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What is he doing?
skiing eating


playing the baseball

king sing "ing"

be + 现在分词 现在进行时态 (present continue tenses)

1.含义:表示现在或现阶段正在进行或发 生的动作和存在的状态。 2.判断词:now, look, listen, at 7:00 3.谓语动词构成:be (is ,am ,are) ﹢doing 助动词be随人称变为 is, am, are。

4.动词~ing构成形式 直接加,去e加,双拼加
一般在动词词尾﹢ing work go write make
put swim

working going writing making
putting swimming

以不发音字母e结尾的, 去e﹢ing
重读闭音节,以一个辅音 字母结尾的,先双写这一 字母,再﹢ing

? write

writing taking

动 词 现 在 分 词 变 变 变

? take ? lie

dying swimming sitting getting

? die
? swim

? sit
? get

? run



正在进行 Look, they are playing football.

一直进行 He is writing a book this year. 与always He is always smiling in class. 连用

? 主语+be +not+v.ing.
? Be+主语+v.ing? ? What +be +主语+ v.ing?

The birds are singing a song.

They are dancing.

The cat is playing the guitar.

She is drawing.

vt. draw a picture of my dog

A dentist draws teeth.


ward 守卫

Our team has five wins and two draws.

The dog is driving a car.

They are having the exam.

He is sleeping.

She is doing her homework.

He is surfing.

surf the internet

He is drinking coca-cola.

He is riding a bike.

She is talking on the phone.

He listens to the music on the radio.

They are watching TV.

She is looking out of the window.

He is cleaning the floor.

They are playing the cards.

The boy is swimming in the pool.

They are fighting.

fight Fight dog, fight bear.
fight for fight against fighter

Exercises: 看图完成句子

1、What is the mouse doing? It is

running .

2、 Is Mr. Li cooking? Yes, he is.
3、Look! The boy is dancing .

4、It’s 4:00am.Is Mrs. Green getting up?
No , she isn’t . She is sleeping .

5、Who is

playing basketball? Sorry, I don’t know.


1.We__________ (get) ready for the middle—term are getting exam these days. watches 2.He often________(watch) in the day.
3. The earth_________(travel) around the sun. travels is running 4. The dog _________(run) after a cat now . 5. Listen! Who ________(sing) in the room? is singing practice 6. I ________(practice) English every day. 7. It’s 10:00am. Chris __________(teach) students. is teaching

A: What are you doing ? B: I’m watching TV. A: Do you want to go to the movies?

B: Sure. That sounds good ! This TV is boring.
A: When do you want to go?

B: Let’s go at six o’clock.

Dear Bob, Here is a photo of my family. In this photo, I’m doing my homework. My father is ___________. My grandfather is watching TV reading the newspaper ___________________. My grandmother is________to my mother. And

my sister talking is ___________________ listening to the music.

Dear Linda, Thanks for your letter and the photos. Here are some of my photos. In the first photo , I'm playing basketball at school. In the second photo, I’m swimming at the pool. In the next photo, you can see my family at home. We’re eating dinner. In the last photo, I’m with my sister, Gina. She’s doing her homework.

I have a picture here. Look at it! This is my sister. She and Lily are ________ seeing _________ books. Lin Tao and LiLei are writting. The boys are puting on their clothes. ________ In the picture you can see a girl. She is _______ under the tree. This one is siting me. They are _____________ to me. listenning

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