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(肯定句)句子结构: 1.主语+系动词be+表语. 2.主语+谓语动词+宾语. am 系动词be is are 主谓一致 主语(第三人称单数 she/he/it/一个人)+ 动词(is/has got/谓语动词v.+s(动词的第三人称单
数) )


1.My grandmother has (have) got three sons. 2.Water and milk are (be) healthy drinks but Coke isn’t (not be) a healthy drink. 3.My brother has got (have got) some ice cream. 4.Miss Green is (be) from England. 5.There aren’t (not be) any computers in my classroom. 6.My name is (be) Tony and I am (be) English. 7.Betty comes(come) from America. 8.Tony likes (like) listening to music. 9.They like (like) playing the piano.

1、I always study (study) hard . ______ 2、The boy watches ( watch) TV sometimes in the ______ evening . goes 3、She often ______ ( go) swimming. clean 4、They ________(clean) the classroom every day. 5、We ______ ( see) a film once a week . see 6、These girls ________( write) a letter every other day . write 7、He _______( read) English every morning . reads goes 8、The earth ________ (go) round the sun . 9、She _________( want) to be a doctor . wants 10、She _______(know) English . knows 11、My father has (have) got some onions. 12、Linda invites (invite) him to go to the cinema.

系动词be/can/have got 的相关句式变换 一、肯定句变否定句 规则:系动词be/can/have got后加not;


not Rice and carrots are healthy food. Rice and carrots aren’t healthy food.

I can drive a car. not I can’t drive a car.

not any Tom has got some candy. Tom hasn’t got any candy.

1. They are some arms.(变为否定句) They aren’t any arms. 2. I can ride a car.(变为否定句) I can’t ride a car. 3. Tom has got some candy. (变为否定句) Tom hasn’t got any candy. 4. Rice and candy are healthy food. Rice and candy aren’t healthy food. 5. I have got some brothers and sisters. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters.

6.There is some water in the cup. There isn’t any water in the cup. 7.There are some students in the classroom. There aren’t any students in the classroom. 8.He can speak English. He can’t speak English. 9. Lingling has got some melons. Lingling hasn’t got any melons. 10. There is some milk in the glass. There isn’t any milk in the glass.

一般疑问句变法:1.系动词be、can、 has/have提前;2.第一人称变为第二人称; 3.some变为any;and变为or。 Hamburgers are healthy food. Are hamburgers healthy food? 肯定回答、否定回答 Yes,they are./No,they aren’t.

We have got some oranges. Have you got any oranges?

习题 1. There are some water in the cup. Are there any water in the cup? 2. He can play basketball and football. Can he play basketball or football?


3. My mother has got some brothers and sisters. Has your mother got any brothers or sisters? 4. I have got three grandparents.(改为一般疑

问句) Have you got three grandparents? 5. Linda’s got a cousin. (改为一般疑问句) Has Linda got a cousin? 6.Chicken is healthy food. Is chicken healthy food or unhealthy food ?

对划线部分提问:1、用疑问词代替划线部分;2、 把系动词be、have/has、can放到疑问词后;3、 第一人称变第二人称;some变any、and变or。 格式:疑问词+be/has/have/can+剩余部分+? 疑问词:what/where/how/how old/how many what colour/when/who/which/whose 例:Jack’s favourite food is hamburgers.(就划线部分提问) What is Jack’s favourite food? Linda’s got some orange juice in the fridge. Where has Linda got any orange juice?

1.The computers are on the desks. Where are the computers? 2.My favorite food is rice. What is your favorite food? 3.The trees are green. What color are the trees? 4.There are five tomatoes in the fridge. How many tomatoes are there in the fridge? 5.It’s windy today. What’s the weather like today?

6.Today is Monday. What day is today? 7.Betty is in China with her parents. Where is Betty with her parents? 8.Mary has got four brothers. How many brothers has Mary got? 9.Tom can play chess. What can Tom do ? 10.I can speak English. What can you do ?

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