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四川省成都翔博教育咨询公司八年级英语上册 Units 1-6单元综合测试

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Units 1-6单元综合测试


第一卷(共三部分 满分95分)

第一部分 听力 (共四节,满分30分)

第一节 听句子,选出与所听句子内容相关的图画,注意听两遍。(共5分) ( )1.


( ) 2.


( ) 3 .


( ) 4.


( )5.


C 1

第二节 听句子,选出与所听句子内容相符的正确答语,听两遍。(5分)

( )6. A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. You should go to see a doctor.

C. Don’t be late again.

( )7. A. Sometimes B. For a long time. C. Three days ago.

( )8. A, That’s a good idea. B. That’s all right.

C. Thanks a lot.

( )9. A. Have a good time. B. What about you?

C. How happy you are!

( )10. A. At 6:30 B. By bus. C. It’s very far.

第三节 听对话,选出能回答问题的正确选项,每段对话听两遍。(10分)


( )11、 What’s the matter with the man?

A、Has a toothache. B、Has a stomachache. C、Has a headache. ( )12、How long does the man have a headache?

A、Two weeks. B、Two days. C、Two hours.


( )13、How does Anna get to school?

A、By bike. B、By train. C、By bus.

( )14、What does Anna usually do after supper?

A、Takes a walk. B、Watches TV. C、Plays computer games. 听第三段对话,回答第15~17小题。

( )15、What are they doing for vacation?

A、They are going to the beach. B、They are going to the mountains.

C、They are going shopping.

( )16、When are they going?

A、Today. B、Tomorrow C、The day after tomorrow. ( )17、What are they taking?

A、Some warm clothes B、Some photos

C、Some warm clothes and a camera.


( )18、Where does the woman work?

A、In a school. B、In a bank C、In a hotel.

( )19、Why does the woman have a headache?

A、She is stressed out. B、She doesn’t have a good sleep.

C、She has a cold.

( )20、What does the doctor ask the woman to do?

A、To read more books. B、To take more exercise.

C、To drink more water.

第四节 听对话,完成下列信息表格,对话听两遍。(10分)


( )21、A、July 1st B、September 10th C、October 1st

( )22、A、rainy B、cold C、cloudy

( )23、A、The Great Wall B、The Green Park C、The Green Wall

( )24、A、trees and flowers B、singers and players

C、foreign visitors

( )25、A、five B、eight C、ten

第二部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分30分)

第一节 选出与划线部分意思相同或相近的选项。(每小题1分,共5分)

( )26、—What’s the matter with you?

— Nothing serious, but a bit tired.

A、 Is there anything else B、What’s wrong

C、 What’s the wrong D、What’s trouble

( )27、She had a pig of a day yesterday. She lost her money on the bus.

A、a happy day B、a busy day

C、an unlucky(不幸的)day D、a free day

( )28、My father goes to work by bus.

A、 walks to a bus station. B、takes a bus to work

C、 works on a bus D、is a bus driver

( )29、The exam is coming. Most of the students are stressed out.

A、are happy B、are under lots of stress

C、are tired D、go to bed to late

( )30、Every student should give their ears to the teacher in class.

A、not listen to the teacher B、listen to the teacher carefully

C、fight with D、play with

第二节 单项选择。(共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

( )31、Zhang Hai had cold and had to stay in bed for a day or two.

A、a; the B、a ; / C、/ ; a D、a ; a

( )32、— do you usually do your homework?

—About two times a day.

A、How much B、How far C、How long D、How often

( )33、—Could you come to help me with my homework, Liu Ying?

A、No, I couldn’t. B、Sure, I don’t

C、Sorry, I can’t D、I’d love to

( )34、The weather is hot. Please take your sweater off.

A、too many B、many too C、too much D、much too ( )35、—I have a bad cold. I feel terrible.

— .


A、All right B、Sorry to hear that.

C、Don’t worry. D、That’s all right.

( )36、Peter likes reading very much. He has books.

A、two hundred of B、hundreds of

C、hundred of D、hundreds

( )37、—How do you get to school? — I .

A、by my bike B、ride my bike C、on my bike D、by a bike ( )38、—Sorry, it’s difficult for me this work today.

—Don’t worry. I can help you.

A、finish B、to finish C、finishing D、finished ( )39、—What’s the with Lily?

—She has .

A、matter, fever B、matter; a fever

C、wrong; fever D、wrong; a fever

( )40、The child likes to do .

A、anything different B、something different

C、different something D、different anything

( )41、 she is tired. Han Mei doesn’t stop working.

A、Although ; but B、But ; although

C、Although ; / D、/ ; /

( )42、 good eating habits very important.

A、Have ; is B、Having ; are

C、having ; is D、Have ; are

( )43、Most students exercise a week.

A、one time or two times B、one time or twice

C、once or two D、once or twice

( )44、I want to improve my English. Can you give me some .

A、answers B、plans C、advice D、idea

( )45、A number of foreign tourists the Great Wall every year.

A、visit B、visiting C、visits D、visited ( )46、—Is it far from your home to school

—No, it’s about .

A、15 minute walk B、15 minute’s

C、15 minutes’ walk D、15 minutes walk

( )47、— is it from your home to school?

—Three miles.

A、How far B、How much C、How soon D、How often ( )48、The girl can’t wait her gift(礼物)after the party.

A、opening B、to open C、open D、opens ( )49、—I’m going to Tibet for my vacation next week.

— .

A、I know B、Have a good trip

C、I’m sorry to hear that D、Thank you

( )50、— ?

—It’s Wednesday the 15th.


A、What’s today B、What’s the date today

C、What day is it today D、What date is it today

第三节 完形填空 (共10小题, 每小题1分,共10分)

从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 Sports are very popular all over the world. They are good for our 51 , and 52 people in the world like sports. In 53 seasons(季节)we can play different sports. And sometimes we play in the room and sometimes we play 54 the room. Li Lan, a middle school student, likes 55 ping-pong very much. She always plays 56 with her twin sister on weekends. She often 57 sports programs on TV, and she likes Zhang Yiling best. And 58 Li Lan will become a ping-pong player like Zhang Yiling one day. What 59 you? Do you like sports? How 60 do you play sports? Every day? ( )51、 A、habit B、culture C、health D、likes

( )52、 A、all B、no C、every D、most

( )53、 A、every B、different C、the same D、same

( )54、 A、outside B、out C、into D、inside

( )55、 A、play B、play with C、playing D、play the

( )56、 A、it B、them C、one D、its

( )57、 A、watch B、see C、watches D、to see

( )58、 A、may be B、may C、also D、maybe

( )59、 A、on B、for C、about D、with

( )60、 A、long B、often C、much D、many

第三部分 阅读理解 (共15小题。每小题2分,共30分)


As we know , Xiao Shenyang became famous in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala(春晚). Now many people are crazy about him. But how much do you know about him?

Xiao Shenyang was born in a poor farm family. He grows up in a mountain village. His ream is Shen He. He is an actor now. He is good at Er Ren Zhuan. He leaned acts, following Zhao Benshan. During the school life, he was very active in many activities. He doesn’t have a good look, but he never stops pursuing(追求) his artistic aspiration(渴望). More and more people like his style of performance(表演),and we hope he can do better in the future.


( )61、Xiao Shenyang is a famous singer.

( )62、He was born in a poor family.

( )63、He follows Zhao Benshan to learn acts.

( )64、His performances are popular with people.

( )65、Shen He is his father.


Bill Gates was a clever boy when he was young. His favorite subjects at school were math and science. When someone asked him what he wanted to be, he always answered, “A scientist.” When he was 13 years old. He started to play with computers. At that time, computers were very large. But he worked hard at it with his friends. They thought that computers would be a very important pool in every office and every home. At last, they developed software(开发软件)for personal computers(个人电脑). Bill became rich and famous. 5


( )66、When Bill Gates was young, he was .

A、rich B、famous C、clever D、poor

( )67、what did Bill gates want to do when he was a little boy?

A、A teacher B、A scientist C、A doctor D、A player

( )68、What did Bill like at school?

A、math B、science C、English D、A and B

( )69、Bill and his friends developed software for .

A、personal computer B、radio C、television D、MP3

( )70、When he was , he started to play with computers.

A、12 B、13 C、14 D、15


A large number of people in the world eat fast food. Whenever you go into a fast food restaurant, you can see lots of people enjoying their meals there. How do you know in which country people like fast food best?

The English people are the world’s biggest fans(粉丝)of fast food, while the French are the least interested in(最不对??感兴趣)quick meals, according to(根据)a survey last year.

The survey of 13 countries shows 45﹪ of the English people say they like fast food because it’s delicious. And 44﹪ of Americans and 37﹪ of Canadians also like fast food. The French, proud(骄傲) of their delicious and high-class(高级的)cuisine, don’t like fast food. 81﹪ of them think it’s unhealthy, 75﹪ of the Japanese do, too.

How about the Chinese? How often do you have hamburgers or fried chicken? It doesn’t matter whether you like Western fast food or Chinese food. The most important thing is to keep balanced diet.


( )71、From the survey we know like fast food.

A、the Chinese B、the French

C、the Japanese D、the English

( )72、The survey shows of Americans like fast food.

A、37﹪ B、44﹪ C、75﹪ D、81﹪

( )73、According to(根据)the survey, some people like fast food because .

A、it’s cheap B、it’s expensive

C、it’s delicious D、it’s healthy

( )74、The word underlined “cuisine” in the passage means .

A、food B、house C、water D、country

( )75、The survey is about .

A、western countries B、fast food

C、restaurants in the world D、Chinese food

第四部分 写作(共三节,满分25分)

第一节 根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。(共5小题, 每小题1分,共5分)

76、Why not ( go ) swimming with us?


77、It’s not easy for us to finish ( do ) this work in a day.

78、There are ( hundred ) of people dancing at the Luliang Tong Le Square after supper.

79、The number of the students in Huo Shui Middle School ( be ) about 725.

80、Riding a bike is more interesting than ( take ) a bus.

第二节 将下列句中的汉语部分译为英语,注意使用适当的形式。(共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)

81、I’m ( 计划 ) to go fishing on vacation.

82、Are you (顺便来访)our city some day?

83、We have (篮球训练)on Thursday.

84、I eat fruit and vegetables (每周三四次).

85、My father usually (乘坐公交车去上班)。

第三节 书面表达。(15分)









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