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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.
Section A(1a-2c)


check preparation before class(课前预习检测):
prefer 更喜欢__________ lyric 歌词_____________ gentle 轻的_____________

dance to 随着节拍跳舞___________ have great lyrics 有好的歌词______________

quiet and gentle 安静轻柔的音乐____________ music

sing along with

Learning aims:
1. 通过课前预习,会读,写重点单词和短语。 prefer, lyric, gentle, dance to, sing along with, have great lyrics, quiet and gentle music. 2. 了解定语从句的含义和结构,会选择关系代词that, which, who 3.在图片的引导下,用定语从句谈论喜欢的人,物和音 乐等。

Teaching steps: 揭示目标 学生齐读目标。 自主学习

新知感知 目标:看图片,模仿1a,会用定语从句讨论人,物。

What weather do you like or prefer? why?

can go swim in the river Can play basketball

What program do you like/prefer? Why?

has a lot of wonderful games

has many good singers

what kind of movie do you like / prefer ?why?

war movie---help me know history

action movie---make me excited

Who do you like/ prefer? why? I like the hosts who are smart.



can play different kinds of music?

Who do you like/prefer…? Why?

dance well

I prefer A to B



I prefer doing sth to doing sth .=I prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.


2.Check the answers.
3.Read tapescripts.


Model :
A:I like music that/which I can dance to, but I prefer
music that/which is quiet and gentle. What kind of music do you like? You can use the following phrases:

B: I like music_________, ① has great lyrics
but I prefer music________. ② is very moving(感动的)

③ touches people deeply(触动内心深处

④ reminds me of my childhood(童年) ⑤ singers sing the words clearly ⑥ is not too loud ⑦ I can sing along with


Model :
A:I like the musician that/who is beautiful, but I prefer musicians that/who sing the words clearly. What about you? B: I like musician_________, but I prefer musicians __________. You can use the following phrases:

① play different kinds of music
② sing quiet and gentle songs ③ write their own music(自己作曲) ④ write their own lyrics(自己作词)

定语从句: 先行词+关系代词引导从句 定语从句的结构:______________________________ 在复合句中,修饰名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。 ①定义:____________________________ 被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。 ②先行词:____________________________
指人用that/who;指物用that/which ③关系词如何选择:_____________________ prefer A to B(A.B可用名词,代词,动名词) Prefer的用法:_ ① _________________________ prefer to do sth. rather than __ ②

__________________________ do sth.

用that,who,which填空。 Who/that 1 The two students _____you taught three years ago are both in college now. Which/that 2 The river_____ they crossed is two miles wide. 3 The doctorWho/thattreating for your heart _____ is 4 5 6 trouble is a relative of mine. Who/that You can call the people____ you want to invite to dinner. Which/that I like toys _____ are unusual. Which/that This is a book____ tell about the sea.

1. The young man C you saw in the concert is my __ uncle. A. Which B. Where C. Who D what

A 2. Do you know the young lady ___ your mother is talking?
A. who B. what C. which 3.I prefer ____at home rather than __ out at the weekend . D A. to spend; to drive B. spend; drive C. spending; driving D. to spend; drive A 4.The songs _____Beetles sang were very popular. A. which B. who C. what D. Whose 5. With the money _____ he had saved ,he went on his studies at A school. A. what B. that C. who D. where C 6.Li Ming says he loves singers________ their own music. A. which write B. that writes C. who write D. who writes

7.比起数学,我更喜欢英语。 I prefer English to math 8.比起唱歌,我更喜欢跳舞。 I prefer dancing to singing.

在复合句中,修饰名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。 ①定义:____________________________ 被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。 ②先行词:____________________________ 指人用that/who;指物用that/which ③关系词如何选择:_____________________

Prefer的用法:_ ① prefer A to B(A.B可用名词,代词,动名词) _________________________
prefer to do sth. rather than __ ② __________________________ do sth.=

用所给词的适当形式填空。 eye, in ,be, watch, play, second, bad, make, for, and, suitable, relax I think watching TV is not good for students. First, children 1 ____ different from adults. It is true that are students like to 2____ by watching TV. However, the relax dangerous thing 3___student is that they just can’t take for eyes their 4____ off the screen. They will go on watching TV for and hours 5_____ hours, It is very bad for their watching eyes,6______,many students have the habit of 7_____ too second much TV. They will have little time for sports. Third,some TV programs are not suitable students. Some even lead 8____ for them to crimes. Finally, too much TV can 9____ students make weak in reading ,They will lose interest 10______reading,which I think is a terrible thing. in


提示:李红是一名学生,她的英语学的很棒。她说她经常收听英 语节目。她很喜欢英语节目, 特别是英语歌曲。在她疲劳 时,她会打开收音机,收听英文歌曲。李红认为从英文歌曲 中可以学到许多东西,如语音和单词。

她最喜欢的歌曲是“Yesterday Once More”,最喜欢的乐队是
“The Beatles”

。 要求:1. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,书写规范。 2. 要将提示内容全部体现在文章中。 3. 不得少于80个单词。

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