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IV 汉译英。(共10分)







We are all asked to make a speech at some point in life,but most of us don’t do a very good job. This article gives us some suggestions on how to make an excellent speech. Usually people are often afraid of making a speech in public. You get nervous, you forget what you want to say, you talk too long, and you get your audience bored. Later you think,“Thank Goodness!It's over. I'm just not good at public speaking. I hope I will never have to do that again.”

Cheer up!It doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are some simple steps to make preparations. Firstly, ask yourself the purpose of your speech. Why are you speaking?Secondly, collect as many facts as you can on your subject. Thirdly, spend enough time organizing your material so that your speech is clear and easy to follow. Use as many examples as possible, and use pictures, charts and graphs(图表) if they help make your points clearer. Lastly, never forget your audience. Treat your audience with respect. They will be thankful.

Just remember!Be prepared. Know your subject and your audience. Be brief. Say what you have to say and then stop. And see yourself. Let your personality (个性) come through so that you make person to person contact(联系) with your audience.

If you follow these simple steps, you will see that you don’t have to be afraid of speaking in public. In fact, you may find the experience so enjoyable that you volunteer to make more speeches!Have a try and ice what happens.

1.The second paragraph mainly tell us_________________________________________ 2. What should you do when you are preparing a speech?(至少列出三个建议)


3.The underlined phrase “Be brief”in paragraph 4 means_______________________

4. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese. ________________________________________________________________________

5. 请给短文拟定一个适当的英文标题。 ________________________________________________________________________


A) 根据对话内容,从方框中选择5个恰当的句子完成对话,并将所选句子前的字母代号写在答题卡上的相应题号后。

A: Why are you in such a hurry, Mr. Wang?

B: My parents are coming to our school from my hometown for the first time.

A: 1__________________

B: By train.

A: Do they know the way to our school? B: 2__________________


A: Do you know how to get to the station?

B: 3__________________

A: It’s a long way from here to the station. First you can take the No. 537 bus or No. 405 bus, then change to the No. 130 bus at the bus stop South Lake Square. It will take you right there.

B: 4__________________

A: Yes, of course. It takes about 60 yuan.

B: 60 yuan? It takes too much.

A: 5__________________

B: That’s great! Thank you.

No. You know I’m new here for a few days.

B. It’s faster if you take a taxi.

C. Really? By bus or train?

D. Just take the bus. Let me go with you.

E. You can buy a map of our city.

F. I see. Can I take a taxi to get there?

G. No. So I am going to meet them at the station.

B) A: Hi,Chen Yi.You you look so beautiful in the red skirt.

B: Thank you very much.

A: 6 ?

B:In Sanya, Hannan province.

A: Sanya? 7 ?

B: Last month.

A: 8 ?

B:For a whole month.We went sightseeing in many places.

A: We all know the beaches of Sanya are very beautiful. 9 ?

B: Yes.When I was lying on the beach,I felt so cool.

A: 10 ?

B: I’m sure you’ love it.


It is a reply to a letter written by Zhai Mingjun, a 16-year-old girl in the class. The two 1. a__________ thank the student for her concerns and wish the class luck in their future studies.

“I'm so happy that the two space men replied with a few 2. e________ words,” said Zhai. Her letter was one of the 10 winning letters taken into space by Fei and Nie, who have succeeded in 3. t_______ space in the Sixth Shenzhou Spaceship. Zhai wrote the letter as if she were a younger sister of the astronauts. “As the 4. s_____ child in my family, I always hoped that I would have an elder brother that I could be proud of,” Zhai said. “I thought that the astronauts would be lonely during such a long space trip. I hoped they would feel happy and warm when 5.r_______ my letter.” Many of Zhai’s classmates also wrote their words of encouragement and admiration to the astronauts. “The letter to the astronauts made us 6. b_________ that we can also be part of the manned space programme,” said Zhao Dongxu.

All the students have high expectations for China’s future space programme. “I heard 2

that Snoopy is the mascot(吉祥物) for US astronauts. I hope I can design a mascot for 7. o____ heroes,” said Liu Mengjie, 16. “A physics class 8. t_________ by astronauts in outer space would be very interesting. I want to be the astronaut who teaches students about zero gravity with my head upside down in the spaceship,” said Han Yinan.

Many students think that the manned space program is still far away from them. But they feel 9. p________ that ordinary students could participate in such a great scientific 10. a________ and hope there will be more possibilities to take part.


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