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Unit 5 can you come to my party

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Unit 5 can you come to my party? Today, I am going to give a class from 1a to 2c in Section B in Unit 5. First, let me introduce my teaching design.

Teaching Material Analysis Unit 5 is an import unit in this book. In this unit, students learn to make

invitations, accept and decline invitations and give reasons. They should know the differences between China and western countries. They should know the courtesy of western invitations. So they should grasp these languages:

a. Can you come to my party? Sure, I’d love/like to.

b. Can you come to the movies? I’m sorry .I have to help my mom. c. Can she go to the baseball game? No, she can’t. She has to study

for a test.

d. Can they go to the concert? No, they can’t. They are going to a

party .

Pay attention to“can”and “have/has to ”.When somebody invites you to join her/his party, if you have time and want to go, you should say“Sure, I’d love/like to”.If you have no time and you have many things to do ,you should say “I’m sorry, I have to…”.Thus, you will not hurt other people’s feelings and you are the polite people in other people’s eyes.

As for this part, students should learn how to ask and answer the dates, and know how to invite other people to come to your party on which day.

In this party, pay attention to the position of preposition “on/in”and dates. And students should know to use “on”before weeks, use“the”before the specific dates.

Analysis of teaching goal

Next, let me talk about the analysis of teaching goals. Use

thestudying tactic of Inducing and Cooperation, and instruct them to talk about how to answer everyday invitations. And develop the ability of their oral communication, and learn the etiquette in everyday contact. The most important, through learning this unit, strengthen the cultivation of the ability of listening、speaking and association.

Analysis of teaching method

Form the saying “The Eight Immortals cross the sea ,each displays

their special skills”.Different teachers have different teaching method as for each class. But if only the students can learn well, understand well, use well, the teaching method is the best way. As for this part, with the exception of using the traditional method of listening, speaking, reading and writing, I also add the method of exercising, playing games and so on. Through using these methods, I hope they can heighten the efficiency of this class. I especially made a beautiful class CD to help me teach well. Through this CD,I believe it can attract the balls of students‵s eyes , raise the interest of their study , arouse their enthusiasm. Thus, they will learn better.

Teaching course

No matter how well other things you did ,I think this part—

teaching course is the most important in each class. Now let me introduce the teaching course about this class. First ,I use some pictures to review the old knowledge“what are you doing

tomorrow/the day before yesterday? I’m? ”Through exercising of asking and answering ,let students finish exercise 1a in section

B. At the same time, show the calendar form of October, then ask and answer these sentences:

A: What day is it today? B: It’s Wednesday.

A: What‵s the date today? B: It’s October the 14th.

A: What’s today/tomorrow? B: It’s Wednesday the 14th /? A: What was yesterday/?? B: It was Tuesday the 13th /?.

Then show the form of calendar and check the answers of 1a:“11th .12th .13th .14th .15th .16th .17th ”and yesterday, today,

tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the day after tomorrow”.They are all called weekdays.

Then use another calendar form and colorful pictures to

practice these sentences about :“what did you do last

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/?? I went to see the doctor/ I had a piano lesson /?. This part can help people cultivate a habit of planning to do something.

Next, I use a picture of a birthday cake and give a example of conversation about invitations to let the students to make dialogues about how to invite your fiends or other people to do something and how to accept and decline invitations. Through this part, students review the old knowledge about invitations again. Finish all above part, let’s get into the listening world and finish 2a. Students should finish two tasks. Task 1: Can Vince play tennis with Andy? Task 2: Match Vince’s activities with the days. After listening several times , teacher should check the answers and praise the students who do well.

Finish this part, in order to enliven the atmosphere, I arranged a pairwork, called Role Play. Suppose A is Andy and B is Vince .Andy invite Vince to play tennis. Through this part, it can help students exercise their oral English.

After listening, speaking, reading, I also arranged several exercises to practice the old and new knowledge to consolidate the contents of this class. Especially, each student should grasp the use of “can, have/has to and dates.” And the use of sentences of “What ’s today/what’s the date today?? and would you like to..?”

Before finish this class, I gave a piece of homework to each student. The content is: Imagine you are Sam, read the invitation. If you can’t go shopping with Mary, write a replay to Mary. Through

this part, it can help students review the contents of how to accept and decline invitations.

To sum up, each teacher should try best to teach students well.

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