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Rainy days makes me sad.
Section A (1a—2c)
---By Miss Zhao

comfortable 哇! sad


want to cry



nervous / tense/ stressed out




Brainstorm … happy unhappy uncomfortable excited bored nervous Adj. about comfortable surprised feelings(感觉) tense (紧张的,焦虑的) frightened relaxed angry energetic annoyed relaxed sad stressed out

How do you feel about this picture?

The picture makes me sleepy.


How do you feel about this picture?

The picture makes me comfortable.


How do you feel about this picture?

The picture makes me energetic.

How do you feel about this picture?

The picture makes me relaxed.

How do you feel about these pictures?
The snake makes me scared.
makes me cry.

The tidy room makes me comfortable.
makes me feel comfortable.

The beautiful beach relaxed makes me _______.
makes me want to have a holiday.

The delicious food hungry makes me______.
makes me want to eat.

A:What makes him/her sad?
B: Rainy days makes him sad.
smoking heavy traffic loud noise people who keep you waiting the movie I Love My Family
happy sad angry relaxed annoyed stressed happy tense comfortable uncomfortable

Let’s play a game
Fill in the blanks, act it out in disorder, and let your partner guess (the more sentences, the more candies )
1. My study report made me________ because I got an A. happy angry 2. Waiting for you so long made me ________. cry 3. The story was so sad that it makes all of us ________. dance 4. Loud music makes me ______. 5. Long time studying makes us ________. tired/ exhausted embarrassed 6. Wearing two left slippers made me _______.

Aha !

sad/cry 7. The movie “the Day After Tomorrow” makes all people ______.

Look at the two restaurants below. Which would you like to go to? Why?

The Rockin’ Restaurant

Listen. What do Amy and Tina think of the two restaurants?
The Blue Lagoon

The awful pictures sad makes Amy The loud music makes tens Amy

The soft music makes Amy relaxed The soft music makes sleepy Tina

1. Rainy days make me sad. 雨天让我感到悲伤。 rainy adj. 多雨的 如: the rainy season 雨季 rain n. 雨 如: The crops need rain. 庄稼需要雨水。

rain v. 下雨 例如: It began to rain hard. 开始下大雨了。 make的用法: (1) make + n. 例如: make food 做饭 make the bed 铺床 make money 赚钱

(2) make sb./sth. + adj. 使某人(感到),

make的宾语之后可跟名词, 形容词, 分词来

如: The party made her a good teacher. 党把她培养成为一名好教师。

2) 形容词作make的宾语补足语

Soccer makes me crazy.

The soft music makes Tina sleepy. 轻

Loud music makes me tense.

Loud music makes them energetic.


It made her sad.

Waiting for her made me angry.


happy,pleased,surprised,angry, annoyed,sad,upset,unhappy,worried, anxious,
excited,relaxed,stressed out,tense, calm,scared,comfortable,sick …

Make sentences with “make...”.
The snow makes backyard white.

The war makes people (the boy) frightened.

The dog makes us feel funny.

relaxed tense sleepy

(1)Would ( had ) rather do :表示“宁愿” 例如:I would(=I’d) rather stay here . 我宁愿留在这里。

Which would you rather do, go to cinema or stay at home?

(2)Would rather+ 动词+ than:宁愿……也不
例如:I would rather stay at home than go out. Would rather die than surrender.


1. 你最想去那两个餐馆中的哪一个? Which of the two restaurants would you most like to go to ? 2. 轻柔的音乐和好看的图片让他感觉到很放松。 Soft music and nice pictures make him relaxed.

3. 大声的音乐使她和我感到紧张,不舒服。 Loud music makes her and me tense and uncomfortable. 4. 我愿意去那个远些的餐馆,因为我喜欢边吃饭边听音乐。 I’d like to go to the farther restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while eating. 5. 我同意你所说的话。

2a Listening




Listen .Number the pictures and fill in the blanks.

made cry It was_____ and the food was ____ . It was so sad that it_____ us ____. quiet great

makes tense Loud music ______her _______.

Waiting for her made me angry. ___________

∨ _Waiting for her made angry. ∨ _She said that loud music made her tense.

_Loud music makes me happy. ∨ _Loud music always makes me want to dance. ∨ _It ∨ was so sad it made us cry. _Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave.

Boy:Did you and Amy __________ last night , Tina? have fun Girl:Well, John…Yes and no. Boy: Was Amy late ________ ? as usual waiting for her made me angry. Girl:Yes , she was. And _________________________.

Boy:Where did you go?
Girl: First we went to the Rockin’s Restaurant , but Amy didn’t want to stay. She said that ____ music made her tense . ____ loud Boy:That’s funny. Loud musicalways makes mewant to dance _____ __________ . Girl:Me too.So then we went to the Blue Lagoon. It was quiet and the _____ food was _____. We had a good time. great Boy:Then did you go to theconcert at the high school? ______ _____

Did you have fun with Amy last night?

Well…yes and no. She was really late.

Talk about how the different kinds of weather make you feel.

Weathe rainy sunny hot cold cloudy windy foggy r feeling sad happy …

A: _______? I called you but your mother said you were out. A. And the chairs are too hard. B: I went to Kentucky with my friends. B. That’s right. C. What’s the matter? A: ___________________? D. Where did you go? B: Beca

use I love the food very much. E. Why did you go there? A: But it is very crowded there. B: _______________. And the noise made me uncomfortable.
A: _______________. B: Yes,that makes people not stay long. So we left early. Oh, _______?

make sb. + 宾语+形容词 使人感觉到…… 形容词作make的宾语补足语 make sb. do sth. 使人做某事…… make后面用动词原形

Loud music makes me tense. Sad movies make her want to leave. Waiting for her made me angry.
make sb +adj (令某人怎样) make sb do sth. (令某人干某事)

The uses of "make"
(1) make a kite / plane 制作 (2) make money 赚钱 (3) make up ( be made up of ...) 组成 (4) make sure 确定 (5) make friends 交朋友 (6) make faces 做鬼脸 (7) be made of / from 由…制成 (8) make noise 制造噪音 (9) make it 及时赶到 (10) make the bed 整理床铺 (11) make a decision = make up one's mind 做决定

(12) make mistakes 犯错 (13) make a speech 作演讲 (14) make breakfast / dinner 煮饭 (15) make a plan 定计划 (16) make a toast to sb. 向sb敬酒 (17) be made in + sp. 由某地制造 (18) make a living 谋生 (19) make a conversation with sb. 与sb对话 (20) make/keep + n. + adj. 使…..怎样 make me energetic make him/them relaxed / comfortable (21) make sb./sth. Do 使….做sth (22) make sb./sth. doing sth. 使….一直做sth

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