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Unit6 I'm going to study computer science.

send 邮寄,发送 过sent

grow up 长大 成长 过grew be sure about 确信 make sure 确保 discuss 讨论,商量 promise 承诺,诺言 improve 改进,改善 write down 写下 过wrote have to do with 关于;与……有关系 take up 学着做;开始做 过took agree with 同意 be able to 能够做某事 cook 煮饭 question 质疑,提问

Unit 7 Will people have robots?

predict 预测 pollute 污染 play a part in 参与 believe 相信 disagree with不同意 fall down 突然倒下;跌倒;倒塌 过fell look for 寻找;寻求 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake? shake 摇动 turn on打开电器等;拒绝 peel vt.剥落;削皮 pour 倒;倾倒 add 增加 dig 挖洞 过dug mix up 搅拌 fill with装满 celebrate 庆祝;庆贺 cover with 遮盖, serve 接待,服务 cut up切碎 过cut Unit 9 Can you come to my party? prepare for .预备;准备 hang 悬挂;(使)低垂 过hung hang out闲逛 catch赶上;抓住;捕捉 过caught invite 邀请

accept 接受; refuse 拒绝 look after 照看照顾 reply to 回答,回复 过replied forward 转交;发送, delete 删除 print 打印 take a trip 去旅行 look forward to 盼望,期待 hear from 接到。。。的信,电话 过heard write to 写信给。。。

Unit10 If you go to the party,you 'll have a great time! organize 组织,筹备 travel旅行 keep…to oneself保守秘密 过kept make mistakes 犯错 过made trust 相信,信任 advise v劝告,建议 solve解决;解答

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