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稼轩中学七年级上Unit9 Section A

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Unit 9 Section A-1

Lead in
— What fruit do you like best? — I like bananas best. — What’s your favorite fruit? — My favorite fruit is bananas.

oranges strawberries pears bananas What’s your favorite subject?

Brainstorm 头脑风暴


geography /d?i`?gr?fi/ history


school subjects a school subject


/`s?bd?ikt/ 科目




What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is ..

math music history Chinese science P.E. geography English art


1b Listen and circle the subjects you hear in 1a.
1. P.E.________ 2. art ________ 3. science ____ 4. music ______ 5. math ______ 6. Chinese ____ 7. geography __ 8. history_____

What’s your favorite subject?
fun relaxing interesting

My favorite subject is ____.

Why do you like _____?

Because it’s ________.


Listen and match the subjects with the description words. 将学科名称与形容词匹配

1.art 2.science 3.music 4.P.E 5.math 6. geography 7. history

Description words a. fun b. interesting

c. boring
d. difficult

e. relaxing

What subject does the first boy like? Why? The first boy’s favorite subject is music, because it’s relaxing.
What subject does the second boy like? Why?

The second boy’s favorite subject is P.E., because it’s fun.
What subject does the first boy not like? Why?

The first boy doesn’t like history , because it’s boring.
What subject does the second boy not like? Why?

The second boy doesn’t like geography, because it’s difficult.


— What’s your favorite subject? — My favorite subject is _____. P.E. — Why do you like P.E.? — Because it’s fun. Who is your P.E.teacher? My P.E. teacher is Ms Wang

— What’s his/her favorite subject? — His/her favorite subject is _____. — Why does he/she like ____?

— Because it’s fun.
Who is his/her _____teacher? His/her P.E. teacher is _____.

A: My favorite subject is English. Subjects: Because it's interesting. P.E. B: Her favorite subject is English. Because it's interesting. My math favorite subject is music. Because music it's relaxing. science C: Her favorite subject is English. English Because it's interesting. His favorite subject is music. Because Chinese it's relaxing. My favorite subject computer is ... Because it's...

(四人一组。第一个组员先造句子。其他三位组 员记,看谁记得多。每个组只有30秒时间准备哦!)

Description words:

Useful fun exciting relaxing interestin g …

D: ...

Activity 4 Survey
? Make a survey of your classmates. Then make a report next class. Name Favorite subject Reason Teacher (What) (Why) (Who)

Li Jing’s favorite subject is music,

because it’s fun. Her music teacher
is Ms. Xie.


My name is … My favorite subject is … because it’s … My favorite teacher is …

My classmate is … His/ her favorite subject is …because it’s … His/ her favorite teacher is …
My cla

ssmate is …

Unit 9 Section A-2


Chinese math



music geography




3a Fill in the blanks with what, who or why.
1. A: Whydo you like history?
B: Because it’s interesting.

2. A: Who likes math? B: Eric does. 3. A: What___is your favorite subject?
B: My favorite subject is P.E. 4. A: Who is your science teacher?

B: My science teacher is Mr. Chen. Why 5. A: ________do you like art?

B: Because it’s fun.

3b Write questions for the answers.



Why do you like history? 1._____________________ Because history is _______ interesting. What’s your favorite subject? Science and math. When is his Chinese 2.________________? class?His Chinese class is on 3._____________________ Monday. What’s Mary’s favorite subject? favorite subject is ____? Mary’s art. Who is your geography teacher? 4._____________________ My geography teacher is Mrs. Qin. _____?


Role-play the conversation.

1.Why does Bob like Monday? Because he has P.E. and history on Monday. 2. Who is Bob’s P.E. teacher? Mr. Hu.
3. Why does Frank like Friday?

Because the next day is Saturday.

1 今天过得怎么样?

How's your day?
2 我喜欢星期一,因为我可以上体育课和历史课。

I like Monday, because I have P.E and history.
3 他总是和我们一起做游戏。

He always plays games with us.
4 我认为历史很有趣。

I think history is interesting.
5 你最喜欢星期几?

What's your favorite day?
6 太对了!

That's for sure!

Grammar Focus

1What's your/his/her favorite subject? 1你/他/她最喜欢的科目是什么? 2My favorite subject is science. 2我最喜欢的科目是科学。 3His favorite subject is Chinese. 3他最喜欢的科目是语文。 4Her favorite subject is art. 4她最喜欢的科目是美术。 5 Why does Bob like history? Because it's interestin 5 为什么鲍勃喜欢历史?因为它很有趣。 6 Why doFrank and Bob like history? Because it's fu 6 为什么Frank和Bob喜欢体育? 因为它很好玩。 7 Who is your music teacher? 7 你的音乐老师是谁?我的音乐老师是谢老师。 My music teacher is Ms. Xie. 8 你什么时候上地理课?星期一和星期五。 8 When is your geography class? It's on Monday and Friday.

1 My favorite subject is science. ______ is your favorite subject? What 2 I like history, because it's interesting. Why ______ do you like history? 3 My English teacher is Miss Zhang. Who ______ is your English teacher? 4 My geography class is on Monday and Friday. ________ is your geography class? When

Tips:特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句

3c Interview three classmates and complete the
chart. Then tell your group about results. Name Favorite subject (What)

Reason (Why)
It’s fun

Teacher (Who)
Ms. Xie

Li Jingjing

一、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1. At school Frank’s favorite s_______ is subjec

t P.E. 2. I don’t like art b______ I think it’s because boring. 3. — Who is your favorite teacher? W____ — Ms. Zhu. Her music classes are great fun.

Monday 4. M______ is the second day of a week. 5. Cindy has two Chinese classes on Tuesday and F______. Friday 6. I think g_________ is useful (有用的) geography

and I like it.

二、单项选择 1. — What’s your aunt’s favorite ______? — Green. A. color B. teacher C. subject 2. I think history is really ______. I don’t like it. A. interesting B. boring C. exciting 3. This is ______ Miller. He is our English teacher. A. Mr. B. Miss. C. Ms.

4. — ______ does Linda like dogs?
— Because she thinks they are cute (可

A. When B. What C. Why

5. — When do you have P.E., Jenny?
— ______ Friday afternoon. A. At B. In C. On

三、 填入恰当的特殊疑问词(组),完

1. — ______ is the boy’s name? What
— His name’s Eric. 2. — ___________ is your new baseball How much bat? — It’s fifteen dollars.

3. — _____ do you like purple? Why
— Because it makes (使) me relaxing. 4. — _____ plays soccer ball every Who afternoon? — Wu dong does. 5. — When is the school trip? _______ — It’s on October 22nd.

6. — _______ is my ping-pong bat? Where

— It’s under your bed.
7. — _________ is your art teacher? How old

— Maybe (或许) she’s forty years old.
8. — ______ do you spell your English How

— F-R-A-N-K.


1. Why does Jane like music? 2. What’s your favorite color? 3. Who’s your history teacher? 4. When do you have a math test? 5. How old is your grandmother, Sam?
A. On Friday morning. B. Mr. Black. C. It’s blue. D. Because it’s fun. E. She’s seventy.

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