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广东省河源市中英文实验学校七年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 2 Section C》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 2 Section C》讲学稿

课题:Unit2 Topic2 What does she look like? Section C P39-40 第3课时


1、能够掌握并正确运用新学习的单词: want, buy, T-shirt, cap, pair, of, shoe, coat, dress, pants, skirt, glove, photo, strong happy等;



4、能够熟练运用以下句型:① I want to buy a ? ②–What color is this cap? –It is yellow. ③—What color are these/those shoes? ----They’re green. ④The girl in a yellow dress is Maria.

⑤He is in a black cap and blue shoes.


教学后记:__________________________________________________________________________________ 2

模块五:当堂训练 课题:Unit2 Topic2 What does she look like? Section C P39-40 第3课时

授课时间 第7周周 班级 姓名



( ) 1.--This eraser is Mary’s. Please ______. – OK.

A. give it B. give it to Mary C. give Mary D. give her it

( ) 2. – Is that girl ______ red your friend? – Sorry, I don’t know her.

A. in a B. from C. of D. in

( ) 3. –-What color ______ his shoes? – Blue.

A. has B. have C. is D. are

( ) 4. —That’s my cap. Please ____. —OK.

A. give it to me B. give me to it C. give it me

二、发展题:句型转换。 1. These shoes are green.(对画线部分提问) ______ ______ are these shoes? 2. John is tall and strong. (对画线部分提问) _______ ______ John ______ ______?

3. Please give Li Ping the book. (同义句转换) Please ________ the book ________ Li Ping.

4. -----What color are those trousers? (用blue回答) -----________ _______ ________.

5. She is wearing(戴着) a white cap. (同义句转换) She _______ ______ a white cap.

6. This apple is red. (同义句转换) This is a _______ _______.


Look at the photo. The two girls have big blue eyes and long brown hair. They are ten. They are in the same class. The one in a yellow skirt is Lily. The other one in an orange skirt is Lucy. Their(她们的) dad is Mr. Brown. He is in a brown coat. Their mom is Mrs. Brown. She is in black shoes. Bob is their brother (哥哥). He is in a blue cap. He is a high school student. Look! Lucy and Lily are in the green car now.


( ) 1. What does Lucy look like?

A. She has black eyes and long hair. B. She has short brown hair.

C. She is tall.

D. She has blue eyes. Her hair is long and brown. ( ) 2. The family has people(人).

A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( ) 3. Mr. Brown is ____.

A. in black shoes B. in a blue cap C. in a brown coat D. in black trousers

( ) 4. What color are Mrs. Brown’s shoes?

A. Big. B. Blue. C. Brown. D. Black.


今日一得 今日不足 3 D. give me it

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