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my best friend

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The definition of friends can be various. Classmates or colleagues are your friends, neighbors are your friends, and even some person who you just met once can be your friends. However, a true friend is something precious. It is lucky for a person to have true friends. As life is full of strife and conflict, we need friends to support and help us out of difficulties. Our friends give us warnings against danger. True friends share not only joy but, they share sorrow. I think I am one of the lucky birds because I believe I have found a true friend who I will never forget in my whole life. This special person's name is , my best friend. She is a friend who makes me smile when I am sad, she is a friend who helps me solve problems when I don’t know the answers, and she is a friend that guides me into the lights when I am in the darkness. She is about 166 centimeters, with brown short hair and a piece of black glasses.

We were friends since the first day of university life, at that time we really didn’t know each other, we only lived in the same dorm. After the military training, I think I started to get to know her from that time. I found that she is a warm-hearted girl. She always thinks of other people. I am really relaxed and comfortable with her because of her humor. She has the power to make people laugh. And when I have some problems, I can always count on her.

I know the friendship has two sides. I care her very much and she cares me, too. We trust each other so much. When she has some problem or has something on her mind, she always tells me first and consults with me, so do I. Time flies, as time passed by, we become more and more mature, everything is changing, but our friendship will never fade. In the future, we all have our own family, have our own life, I think we can still tell each other all about our life as we company with each other in our university time. A life without a friend is a life without a sun. And she makes my life full of sunshine.


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