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一.用适当形式完成句子: (每题1分,共50分) A组 1. Please ___________(送,寄)me a postcard from Hong Kong. 2. Ben Lambert is a _____________(著名的)French singer. 3. I always take vacations in _______________(欧洲). 4. He loves ______________ (大自然). 5. I hope I can _______________(忘记) all my problems. 6. She just _______________ (完成)making her last movie. 7. My sister wants to be a ________________(游客)guide. 8. I’m _______________(计划)to spend time in the beautiful countryside. 9. Would you like ________________ (某物)to eat?

10. His cousin has a nice _______________ (自行车). B组

1. There are _____________ (四十) students in my class .

2. There are sixty _______________ ( 分钟) in an hour.

3. Beijing is in the ______________ ( 北部) of China.

4. There is a______________ (湖) near my home.

5. My father often _____________(步行) to work, it’s good for his healthy.

6. Don’t ________________ (担心 ) , I can help you.

7. Jim comes to school ______________ (早的)every day.

8. Peter’s home is about 10 ___________________

(公里) 1

from school.

9. There is a beautiful ______________(河) in front of my house.

10. My aunt lives in a small ______________ (镇).


1.Today is Wednesday, and______________(明天)is Thursday.

2. I have a piano ____________(功课) on Sunday.

3. There is a football ______________(比赛)at 5:00 pm on TV.

4. Marie is going fishing with grandpa the ______________(整个)day.

5. Thank you for your______________ (邀请) to your party.

6. His favorite subject is ________________(化学).

7. I’m having tennis______________(训练) this afternoon.

8. Would you like to go to the _______________(音乐会) next Sunday?

9. I’m ______________(空闲) till 10 o’clock.

10. My _______________(美国的) friend is going to visit me next vacation.


1. In China, it 决定于)on where you are.


2. My mother wants me milk every day.

3. You should go to bed

4. When are you (离开)home for Hong Kong?

(累)and want to sleep.


7. She’s (临时照顾)her little sister.

8. Tom has a ____________(头疼).

9. My cousin likes surfing the ______________.( 网上冲浪)

10. My mother often _______________(担心)about my sister.


1. We see with our_________________(眼睛).

2. I drink ____________ (牛奶) every day, because it’s good for my health.

3. I usually get up at 6 on __________(工作日), but late on weekends.

4. In some ways we look the same, but in some ways we look _________(不同).

5. Jay Chou is a ______________(著名的) singer. 6. Don’t __________(忘记) to bring your homework to school.

7. I usually go to school __________________bike.(骑) 8. What __________________things can you see in the picture?(其他)


I’m taking a vacation in __________________this summer.(意大利)

10. Yesterday I had a ___________(发烧),so I went to see a doctor.

二.用适当形式完成篇章:(每题1分,共20分) A组

Hello! My name is Alex. This year I’m 60. My living

1.__________(习惯) are pretty good, so I’m very

2.__________(健康的). In the morning, I usually

3.___________ (锻炼) for half an hour, and then have breakfast at 7:00 am. At 9:00, I often 4.__________(阅读)some newspapers. Sometimes I try to learn English on the

5._________(网络). After lunch I 6.__________(总是) sleep for an hour. Then I go to the park and do sports to 7.________ (保持) fit. I 8.__________(几乎不) ever watch TV in the evening. I never eat junk food and drink 9.________(咖啡). I go to bed at around 9:00 pm. I do the 10.__________(相同的) things every day and I live happily.


Dear Betty,

I’m very sorry to hear that you have a bad

1.____________(头痛). I hope you feel better soon. I think you should follow the doctor’s 2._____________(建议) and take the 3._____________(药) three times a day. You should lie down and have a good 4.______________(休息). If you feel 5.____________(口渴), you should drink a lot of water with 6._____________(蜂蜜). Two days 7._____________ 9. 4

(以前) we learned an 8._____________(重要的) text. Don’t worry. I will help you 9.____________ (直到……之时) you understand it. I 10.____________(相信)you can learn it quickly.

Best wishes to you.

三、选词填空,注意适当形式: (每题2分,共30分) A

1. —I have a throat. —You should see a doctor.


3. —We are going camping tomorrow. —That cool.


6. I help my the sheep on the farm on weekends.

at the beach because it is so cool and relaxing!

an important lesson so we can’t go with you.

9. Many people like him. And he is than you.

10. My sister is lazy and unhealthy because she 5



1. Can you ________________over to my house? I want to talk with you.

2. Last Saturday my best friend _____________me with my math.

3. My teacher wants to _____________the science report with me.

4. On weekends, she always _____________her cousin’s baby.

5. He forgets to _____________me to his birthday party.


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