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广东省河源市中英文实验学校七年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 2 Section D》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 2 Section D》讲学稿

课题:Unit2 Topic2 What does she look like? Section D P41-42 第4课时 学习目标与要求:


2、能够熟练应用介词in 引导的表示穿着或穿戴的表达;



课题:Unit1 Topic3 How old are you? Section D P23-24 第4课时

授课时间 第7周周四 班级 姓名





( )1. — ___ are the boxes? —They are red.

A. What’s color B. What colors C. Which color D. What color

( )2. Do Lucy and Lily look ____?

A. like B. the same C. at D. black

( )3. This is my sister. ___hair is short.

A. Her B. His C. Your D. My

( )4. Please give the book ___ Andy. She is in Class 3, Grade 7.

A. to B. in C. of D. on

( )5. —What color is your pencil? —It is____.

A. white and pink B. white but pink C. white with green D. a white and pink

( )6. —What does the girl look like? —_____. A. She is 4. B. She is a student.

C. She has long hair, a big nose and a wide mouth.. D. It is yellow.

( )7.The boy in____ blue coat and ___white pants is Peter.

A. a, / B. a, a C. /, / D. /, a


1. These shoes are green. (对划线部分提问) are these shoes?

2. John is tall and strong. (对划线部分提问)

3. John ?

4. She is wearing (戴着) a white cap.(同义句转换) She a white cap.

5. This apple is red. (同义句转换)This is a . 5. Please (给) this book to Li Ming. (同义句转换) Please this book.


My name is Jim. This is a photo of my family. The man in a black shirt is my dad. The woman next to him is my mom. She is in a black skirt. The girl in red is Sue. She is my sister. The tall boy is me. My T-shirt is white. We live in Beijing now. We are happy.

( ) 1. Jim’s dad is in a shirt.

A. black B. white C. pink D. red

( ) 2. Jim’s mom is in a black .

A. dress B. T-shirt C. skirt D. white ( ) 3. They live in .

A. Canada B. China C. the UK D. the USA

( ) 4. Who is in white?

A. Jim’s dad B. Jim’s mom C. Jim’s sister D. Jim

( ) 5. There are (有) people(人) in the photo.

A. two B. three C. four D. five


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