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Unit 2 Saving the earth

Pollution causes too many problems


1. a beautiful place with lots of flowers and grass.一个有许多美丽花草的地方

2. see sb. doing 看见某人正在做某事

see sb do 看见某人做某事

3. Oh, my goodness! 哦, 我的天哪!

4. The flowers and grass have gone!花和草都没有了!

5. chemical factories 化工厂

6. pour … into 把……倒入

7. waste water 废水 It’s a waste of time doing sth 做某事浪费时间

8. have a picnic 举行野餐

9. air pollution 空气污染

10. soil pollution 土壤污染

11. water pollution 水污染

12. light pollution 光污染

13. noise pollution 噪音污染

14. breathing problems 呼吸问题

15. The government has done something useful to stop it.


16. be harmful to sb/sth 对……有害

16 have an influence on sb/ sth = have an

effect on sb/sth = influence sb/ sth 对……有影响


1. look weak 看起来很虚弱

2. What's wrong with you ? 你怎么啦?

3 . – How long have you been like this? 你像现在这样有多久了?


--I’ve been like this since last week. 自上个星期以来我就一


4. in a bad mood 心情差

5. can’t stand sth/ doing 不能忍受某事/做某事

6. solve this problem 解决这个问题

7. you'd better do sth 你最好做某事

8. direct speech or indirect speech 直接引语或间接引语

9. feel even worse 感到更糟了

10. at the end of 在……结束的时候

11. hope to do / hope that 希望做……

12. wish to do / that希望做……

wish sb to do 希望某人做……

wish sb + adj. / n 祝某人……


1. at midnight 在半夜

2. produce electricity by wind 风力发电

3. be harmful to 对……有害

4. not all 不是所有的

not +both (all , every 以及every 的派生词) 表示部分否定

enither , none , nothing , nobody , no one 表示全部否定

5. live in noisy conditions 生活在噪音条件下

6. go deaf 变聋

7. quite a few + 可数名词复数 许多,大量

8. have hearing loss = lose hearing 听力丧失

9. It is reported that …. 有报道说……

10. no better than = as weak as 同 (几乎)一样;和……(几乎)一样差

11. not only …… but also 不仅…… 而且

12. disturb others 打扰别人

13. do harm to sb/ sth = be harmful to sb/ sth = harm sb /sth 对……有害


14. solve all sorts of environmental problems 解决各种环境问题

15. not all people = not everyone =some people 不是所有人


1. such as 比如

2. be bad for 对……有害

3. with the increase in population = with the population growth 随着人口的增长

4. with the development of industry 随着工业的发展

5. put …… into 放……到……里

6. high blood pressure 高血压

7. with less pollution 随着更少的污染

8. our planet will become greener and our health will be better.


9. greener people 绿色环保主义者

10. effect on our environment or health 影响我们的环境或健康

Topic 2 All these problems are very serious .


1. as a result 结果是

2. do something useful to 做一些有用的事来……

3. here and there = everywhere 处处,到处

4. Don't spit anywhere in pubic 不要在公共场所随地吐痰

5. walk on grass 践踏草坪

6. pick flowers 摘花

7. care for 关心,关爱

8. We should do everything we can to protect the environment.


9. something important 重要的东西


10. even worse 更糟糕的是

11. in the beginning 起初,开始

12. day by day 一天天,逐日

13. destroy the environment 破坏环境

14. be in danger of 处于……的危险中

15. die out 消失,灭亡

16. come to realize 开始意识到

17. the importance of ……的重要性

21. Humans have come to realize the importance of protecting animals.



1. What bad weather!多么糟糕的天气!

2. cut down 砍伐,砍倒

3. as a result 结果是

4. change into 转化成,把……变成

5. stop … from = prevent … from 阻止……做……

6. blow …away 把……吹走

7. wash … away 把……冲走

8. be harmful to = be bad for 对……有害

9. The Great Green Wall 绿色长城

10 . protect the environment 保护环境

11. come into being 形成,产生

12. turn the tap off 关掉水龙头

13. People have cut down too many trees. 人类乱砍乱伐。

14. As a result ,a lot of rich land has changed into desert.


15. Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. 树可以防防风固土。

16. A lot of water can be saved by forests.森林可以储存大量的水分。

17. They can also prevent the water from washing the earth away.它们也能防止水土流失


18. Cutting down trees is harmful to human beings , animals and plants.


19. Although we have built “the Great Green Wall”, we still need to work hard to protect the environment. 虽然我们已经建立起了绿色长城,我们仍需要致力于保护环境。


1. on earth 在地球上,究竟

2. millions of 无数的,大量的

3. take away 拿走,带走

4. have health problems 存在健康问题

5. ozone layer 臭氧层

6. the greenhouse effect 温室效应

7. the level of the oceans to rise 海平面上升

8. the climate of the earth to change 地球气候改变

8. The fewer trees , the better. 树越少越好。

9. refer to 涉及,提到

8. the more… , the more… 越…… , 就越……

9. Some things we’ve done are very good for the earth while some are bad.


10.Too much harmful radiation from the sun passes through the hole

and reaches the earth directly.大量来自太阳的有害射线穿过这个洞直接进入地球大气层。

11. The heat from the sun can’t escape so the temperature is rising.


12. “The greenhouse effect” causes the level of the oceans to rise and the climate of the earth to change.


13.All these problems are very serious, so we must do something to

protect our environment now. 所有这些问题都非常严重,




1. people in Britain 英国人

2. 85 percent = 85 per cent 百分之八十五

3. take up 占据

4. deal with 处理,对付

5. the rest 其余的,剩下的

6. around the world = the whole world = all over the world 全世界

7. underline the sentences 在句子下面划线

8. too much room = a lot of space 许多空间

9. have difficulty doing …… 做……有困难

10. seven twentieths 二十分之七

11. divided … into … 把…分成…

you like to be a greener person ?


1. environment / environmental protection 环境保护

2. work for 为….. 工作

3. protect the environment 保护环境

4. spread the message about …宣传有关……的知识

5. use sides of the paper 用纸的两面

6. reuse plastic bags 重复使用塑料袋

7. not only … but also … 不仅…而且…

8. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事

9. sort them 把它们分类

10. so that they can be recycled. 以便回收利用。

11. be supposed to do sth 应该做某事

be not supposed to do sth 不允许做某事

12. be busy doing sth 忙于做某事

13. give up 放弃

14. We should reduce the waste we produce. 我们应该减少人为的浪费。

15. I think recycling can not only protect the environment but also save money.



16. So we encourage students to collect waste paper and soft drink cans. Then we sort them so that they can be recycled.


17. It’s nice of you to do that. 你那样做真是太好了。

18. Everyone is supposed to do so. 每个人都应该那样做。


1. a greener person 一名环保者

2. ought to do sth 应该做某事

3. instead of 代替,而不

4. Easier said than done. 说起来容易做起来难

5. Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩。

6. reduce waste 减少废品

7. save electricity 节约用电

8. May I have your attention, please? 请注意了!

9. on time 准时

10. sort the garbage 将垃圾分类

11. make sure 确信,确定

12. You ought to turn off the light when you leave a room.


13. You’d better walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi if you’re traveling a short distance.如果你短距离旅行,最好步行或骑车,而不是坐公共汽车或出租车。

14. It will save energy and reduce air pollution. 它将节约能源和减少污染。

15. Take a cloth bag when you go shopping. Don’t use plastic bags.

购物时带上布袋。 不使用塑料袋。

16. I have something important to tell you.


17. Please be on time. 请准时。

18. There will be a lot of hard work to do tomorrow , so make sure you go to bed early tonight.




1. acid rain 酸雨

2. produce power生产动力

3. biogas technology 沼气技术

4. energy problem 能源问题

4. reach a top speed of 431 km per hour 最高时速达431公里

5. Although electric vehicles produce no pollution, there will be an increase in electricity needs if they are widely used.尽管电动车不会产生污染,但如果被广泛使用,就会增加对电的需求。

6. People use the movement of water to produce electricity. 人们利用水的流动发电。

7. Wind is used for producing electricity in many places. 在许多地方风被用于发电。

8. People produce electricity from the sun. 人们利用太阳能发电。


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