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Unit 14
Have you packed yet?
Self check

Learn the word!
lock n. 锁, 刹车, 水闸, 一缕 头发 vt. 锁, 锁上, 拘禁, 隐藏, (用锁等)拴住, 刹住 vi. 锁住, (齿轮等)啮合, (船)过闸



clean out 清除, 打扫干净 It's gone clean out of my mind.


feel vt. 感觉, 觉得, 触摸, 以为 vi. 有知觉, 摸索, 同情 n. 感觉, 觉得, 触摸


chat 聊天,闲谈 v. 谈天,闲谈 Ask him to stop by for a chat.


hear v. 听到,听说,听取 We listened but could hear nothing.

1. Fill in each blank with the correct word.
fed 1. Have you fed the dog and ____ your room? lock 2. Don’t forget to ____ the door if you are the last person to leave. clean out 3. I need to ________ my cupboard. I never use the things in it anymore. 4. My friend from America called me chatted yesterday. We ________ for hours. 5. Have you ______ the new song from heard Mariah Carey? It’s really good.

2. Read the conversation. Make a list of the things Jerry has done, and the things he still has to do.
Things he has done 1. packed his bag, 2. gotten the mail

1.said goodbye to Grandma Things he hasn’t done yet 2.watered the plants 3.cleaned his room 4.washed the dishes

? No, it’s your turn. 不对,这次轮到你了。


常用短语有: take turns to do sth. “依次;轮流”
in turn “依次;轮流;逐个” by turns “轮流”。 动词,意为“变得”。 e.g. Please turn left. We take turns to make dinner.= We make dinner by turns. It’s your turn to recite the passage. Turn it round and let me see the other side. In autumn the leaves turn yellow.

turn 还可用作动词, 意为“转动;转向; 翻转”;用作系

Just for Fun!

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空。
fed 1. I have____ (feed) my cat, so it is full now. mostly 2. He used his car ______ (most) for sightseeing. finished reading 3. He hasn’t ________ (finish) ________ (read)

Harry Potter yet.
4. We needn’t go in such a hurry. We still left have thirty minutes _______ (leave).

1. 你给花浇水了吗? Have you watered the flowers ____________________________? 2. 我今天有许多琐事要做,所以不能和你一起 去看电影了。 to do I have many chores _______ today. go to the movie So I can not ______________ with you. 3. 请点着火,该做晚饭了。 light the fire Please _____________. It is time to cook supper _______________.

4.-- 李雷,你好!能和我一起去拜访汤姆吗?
-- 我很想去,但恐怕现在我得去遛狗。 -- Hi, Li Lei! Would you like to ______ Tom with me? visit -- I’d like to. But I have to

take my dog for a walk ________________________。
5. Mary 家住在乡村,她每天都要到井里汲水。
Mary ________ a village. She ___________________ lives in has to collect water from the well every day. 6. 谁是你最喜欢的


Who is your favorite film star ________________________________?

假如你在今年暑假去了一次海南,现在根据下面的要 求和提示,向你的好朋友Mary 写一封e-mail 告诉她 你的海南之行. --参观了许多名胜 --一次海南之行 参考词: last summer, parents, take train or by air. Places of interest, beach. See, sit in the sun, run after and play, swim , waves, beat lightly. Can’t help doing. (情不自禁), jump into, lose oneself in, view , have a great time.

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