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2013年秋八年级英语下册 Unit 1-2测试题

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一、 写出下列短语、单词的汉语意思:(22分,每空一分)

1、wonderful 2 enough 3 dirty 4 umbrella 5 twice 6 together 7 health 8 almost 9 through 10 hungry 11 arrive in 12 on vacation 13 try doing sth 14 enjoy doing sth 15 something interesting 16 help with 17 stay up 18 at least 19 hardly ever 20 how often 21 percent 22 not…at all


1、 ---Did you find on today’s newspaper? -----No, I didn’t.

A something interesting B interesting something C anything interesting D interesting anything 2 It rained heavily yesterday afternoon. Went camping.

A Someone B Anyone C No one D Everyone 3 -----Can I help you, boy? ---- Yes. There is wrong with my bike.

A something B anything C everything D nothing 4 ---Where did the Smiths go vacation? -------Qingdao.

A in B on C at D to 5 -------Did your brother go to Sanya on vacation? ------ . He spent his vacation in Shenzhen.

A Yes, he was B No, he wasn’t C Yes, he did D No, he didn’t 6 Goldilocks decided for a walk in the forest.

A go B to go C going D goes

7 ----Don’t worry. My mother will look after your body . ------Thanks a lot.

A careful enough B enough careful C carefully enough D enough carefully

8 I’m , Mum. I want to eat some noodles.

A young B busy C surprised D hungry 9 There are many flowers and trees on sides of the Century Rode.

A each B every C both D all 10 ----Jack, is there in today’s newspaper? ------No , nothing.

A anything important B something important C important anything D important something 11 We all know he was a famous doctor, but of us remember when he was born.

A few B a few C little D a little 12 is watching TV. Let’s turn it off.

A Someone B Anyone C No one D Everyone 13 --- do you go to a movie, Jack? ------ Twice a month.

A How soon B How far C How often D How long 14 -----How often do you exercise? ----- ever. Because I am very busy with my work.

A Hardly B Nearly C Always D Almost 15 I like English very much, so I listen to tapes in the morning.

A usually B hardly ever C never D no

16 Don’t too late, or(否则)you’ll tired tomorrow.

A get up B put up C stay up D turn up

17 It isn’t warm today, the sun is shining.

A or B and C because D although 18 The moonlight is shining the window. Everything in the room looks so nice.


A over B across C through D past 19 A girl named DongXinyi looked after her disabled father.

A three-year-old B three-years-old C three years old D three-years-olds

20 It’s important Chinese well , because I am Chinese.

A learn B to learn C learns D learned 21 Most of the students usually have a holiday.

A seven weeks B seven weeks’ C seven-week D seven-weeks 22 ---Do you exercise every day? ------- Yes, I always thirty minutes walking after supper.

A spend B cost C take D pay


1 医生叫我不要吃垃圾食品。My doctor told me not to eat .

2 他昨天步行超过十里路。He walked ten miles yesterday.

3 我们认为最好的放松方式是通过锻炼。We think relax is through exercise.

4 我的妈妈想要我喝牛奶。My mother me milk.

5 周末你通常做什么?What do you usually do ?

6 我们没带伞,所以浑身淋湿了,很冷。We didn’t have so we were and .

7 你应该试着照顾自己。You should try yourself.

8 我觉得自己像一只小鸟。I I was a bird.

9 我们在那里拍了许多照片。We took photos there.

10 我们发现仅仅15℅的学生每天锻炼。 We found that only of our students exercise .

11 你假期过得怎么样? your vacation?

12 看太多电视对你的眼睛有害。Watching TV too much is your eyes.


delicious play shopping cool played back lost happy sunny rained

th Monday , July 15

Great weather! It was 1 and hot all day. We went to a beautiful beach. We had dreat fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, we went 2 . The shops were too crowed(拥挤),so I didn’t really enjoy it.

th Tuesday ,July 16 Today it 3 , so we went to a museum. It was kind of boring. I found a small boy crying in the corner. He was 4 and I helped him find his father. That made me feel very 5 . I didn’t have any money for a taxi, so I walked 6 to the hotel. I was really tired.

th Wednesday, July 17

Today the weather was 7 , so we decided to 8 tennis. We 9 all morning. It was really fun. We had Sichuan food for dinner. It was 10 ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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