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7AUnit5 Let's celebrate Welcome to the unit 公开课课件

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sing Christmas songs
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Unit 5 Let’s celebrate


Welcome & comic strip

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Chinese New Year ( Spring Festival)

on Lunar(农历) January 1st wear new clothes let off fireworks (放焰火) eat dumplings have a big dinner watch TV get red packets

Mid –Autumn Festival
on lunar August 15th

enjoy the full moon eat mooncake s
tell the story of Chang'e

Dragon Boat Festival
on lunar May 5th

watch dragon boat races

eat rice dumplings

on December 25th

Father Christmas
make a Christmas tree sing Christmas songs get Christmas presents

Thanksgiving Day
On the fourth Thursday of November

eat turkey
have a big dinner with the family



on October 31st

make pumpkin lanterns

dress up as a ghost (鬼) [ɡ??st] play a "trick or treat" eat some candy

Finish Part A on Page 57


Mid-Autumn Festival

Thanksgiving Day

Chinese New Year


Dragon Boat Festival

What festival is it?
1. I like eating mooncakes at Mid-Autumn Festival .
2. We like Halloween because we can dress up as ghosts and make pumpkin lanterns. 3. AtChinese New Year (Spring Festival) , I can get red packets(红包) from my parents . 4 AtChristmas can get presents from Father Christmas . , we 5. We have turkey on Thanksgiving Day . 6. At Dragon Boat Festival , I like watching Dragon Boat races .
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New Year’s Day
May Day


Children’s Day Teachers’ Day National Day Thanksgiving Day

Dragon Boat Festival

at Mid-Autumn Festival

Spring Festival
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Listen and Answer
1.What festival does Tommy like best? Christmas
2.Why does he like it?
Because he always gets lots of nice presents at Christmas.

3.What is Millie's favourite festival?
The Mid-Autumn Festival.

4.What do people do to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?
All the family get togeter and have a big dinner,eat moon cakes,and then enjoy the full moon.
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A: Which is your favourite festival? B: ……

A: Why do you like it?
B: Because ……
A: What do you do at/on ……?

B: ……
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Answer the questions
1.What festival are Eddie and Hobo celebrating?

2.What does Hobo dress up as?

He dresses up as a ghost.

Please act the dialogue out with your partner

Retell the dialogue
Today is _______________. Halloween
Eddie and Hobo want to______________ celebrate it. Hobo_____________ up as dresses a_____________. But Eddie doesn’t think ghost it is_____________. Then Hobo wants to interesting dress up as _______________. Monkey King







We often eat lots of nice food and wear new clothes. Children can get red packets and play games. People often say Gong He Xin Xi to each other.

It is the second Sunday in May. It is a special day for mothers to relax(放松). Some mothers get flowers or cards on this Day. Some families go out for lunch or dinner.

On that day,Chinese people often eat rice dumplings and watch Dragon Boat Races.

On that day , people celebrate the harvest (丰收).Families often get together and have a big dinner.The special food is a turkey.

On the day we usually give them cards to show our thanks. We thank them for helping us when we are in trouble, and we thank them for teaching us how to be a real man.

On that day , families often get together and eat mooncakes and enjoy the full moon in the open air.

根据中文提示写出单词 together 1.Let’s get __________(在一起) this Sunday. 2.Halloween is an important_______(节日) in festival America. 3.How do you__________(庆祝) Chinese New Year celebrate in China? 4.Sammy is fat__________(因为) she likes eating so because much. presents 5.I can get lots of__________(礼物) on my birthday. dresses 6.Little Tom_______(穿衣) himself every morning.

watching 1.My parents enjoy________(watch) TV in the evening. monkeys 2.How many _________(monkey) are there in the zoo? buy 3.Let’s_______(buy) some presents for Millie. 4.Many children like dressing up ghosts as________(ghost). interesting 5.That’s not an__________(interest) book. I don’t like it.

Love our festivals
Some western(西方的) festivals are very interesting,but our Chinese traditional (传统的) festivals are also meaningful(有意义的). We celebrate them to show our love to families.
China is a big country with a long history, but we are losing(失去) our long tradition(传统) now. If we don't love our traditional festivals, they will disappear(消失) in the future(将来).

Useful information
Chinese New Year Mid-Autumn festival Dragon Boat Festival Easter Christmas Halloween let off fireworks, eat dumplings, get lucky money… get together, eat mooncakes, tell the story of Chang’e…

eat rice dumplings, have a dragon boat race, to remember Qu Yuan… come in March or April, eat chocolate eggs, get lots of presents…
sing Jingle Bells, make Christmas tree, get cards from friends… dress up, make pumpkin lantern…

Write a short passage about your favourite festival.

1.Recite new words and the dialogue 2.Write a passage to introduce your favourite festival

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