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unit4 1导学案

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姓名: 班级: 等级: 时间: 学习目标:词汇:wake, sleep, just, fun, exerecise, after-school, activity, homework, supper

词组:wake up , it’s time for sth./doing, want to do sth., go to sleep, have fun, get up, eat

breakfast(lunch, supper), go to school, do morning exercises, have lessons, do

after-school activities, go home, do homework, watch TV, go to bed.

句型:What are you going to do today?

Some dogs just don’t know how to have fun.


学 习 过 程



1.醒来________________________ 2.吃早饭________________________

3.去睡觉______________________ 4.吃午饭__________________________

5.玩得开心____________________ 6.起身____________________________

7.去上学______________________ 8.做早操__________________________

9.上课________________________ 10.进行课外活动___________________

11.回家_______________________ 12.做家庭作业_____________________

13.看电视_____________________ 14.上床睡觉_______________________


1. It’s time for supper.(同义句) It’s time _________ _________ _________ .

2. She wants to buy a lot of things.(同上) She wants to buy ________ ________ things.

3. They speak English. (否定句) They ________ ________ English.

4. Wang Hai usually gets up at 6:30.(同上) Wang Hai _________usually _________ up at 6:30.

5. She often has breakfast at 7:00 a.m. (同义句)

She often has breakfast at 7:00 __________ _________ _________.



There are lots of nice people in my class. Amy is my b________ friend. At l________ ,we often sit under the trees in the playground. we always c_________ with each other or play games. The school day s________ at eight every morning. We do morning e________ first. my f_______ are Chinese and English. I go to the l________ every day, I like playing volleyball. Sometimes, I p ________ with my friends. Amy is a m________ of the swimming club. She is a very good s_________ .


1. 午饭后,我想去睡觉。

2许多老人晨练。Lots of old men _______ _________ in the __________________

3学生们需要不同的课外活动。Students need different _________________ _________________ 4到了上学的时间了吗?It is___________________________________________________

5一些狗不知道该怎么样娱乐。Some dogs _____________________________________________

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