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1. switch(三单)___2. one(序数词)____3. search(三单)___4. leaf(复数)_____5.twelve(序数词)__6.you had better(缩写)_______ 7. wolf(复数)______ 8. final(副词)______ 9. month(复数)______10. five(序数词)________

二、选择题(25’) 1. ______ I go to work on foot.

A. Some times B. Some time C. Sometime D. Sometimes

2. —How often do you use a computer? —_________.

A. For a week B. Three days C. Never D. A year

3. _______ the computer, please. I’d like to go online.

A. Switch on B. Switch off C. Switch up D. Switch down

4. I also get information ______ my lessons _______the Internet.

A. to; in B. for; on C. for; in D. to; on

5. —Which floor does Mr. Hu live on? —He lives on _____floor.

A. tenth B. the tenth C. ten D. the ten

6. —First, ______ the printer ______ the computer. Then you can print your document. —I see.

A. switch; on B. connect; to C. switch; off D. connect; for

7. —______ do you open a new document? —Click“new document”.

A. How B. Where C. What D. When

8. How can I go on line? —Click“Internet Explorer(网页浏览器)”with the ______.

A. monitor B. keyboard C. printer D. mouse

9. —What ______ you ______ on weekends?

—We play games, watch TV and do our homework.

A. do; do B. does; does C. do; does D. does; do

10. —______ do you go online? —Sometimes.

A. When B. Where C. How often D. What

11. I want to send an email to him, ______ I don’t know his website.

A. and B. so C. or D. But

D. the second 12.February is ____month of a year.A. two B. the two C. second

13. Do you have ______ about our team(队)?

A. some informations B. some pieces of information

C. some pieces of informations D. some piece of information

14.Most British high school children ________ uniforms(校服) at school.

A.wear B.dress C.put on D.dress up

15.—Excuse me, where can I exchange(交换;兑换) ________?

—There’s a bank on the second floor.A.books B.food C.money D.stamps

16.—Would you like to play basketball with us this afternoon?

—________. I have to study for tomorrow’s test.

A.I’d love to B.I’m afraid not C.Sounds good D.No problem

17.—________ do you clean your room?—Every day.

A.How long B.How many C.How often D.How soon

18.—Would you like ____ me with my English?—Yes, I’d love to.

A.help B.to help C.helps D.helping

19.It’s great ________ from you again.

A.hear B.to hear C.hears D.hearing

20.I often ______ much time_____English.

A.take; to B.pay; for C.spend; on D.cost; /

21.Many girls would like to _____ skirts in summer.

A.put on B.dress C.wear D. wears

22.We watch matches ________ television.A.by B.in C.on D.with

23.Many Middle School students ___ most of their money in playing

computer games. A.cost B.take C.pay D.spend

24.Mr Brown always comes early. He is _____late for work.

A.never B.often C.usually D.sometimes

25.Finally, you must ______.A.print it out B.print out is C.print it in D.print in it


1.The book is too e_____. I can’t buy it.

2.On New Year’s Day ,I a________ get lots of cards from my friends.

3.My friend gives me a film t________.4.Children like having birthday p________.

5.He is a student. He n__ plays computer games.6.Shoes, jeans, shirts are all c_____.

7.I like reading books and m________.8.Her mother has two s________ scarves.

9.Our English teacher is singing an English s___.10.Do you go shopping at w____?

11.The soliders s___the little girl’s life.

12.Jack always s______ for information for his homework.

13. My father is a manager of a c________, so he often talks to his c_____ on the computer. 14. I often visit the w_______ on my computer on weekends. 15. I always get some i_______ for my lessons on the Internet. 16. Our teachers often c______ our homework in class. 17. His birthday p______ is a new English dictionary. 18. There are some wonderful m______ in London Olympic Games. 19. I’m a_______ that I can’t finish the work. It’s hard for me. 20. Don’t s________ too much time on the computer games.


1. _________(not open) a new document, please.

2. There are lots of ______ (mouse) in the field.(在田野里)

3. My grandfather is a _______(write).

4.My family lives on the ______(five) floor.

5. Daming often uses a computer ________(do) his homework.

6. Tony ______(not often visit) his uncle.

7. The _________(nine) boy is from Dalian.

8.Who ______(finish) his homework every day?

9.To use your computer ,you need to turn it on _____(one)

10.December is the _____(twelve) month of the year.

11. ______ (connect)the monitor to the computer, please.

12. Lily ______ (switch) on the TV and watches a football match.

13. Tony often ______ (go) online at weekends.

14. First, use the mouse ______ (click) “new document”.

15. His father ______ (not watch) TV every evening but he often ______ (write) novels on his computer. 16.He always ________(watch) TV in the evening.

17.I usually spend some of time ____(play) basketball for my school team. 18.We often watch them ________(play) table tennis after school.


1. I usually do my homework at the weekend. (就划线部分提问) ______ do you usually _______ at the weekend?

2. He usually has lunch at the school.(问句)__ he usually __lunch at the school? 3. I sometimes use a computer to play games. (就划线部分提问)

______ _______ do you use a computer to play games?

4. Do you plan to travel? (改为同义句)Do you _______ ________ to travel? 5. I send eight emails every week.(划线提问)___ ___ emails do you send every week? 6. I often write to my uncle.(对划线部分提问)_____ ____ you often ___ _____ ? 7. He sends two emails to me every day. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ ______ ______ he ______ to you every day?

8. My sister uses a computer to do her homework. (改为否定句)

My sister ______ ______ a computer to do her homework.

9. Tom goes to school every day.(改为一般疑问句)___ Tom __ to school every day?

10. Have you got a computer at home?(同义句)___you ____a computer at home? 11. We go home once a week. (划线提问)______ ______ ______ you go home? 12. I write my name on the book.(划线提问)______ ______ you write on the book? 13. They go to school on foot. (划线提问)______ ______ they go to school? 14. Tom has lunch at home. ______ ______ Tom ______ lunch?

15.She often goes to school early.(改为一般疑问句)___ she __ _ to school early?

六、汉译英 (16’)

1、收到你的来信我很高兴。It’s _____ to ______ ______ you .

2. 你能帮我查看一下列车时刻表吗?Can you help me to check __ __ __ ____ .

3、你在网上制定旅游计划吗?Do you ____ _____ ______ on the Internet.

4、让我们送给他一个生日贺卡吧。Let’s _____ him a ______ card.

5、你和谁一块去音乐会?Who do you ____ _____ _____ _____ _____?

6、让我们给他三盒巧克力吧。Let’s give him _____ ____ ____ _____.


Her mother ___some ____ ___ her clothes every year.

8、你周末去看足球赛吗?_____ you _____ ____ ______ ______ at weekends.

9、我妹妹在周末经常锻炼身体。My sister often _____ _____ ______ at weekends.

10、贝蒂的表妹读了很多书籍和杂志。Betty’s cousin reads lots of __ and _____.

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