in my paper?

—Your paper as soon as the

A. hand in; rings B. hand in; will ring

C. be handed in; will ring D. be handed in: rings

【2011广西南宁】30. Trees ________ every year to make our city greener.

A. plant B. are planted C. were planted

D. will be planted

【2011贵州贵阳】31. We're very glad to know that a great sports meeting

_______ in Guiyang this September.

A. will hold B. will be held C. will be hold

【2011四川雅安】32. A lot of trees ______ on the hill yesterday.

A. are planted B. will be planted C. have been planted D. were planted

【2011山东枣庄】33. In the past the children were made ______15 hours a day.

A. to lock B. work C. to work D.


【2011山东滨州】34. The Taiwan spotted deer, Fan Xing and Dian Dian,

__________ to the Chinese mainland on April 16,


用心 爱心 专心 6

A.have sent B.were sending

D.had sent C.were sent

【2011山东济宁】35. China has offered much help to Japan since it

______ by the earthquake and tsunami(海啸).

A. hits B. is hit C. was hit

D. will be hit

【2011四川乐山】36. –Who is that little boy in the photo, Oscar?

–Oh, it’s me! It _______ when I was five years old.

A. was taken


【2011浙江台州】37. -How often do I need to feed the bird?

-They food every day, or they will be hungry.

A. must give B. mustn’t give C. must be given

D. mustn’t be give

【2011浙江宁波】38. There was a big earthquake in Japan, but luckily many people _________.

A. save B. saved C. are saved

D. were saved B. took C. was

【2011山东聊城】39. As everyone knows, rubbish _______ everywhere.

A. need be thrown

C. can’t throw B. mustn’t be thrown D. may throw

7 用心 爱心 专心

【2011广西广安】40. — How clean and tidy your bedroom is!

—Thank you. It A. cleans B. is cleaned C. was cleaned

【2011?甘肃兰州】41. In many places in China, the old over 90

not only by their family but also by the


A. is taking good care B. are taken good care of

C. is taking good care of D. are taken good care

【2011·江苏南京】42.It’s reported that Nanjing South Railway Station

__at the end of this month.

A. has been completed B. is completed

C. was completed D. will be


【2011山东威海】43.—Who is the little girl in the picture?

—It's me. The picture _________10 years ago.

A. took B. is taken C. has taken D. was


【2011浙江舟山】44. Food safety is important. Rules ______ to stop

people from food pollution.

A. must make B. must be made C. can’t make

D. can’t be made

【2011四川内江】45. — Your classroom is really bright and clean.

—It _____ after school every day.

A. is cleaned B. cleaned C. was cleaned

用心 爱心 专心 8

【2011?湖南株洲】46. Mary didn’t go to John’s birthday party because

she ________.

A. wasn’t invited B. didn’t invite

C. isn’t invited

【2011?山东青岛】47. Your donation______ and the money will be used

to help the students from poor families.

A. is greatly appreciating

C. has appreciated


【2011?山东青岛】48. Each time tourists travel to Beijing, they_______

the Forbidden City.

A. will be shown up B. will be shown around B. appreciates D. is greatly

C. will show around D. will show to

【2011 山东烟台】49 It is true that knowledge_____ rather than being


A. learns B. learned C. is learned

D. was learned

【2011贵州安顺】50. —Look at


A. doesn’t allow B. isn’t allowed C. didn’t allowed

D. wasn’t allowed

用心 爱心 专心 9 the sign on the right. ______ here. parking

【2011湖北黄石】51. —Who’s the little baby in the photo, Li Ying?

—It’s me. This photo _______ fourteen years


A. is taken B. took C. takes

D. was taken

【2011湖南长沙】52. ---May I use your cup, Tom?

---Sorry, it ________ by my sister just now.

A .was broken B .is broken C .broke

【2011四川德阳】53. Waste paper shouldn’t _____ everywhere. It’s our

duty to keep our classroom clean.

A. be thrown


【2011湖南永州】54. Boys and girls, the books in the library

A. take B. are taking C. be


【2011湖北十堰】55. ---Look, what have they done?

---Sorry. I think if I __________ another

chance, I’ll do it better.

A. give B. will be given C. will give D. B. throw C. is

am given

【2011四川绵阳】56. ---- Drunken drive is dangerous, isn’t it?

用心 爱心 专心 10

---- Yeah. That why drunken drivers to prison even

without causing accidents.

A. sent B. are sent C. send D. are sending

【2011四川泸州】57. The radio says a wild animal zoo is going to ____ in our city.

A. be built B. built C. build

D. be building

【2011?四川成都】58. Because of the support from all over the country,

beautiful new buildings here and

there in the earthquake - hit areas in Sichuan.

A. can see B. can be seen C. will be seen

【2011?江苏盐城】59. — How soon all the work ? — In a week.

A. will… finish B. is…going to finish

C. will…be finished D. are…going to be finished

【2011安徽芜湖】60. These days students in some schools ______ not to use mobile phones.

A. ask B. asked C. are asked D. were asked

【2011广东肇庆】61. ----- Your classroom is very clean.

----- Yes, it ______ every day.

用心 爱心 专心 11

A. is cleaned B. cleans C.

is cleaning

【2011黑龙江龙东五市】62. The worker is made ______ six and a half

days a week.

A. work B. working C. to work

【2011.广西北海】63. —When _________ the car _______ ?

—Sorry. I don’t know.

A. does; invent B. did; invent C. was; invent D.

was; inventing

【2011.海南三亚】64. Yuan Longping, a great person in China, _____as

―father of hybrid rice‖

A. is regarded B. has regarded C. is regarding D.


【2011.广东梅州】65. The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That means, he ______ work 14 hours a day. A. was made B. made C. was making D. was made to

【2011?广东佛山】66. The Chinese Culture Day in New York

City on April 20th , 2011.

A. celebrated

was celebrated

【2011?海南张家界】67. The news _______ to the public yet. Only a few

people know.

A. hasn’t told B. has been told B. is celebrated C.

用心 爱心 专心 12

C. hasn’t been told

【2011辽宁本溪】68. The mountain ______ with snow all year round, so

it’s hard to climb it.

A. covered

D. covers B. was covered C. is covered

【2011?宁夏】69. Look! We can't cross the bridge. It _____by some


A. repairs B. is repaired C. is being

repaired D. is repairing

【四川2011凉山】70—I think teenagers should ___ to get their ears


—I agree with you.

A. are allowed B. not be allowed

C. not allowed

【2011广西贵港】71. Waste paper _______ everywhere. It’s our duty to

keep the school clean.

A. throws B. are thrown C. shouldn’t be thrown

D. should be thrown

【2011湖南郴州】72. The song Baby Sister ________by Zeng Yike.

A. is written B.writes C.


【2011河源】73.The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That means he

用心 爱心 专心 13

__ work 14 hours a day.

A. was made B. made C. was making

D. was made to

【2011江苏泰州】74.—Have you finished your fashion design?

—Not yet. I’ll finish it if I ________ ten more


A. am given B. give C. will give

D. will be given

【2011重庆江津】75.The sick girl to hospital by her mother


A. is taken B. takes C. took D. was


用心 爱心 专心 14

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