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1.作文 根据下面内容,以My Vacation to Beijing 为题,写 一篇约50词的短文。 Place:Beijing Time: Sunday With whom: my parents Weather: warm sunny Things I do: visit the Palace Museum(故宫), the Great Wall(长城), Tianan’men Square, Beijing Hutong,.... Feelings: happy, exciting, tired,....

My Vacation to Beijing Sunday, December 20th
Today is Sunday. The weather was warm and sunny. I went to Beijing with my parents. We visited the Palace Museum.It was exciting. We saw lots of old things. We went to the Great Wall,I felt very tired. We visited Tianan’men Square and Beijing Hutong . They were great and amazing. We were very happy. For dinner we had Beijing Duck. It was delicious. In the evening, I felt really tired.

Activities exercise How many students all How often an hour every day

eat fruit and drink milk eat junk food
drink coffee sleep

90% 7%
no most

every day two or three times a week
no eight or nine hours

Here are the results of the students' activities survey in my class. Everybody does their exercise for an hour every day. 90% of the students eat fruits and drink milk everyday.7% of the students eats junk food for 2 or 3 times a week. Nobody drinks coffee. Most students sleep for 8 or 9 hours a day.

3.你和你朋友在外貌和性格方面有什么异同呢?请以 "My best friend and I"为题,运用比较级写一篇英语 文章. Should friends be the same or different? For me , It’s not necessary to be the same . My name is David. My best friend Jeff is quiet different from me. He is shorter and quieter than me . We both like sports ,but he plays baseball better than me , so he always wins . Jeff works harder and always get good grades . We can talk and share everything. I think my best friend helps to bring out the best in me .We’ll be good friends forever.

4.上周,我们举办了一次“我们城市的一些好场所”的问卷调查, 请根据下面的表格所提供的信息写一篇调查报告,不少于80词。
high school hospital movie theater clothing radio station

No.1 High School People’s Hospital Modern Cinema Xiwang Clothing Store Traffic Music 168 FM

good teachers, beautiful Comfortable, best, friendly service big screens good quality, popular the latest news, interesting music

A Survey Of Good Places In Our City Last week we did a survey about good places in our city. And this is what we learned. Most of the high schools are good, and the No. 1 High School is the best in our city. It has the best teachers and it's the most beautiful. People's Hospital is the best of all. It has the most comfortable beds and the friendliest service. Modern Cinema is the best. It has the biggest screens. The best clothing store in our city is Xiwang Clothing Store. It has the best quality and it's the most popular. As for radio station, most young people think Traffic Music 168 FM is the best radio station. It ha

s the latest news and the most interesting music.

5.请根据下 列表格内容 写一篇他们 各自的爱好 情况字数在 60词左右

Today ,I asked my family about movies. Some of their answers are very interesting. Here are their likes and dislikes. My sister likes cartoons very much, but she can’t stand action movies .My mother can’t stand action movies either .She likes comedies. My father can’t stand sitcoms ,but he likes action movies .My brother likes action movies ,too. He can’t stand cartoons.

6.新学期要到了,写一篇关于学期的 计划,讲述一下自己打算在新的学期要 做些什么?提示:可以写自己在学习,健 身,娱乐,培养业余爱好等方面的计划 或打算. New Year’s Resolutions _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

New Year’s Resolutions
New year is coming, I’m going to do a lot

of things next year. First, I want to improve
my Chinese, so I’m going to practice it very

often and have many conversations with my
Chinese friends.

Next, I want to be more healthy, so I’m going to do sports every day such as swimming, running and so on. At the same time, I’m going to eat less junk food. Finally, I want to join the dancing club, so I’m going to practice dancing twice a week. I hope my resolutions can come true in the coming year.

7.以My life in ten years 为题写篇短文,要求描写生动, 语言流畅。60词左右. In ten years, I think I'll be a reporter. As a reporter, I think I'll meet lots of interesting people. And I will also travel all over the world. I'll live in Beijing because I went to there last year and fell in love with it. And I will keep a pet pig, because I like it very much. I will live in apartment with my parents. This is my life in ten years, I think I will be very happy in the future.

8.你知道感恩节这天,人们会吃什么吗?请根据本单 元知识叙述一下这种食物的制作过程.

Here is one way to make turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. First, mix together some bread pieces, onions, salt and pepper. Next, fill the turkey with this bread mix. Then, put the turkey in a hot oven and cook it for a few hours. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy. Finally, cut the turkey into thin pieces and eat the meat with vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

9.假如你的好友邀请你去参加生日聚会,但因为你下周的 日程已经排满,不能前往。请根据提示给她回信婉言谢绝, 并表达你的谢意。

Hi Ann, Thank you for your invitation . I am sorry I can't come to your birthday party this week. I am really busy. On Monday, I am going to the movies with my friends. On Tuesday, I am going to visit my aunt. On Wednesday, I have to help my mother. On Thursday, I am going to my sister's birthday party. On Friday, I am going to Ning Bo on vacation with my parents. Please call me after the vacation. Candy

10.你以后可能会有很多钱,想一想,如果你有了 钱,你会用它做什么?以If I have a lot of money为 题写一篇60词左右的短文. If we I have a lot of money I'll travel round the world and I'll stay at the best hotels. If I have a lot of money , I will buy a big house with a beautiful garden for my parents , I want them to live a happy life . Also, I will buy a sports car for my father and give my mother many fashion clothes. If I have a lot of money , I will give some money to charities and help the poor students. So they can go to school and get a good education again. I am sure, one day, my dream will come true.

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