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九年级英语Section A---1

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Unit 1

How do you study for a test?

Section A



make a flashcard / make flashcards 2.vocabulary n.词汇

3.aloud adv.出声地;大声地 loud adj.大声的 read aloud loudly adv. 大声地

read loudly



pronounce v. 发音

I can`t pronounce the word.

by working with friends 1.通过和朋友学习_______________________________ by making flashcards 2.通过做抽认卡_______________________________ 3.通过读课本_________________________________ by reading textbooks

by making vocabulary lists 4.通过制作词汇表_____________________________
by listening to tapes 5.通过听录音_________________________________

by asking for the teacher for help ____________________________________________

1.I make friends by________(try)to talk to them first.

2.____you ever_____(travle) by train.
3.Can you_____ (pronunciation) the long word?

4.---____ does Tom learn English?
---He learned English ___ listening and reading?

AWhy,by B What,on C how, by D How , on
5.____going to the cinema with us? A Why not B What about C Would you like 6.There’s a policeman over there .Let’s go and ask him. Ato help B for help C for help D for helps

7.I study for a test by working with a group? 8.It’s so hard that I can’t understand the voices.(同义 句)

It’s_____hard____me____ ______ the voices.
9.He learns English by reading aloud.(一般疑问句)

How do you study for a test?

by listening to tapes

How do you study for a test?

by working with friends

How do you study for a test?

by surfing the Internet

How do you study for a test?

by making flashcards

How do you study for a test?

by asking the teacher for help

How do you study English?

by watching English movies

How do you study English?

by reading the textbook

How do you come to school?

1.by 的用法 介词, 表示通过…方法或途径的意思, 译成“靠, 通过”, 后面可加名词或名 词短语。 e.g. 1) The house was destroyed by fire. 房屋被火烧毁了。

2) travel by air /land/sea. 航空(陆路,航海)旅行 3) go by train /boat/ bus 乘火车(船,公共汽车)去 4) shake sb. by the hand 和某人握手 5) I study English by watching English movies. 我通过看英文电影学英语。

另外, by作为介词的意义有很多, 例如: 1)在…旁边,靠近 e.g. There is a power station by the river. 河边有一个电厂。 2)沿着,经由 e.g. come by the highway 由公路来 3)由于 e.g. by mistake 由于差错

4)被,由 e.g. some articles written by Lu Xun 一些由鲁迅写的文章 5)表示面积 e.g. a room 5m by 4m 一间长五米宽四米的房间 6)逐批 e.g. one by one 一个接一个

Check the ways you study for an English test. Add other ways you use sometimes. by working with friends by making flashcards by reading the textbook by making vocabulary lists by listening to tapes by aski

ng the teacher for help …… ……

Listen. How do these students study for a test? Write letters from the pictures above.


1. Mei


2. Pierre


3. Antonio

How do you study for a test? I study by working with a group.

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