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M12-Unit1 What should we do before help arrives

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外研 八年级 上册

Module 12

Unit 1

What should we do before help arrives?

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions
broken glass stairs aid medical imagine bottom adj. 破碎的 n. 玻璃 n. (pl.) 楼梯 n. 救助,帮助 adj. 医学的,医疗的 v. 想象,设想 n. 底部,下端

Words and expressions
wrong adj. 有毛病的,错误的 adv. 不正确地,错误地 trouble n. 问题,烦恼,困难 lift v. 举起,抬起,提起 n. 电梯 harmful adj. 有害的 drop v. 使落下,投下 training n. 训练,培训 cover v. 盖,盖上

Words and expressions first aid at the bottom of… What’s wrong with…? lift up make sure
急救 在……的底部 ……怎么了? 抬起,提起 确保,确认

Objectives: 1.To listen and understand the conversation about first aid 2.To learn some key words and useful expressions 3.To get information from the listening material 4.To pay attention to the words the speaker stresses

Words: wrong, trouble, lift, harmful, drop, training, cover, broken, stairs, aid, medical, imagine, bottom Phrases: first aid, lift up, make sure Patterns: at the bottom of… What’s wrong with…?

Talk about the pictures. Use the words in the box to help you.
accident broken dangerous furniture glass kitchen stairs

Listen and check what the pictures are about.

You could fall when you go down the stairs at school.

It’s quite dangerous in the kitchen at home, because broken glass or knives can cut you.

Moving heavy furniture is dangerous too. You could drop it and hurt your foot.

What is first aid?
First aid is a temporary form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found. First aid is the emergency treatment for an injured or sick person before professional medical care.

What has happened to them?
What can you do to help these people?

Nowadays there are a lot of accidents in our daily life. What would you do in such situations?

Important Numbers

120 Emergency
medical service

119 Fire department 110 Police

First aid is the science of giving medical care to a person before a doctor can be found. Anyone with the knowledge can give first aid; you don’t have to be a doctor. First aid, if quickly and correctly given, can save a person’s life.

Listen and read.
Decide if they are good ideas (√) or bad ideas (×). 1 √ Ask the boy what is wrong. 2 √ Get help. 3 ×Shout so the boy can hear you. 4 ×Move the boy to a more

comfortable place. 5 √ Make sure the boy is warm.

Complete the passage with the words in the box. bottom Cover drop harmful imagine lift medical pain

Let’s (1) imagine you see a boy lying _______ at the (2) ______ of the stairs. What bottom medical should you do? Call for (3) _______ help immediately.

Do not (4) ___ the boy up and sit him lift on a chair. This could be (5) _______ harmful for him. Even worse, you might (6)

_____ him while you are moving him! drop pain That would cause a lot of (7) ____ . (8) Cover him with a coat and make sure _____ he is warm. Then wait for the doctors to arrive.


分析:我们在朗读英语或用英语交谈时, 并不是句子中的每个词都读得一样响亮, 一样清楚,而是有些词读得或说得又轻 又快,而且较为含糊,有些词则读得或 说得又重又慢,而且较为清晰。那些读 得或说得响亮而清晰的词就是句子重音 所在。

Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses. 1 Let’s imagine an accident.

2 What can we do to help him?
3 Find out what’s wrong with him. 4 Make sure he’s warm.

5 Cover him with a coat.

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions. — What do you do if someone’s hurt?

— Ask him/her what happened…


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、根据句意及首字母提示,写出相 应的单词。 1. First aid is the science of giving m_____ help to a person before a medical doctor can be found. imagine 2. I can just i_______ what the place is going to look like in a few years’ time.

3. He l____ his head as the others lifted came into the room. 4. I s__ him down in the armchair by sat his bed. dropped 5. I must have d_______ my scarf on the bus.

二、根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 1. 在这页的末尾签上名字。 Sign your name ______________ the at the bottom of page. 2. 吃肉有什么不妥?我觉得很正常。

________________ What’s wrong with eating meat? I think
it’s natural.

3. “你锁前门了吗?”“我想是的,但我 最好还是去查看一下。” — Did you lock the front door? — I think so, but I’d better _________. make sure 4. 这个厨房很小,我不必太费劲就可以 保持它的清洁了。 It’s ____ a tiny kitchen that I don’t ____ such have to do much to keep it clean.

1. Read the passage again and review the words and expressions. 2. 发挥想象,连词成文(50-70字)。 wrong, harmful, drop, cover, broken, stairs, medical, imagine, bottom, first aid, lift up, make sure

1. To preview Unit 2; 2. To practise the new vocabulary.

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