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广东省河源市中英文实验学校七年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D》讲学稿

课题:Unit2 Topic3 Whose cap is it? Section D P49-50 第4课时


1、引导学生复习本话题所学习的单词: us, find, him, police等; 2、引导学生复习特殊疑问词whose引导的询问物品所属的表达法:Whose … is this/ are these? I think it’s/ they are…;





课题:Unit2 Topic3 Whose cap is it? Section D P49-50 第4课时

授课时间 第8周周四 班级 姓名




1. ---Where is my pencil? I can’t (找到) it.

--- Here it is!

2. The (警察) can help you.

3. --- This is Zhang Yong’s knife.

--- I’ll give it to (他)

4. Lily and Lucy look the same, but they are in (不同的) clothes.

5. ---We don’t know where we are. Can you help (我们)?


( )1. — Your cap looks very nice. I like its color. — .

A. Thanks B. You are welcome C. That’s OK D. You’re right

( )2.--- What does your English teacher look like? --- ___ ?

A. He is a good teacher B. He is friendly(友好的)

C. He is tall and has a round face D. He is a good friend

( )3. ---Excuse me. Are these ___ pants?

--- No, they aren’t . I think they’re hers.

A. your; her B. yours; hers C. you; my D. your; mine

( )4. ---Mom, where is my eraser? Please help me it.

A. see B. find C. look D. look at

( )5. —Whose apples are these? —They’re ____ apples.

A. they B. them C. theirs D. their




This is Lucy and this is Lily. They are sisters. They are eleven. This is their bedroom(卧室). It’s big. The green bed(床) is Lily’s and the blue one is Lucy’s. They have two desks. Lucy’s is yellow, but Lily’s is red. Look! Here is a photo. The girl in purple is Lucy and the one in white is Lily. Their schoolbags are on(在……上) the bed. Lucy’s is small, but Lily’s is big. They have the same color.



( )26. Lucy and Lily aren’t sisters.

( )27. Lily’s bed is green.

( )28. Their desks have the same color.

( )29. Lucy is in white and Lily is in purple.

( )30. Lucy has a small schoolbag.


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