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uint4 初二

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uint 4 What did you do last weekend?

What did they do last weekend ?

Saturday morning camped by the lake

What did he do last weekend ?

Saturday afternoon went fishing

Sunday afternoon picked apples

A: B: had A: B: A: B: and A: B:

How was your school trip? my school trip was great ! W so much fun ! Where did you go ? we went to Green Park . What did you do ? We climbed the mountains the saw a lot of flowers. Where did you eat your lunch We ate our lunch under some

A: What did you do after that ? B: and we played some games after that . A: How was the weather there ? (what was the weather like there B: At about two o’clock , it got very cloudy and we worried it would rain. Luckily , it didn’t and the sun came out again!

The next morning

第二天早上, started We 是以过去为 the next 起点的第二 morning 天早上

Next morning

明天早上, 是以现在为 起点的第二 天早上

We will visit him next morning .

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