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I. 按照课文内容填空。

At the moment, moving to Mars may be difficult to ________, but many people believe that we will live on the _______ Mars by the year 2100. our own planet, Earth, is becoming more and more _________ and ________. __________, we can start again and build a better world on Mars.

_________ with life on Earth, life on Mars will be better ____ many ways. People will have more space. We many even live in a _______ with ten bedrooms. Many people believe that _______ will do most of our work and that we will have more time for our _______.

II. 阅读小短文,回答下列问题。

Is there life on Mars?

Is there life on Mars? Scientists have found that Mars at one time had a lot of water on its surface. There were rivers, lakes, maybe even an ocean. Mars had water early in its history, possibly at the same time Earth first had life.

Mars is one of the terrestrial planets (类地行星), along with Earth and Venus. We know that it has carbon, water and nitrogen (氮气). Right now Mars has everything needed for life except one thing — liquid water, but we see evidence that it had liquid water in the past.

Well, right now we have no scientific data that tells us that life did or did not develop on Mars. The only way to find the truth is to go to Mars and have a look. But it’s difficult to go to Mars, because it is a long way away. If you send a robot and something goes wrong, there’s no one there to fix it. If you send humans, you have to make sure they have enough food, water and air to make it there and back.

Whether there is life on Mars is still unknown.

True or false.

1. There was liquid water on Mars long ago.

2. The writer is sure that there is life on Mars.

3. Mars has everything needed for life.

4. It is easy for men to stay on Mars.

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