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广东省河源市中英文实验学校七年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 3 Section B》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 3 Section B》讲学稿

课题:Unit2 Topic3 Whose cap is it? Section B P45--46 第2课时 学习目标与要求:

1、能够掌握并应用新学习的单词: jacket, think, schoolbag, baby;

2、能够运用询问物品所属的表达法进行交流: ①Whose … is this/ that? It’s…




模块五:当堂训练 课题:Unit2 Topic3 Whose cap is it? Section B P45--46 第2课时

授课时间 第8周周二 班级 姓名

老师的话:复杂的事情简单做,简单的事情认真做,认真做的事情重复做,重复做的事情创造性做!一时专一事,做最好的自己,你一定成功! 一、基础题:单项选择

( ) 1. The schoolbag is nice. But it isn’t ______.

A. me B. I C. my D. mine

( ) 2. ----Whose jacket is this? ----It’s _______ jacket. _______ is here.

A. his, Her B. my, Hers C. hers, Mine D. me, His

( ) 3. ---The book isn’t yours. Whose is it, _______? ---Sorry, I don’t know.

A. too B. please C. then D. excuse me

( ) 4. ----Is it ______ shirt? ----No, it isn’t. ______ is red.

A. his, His B. his, He C. your, My D. yours, Mine

( ) 5. ----Whose pants are these? ----I think they’re ______.

A. Mary’ B. Mary C. Mary’s D. Marys’


Look at the red dress in my hand. It’s not ______(I). It’s not _________(Xiao Ya). And it isn’t ________(Kate).

_______(she) is pink. _______(Who) dress is it, then? Oh, it is ___________(Xu Lan). 三、提高题:完形填空。

Liu Mei is a nice girl. She is twelve 1 old. She is tall and 2 long black hair. 3 eyes are big. She has a wide 4 . She is in blue clothes. She likes this 5 . Now guess, whose skirt is blue? Yes, you are right. The skirt is 6 . Liu Mei’s mom is tall and 7 . She is our Chinese teacher. Her 8 color is white. She has a new car. Do you know 9 car’s color? Yes. It is 10 . It is very nice. ( ) 1. A. not ( ) 2. A. are ( ) 3. A. Her

B. years B. is B. She B. face

C. /

D. year

C. has

D. have

C. He C. head

D. His D. mouth

D. dress

( ) 4. A. nose ( ) 5. A. student ( ) 6. A. theirs ( ) 7. A. strong

B. teacher

C. color

B. hers B. short B. new B. the B. black

C. her

D. his

D. wide

C. round

( ) 8. A. favorite ( ) 9. A. a

C. same C. an

D. old D. /

D. white

( ) 10. A. red C. yellow



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