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七年级英语新目标下(新版)Unit2 第三课时课件

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Period three

1.起床 get up 2.穿衣服 get dressed 3.刷牙 brush teeth 4.洗淋浴 take a shower 5.在六点四十 at six forty 6起床如此早 get up so early 8.在广播台 at a radio station 9.在晚上 at night 10.一个有趣的早餐时间 a funny time for breakfast 11.从…..到…… from… to… 12.去工作 go to work 13.上班迟到 be late for work

always usually never 3a
1.I get up at five thirty on school days 2.What time does Rick get up? 3.I have breakfast at six thirty-four. 4.What time does Ann eat breakfast? 5.My best friend goes to school at seven o five.

3c.Interview three of your classmates. Find out what time they do these activities. Then give a report to the class
Student1 Name_____
get up on weekends

Student2 Student3 Name___ Name __

exercise eat dinner take a shower Go to school

In our group ,Li Fei usually gets up late on weekends. .She gets up at…

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