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Reading练习题 (1)

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I. 根据首字母提示完成以下缺词填空。

A few weeks later, the robot c_________ a virus and caused a lot of p________. The robot no longer knew w______ to cook breakfast. Sometimes it w_______ Mr Jiang up at 4 a.m. Even worse, Mr Jiang would find his breakfast in the washing m_________ and his clean shirts in the d_________. Sometimes the robot would move a_______ the house and k_______ things over. His flat was in a m______; food was on the bed, books were in the rice c______, mirrors were b_______, and coins were s_______ all over the floor.

II. 根据短文回答问题。

The first real robot for children

The Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive (互动的) Penguin Robot is a lovable interactive penguin that loves you and loves her baby. Penbo is the first real robot for children. It is a clever doll that loves to talk and play. Penbo replies to touch and sound and speaks Penguish. Penbo calls and interacts with her baby and rocks her baby to sleep. The baby can play games with Penbo including hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo. The baby works as the remote control for Penbo, which makes her walk, turn and flap (拍动) wings. The Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive Penguin Robot is made up of Penbo robot, a baby and an egg. She is the happiest when you give her lots of love and care. She listens, talks, responds to (对……作出反应carry her with you. Play with Bebe and Penbo by holding Bebe in front of Mummy’s heart and pressing on Bebe’s head.

Fill in the blanks.

1. The robot is made up of Penbo robot, a baby and an _________.

2. The underlined word ‘pet’ means ‘________’ in Chinese.

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