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英语:Unit 3 Asia Reading

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Unit 3 Reading Welcome to Beijing

Where would you like to go?


Why do so many people dream of being to Beijing? Can you just imagine the reasons?

Ornament columns


Can you use different words that begin with the following letters to describe Beijing?
A attractive amazing B C

D developed entertainment delicious food emperor duck G H host great grand hospitality good

big be well-known beautiful E

clean charming capital centre cultural CCTV F
famous friendly fantastic I J K…

Now please listen to the tape carefully and then match the words with the correct definitions(定义) : 1.not allowed 2.rulers of an empire emperor

3.a line dividing two countries
4.come or bring someone together in one place 5.a building in which objects of artistic, cultural, historic or interest are displayed 6.the official home of a ruler 7.Things or events that cause feelings of surprise and delight




The Reading Text may be divided into 4 parts, now please reread the text carefully, and then finish the clue tree :

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Welcome to Beijing !

Summer Palace
Back to China

Great Wall

Help David and Karl match the name of the name of the interests on the left with their information on Some emperors of the the right: Qing dynasty spent their The Forbidden City summers there. We can go there to watch the raising of the national flag. It was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived. It was used to protect the northern border of China in the past.

Tiananmen Square

The Summer Palace

The Great Wall


Forbidden City
1.Where is the Forbidden City? The Forbidden City is at the centre of Beijing. ____________________
2.Who used to live there? The emperors of the Ming and ________________ Qing dynasties. It is now used as a museum. 3. What is it used for now? _____________________

4. What might be the most attracting things to us?
We might be attracted by the beautiful buildings, the clothes and the furniture used in the past. _________________________________
Back to Beijing

Tiananmen Square
1. What does the word Tiananmen means? It means ‘a gate of heavenly peace’. ____________________ 2. Is it the biggest square in the world? Yes, it is. _______________
3. Which ceremony can we see there? We may watch the raising of the national _________________________________ flag. 4.What do the local people like to do there? They like to take a walk and fly kites ______________________________ there.
Back to Beijing

Summer Palace
Summer Palace is located in
north-west the ___________ Beijing. It is a

____________ garden. Chinese-style
The emperors used to spend

summer _________ there.
It is still very beautiful and attractive for the ______and a hill _______________________ man-made lake, with bridges, __________________ pagodas and halls all over the area. __________________
Back to Beijing

The Great Wall
The Great Wall runs more than 5,

000 kilometers _______________________, stones bricks and it was built with ______ and_______. The Great Wall was used to ________the country. protect wonders It is one of the seven ________ of world. It is very tiring to reach the top step by step of the Great Wall ______________.
Back to Beijing Language points

Language Points:
1.Unless you have a map, you will get lost easily.

unless=‘if not’
e.g. ① I will not go there unless I hear from him.
② I shall go there unless it rains. exercise: ① 除非有人叫你这么做,否则不要离开大楼.

Don’t leave the building unless you are told to do so.
② 如果你不早点起床的话,你就赶不上早班车

You won’t catch the early bus unless you get up earlier.

get lost: It means ‘be lost’ 迷路的 get +pp./adj. e.g. get married/ broken get hungry/ angry/ happy/ sad
Related phrase: get off get in get down get along with

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3. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties used to live here. (line10) used to do sth. : did something repeatedly in the

past e.g. His father used to smoke after supper.
The boy used to be late for school. Related phrase: be/get used to doing sth. : e.g. I am used to getting up early.

4. It is the biggest square in the world and is always filled with tourists. (line17)
be filled with: It has a similar meaning to ‘be full of’. e.g. The jar is filled with water. 这个缸里装满了水. That basket is filled with flowers. 那个篮子里装满了花.

More exercise

5.Every day many tourists gather here early in the morning so that they can watch the raising of the national flag. (line18) so that: 等同于 ‘in order that’, 用来引导目的状语从句.


I finished my homework quickly so that I could go swimming with my dad.

I go to school by bike every day so that I could get some exercise.
More exercise

Go through the text quickly and then circle the correct answers:

1.Beijing is in ____ China. (A). north-west (B). south-east (C). northern 2. You will get lost easily, if you ______. (A). don’t have a map (B). don’t live in Beijing (C). don’t like Beijing 3. The Great Wall was build for _______. (A). people to fly their kites (B). emperors to spend the summer (C). Protecting the northern border of China

4.Tian’an men Square is close to _______. (A). Summer Palace (B). the Forbidden City (C). the Great wall

5. The emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties __________ in the Forbidden City . (A) used to live (B) are used to live (C) used living
6. You will ______ by the beautiful design os the buildings, and the clothes and furniture. (A) attractive (B) to attract (C) be attracted


1.Retell the text:
2.Do you know any other famous places? Would you like to describe them?

Good Bye

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