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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

widespread tendency/ tend steady/ steadily glance range state oppose quantity subscribe to consume random

? graph fuel ? per data ? trend flood ? catastrophe mild ? consequence ? methane byproduct ? fossil drought ? famine renewable ? Fahrenheit Celsius ? environmental ? measurement ? phenomenon/ phenomena

Para1: What caused the global warming? There is no doubt that________________ and that it is ___________ that _________ rather than _______ but ________. Para 2: What caused the increase in the earth’s temperature? All scientists subscribe to the view that _____ is due to _____ like ____ to produce energy. There is _________ that ____________.

What’s greenhouse effect?

Para 3---4: The levels of carbon dioxide have increased greatly over the last 100 to 150 years. who Charles Keeling made accurate measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when what The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere went up from 315 parts to around 370 parts per million. why It is __________ that __________.

from 1957 to 1997

Para 5: the attitudes of scientists:
The increase in the temperature Opinion: by 5 degrees would be a catastrophe. a rise of several metres in the sea Dr Foster level; severe storms, floods, Result: droughts, famines; the spread of diseases; the disappearance of species We shouldn’t worry about high Opinion: levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Any warming will be mild with few George environmental consequences. Hambley Plants grow quicker; crops produce Result:more; encourage a greater range of animals--make life for human beings better

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