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温馨提示:1、本试卷共设置50道单项选择题,每题2分;时间为45分钟。 2、请将试题答案誊抄到答题纸对应位置上,交卷时只交答题纸。

( )1. You can ______ the word in a dictionary when you don't know its pronunciation.

A. take up B. find up C. look for D. look up

( )2. We don't know ______ to deal with the problem. We'll ask Tom for help.

A. what B. how C. why D. where

( )3. It's Sunday today. How about ______ mountains?

A.to climb B.climb C.climbing D.climbed

( )4. You won't catch the bus ______ you run.

A.when B.if C.while D.unless

( )5. Smoking is bad for your health. You'd better ______.

A.take out it B.take it out C.give up it D.give it up

( )6. His parents were worried that he ______ too much time chatting online.

A.spent B.took C.paid D.had

( )7. The girl ______ the dark. She can't get out at night.

A.is interested in B.is afraid to C.is terrified of D.is angry with

( )8. —Why don't you take the T-shirt, Linda?

—I have only $10. I can't ______ it. A.borrow B.afford C.sell D.bring

( )9. He will come on time ______ it rains heavily.

A.so that B.even though C.and D.because

( )10.They went to a new movie ______ staying at home to watch TV last night.

A.instead B.because C.instead of D.because of

( )11. Something is wrong with my MP4.I will get it ______.

A.repair B.repairing C.to repair D.repaired

( )12. Mary is seven years old. She is ______ to go to school.

A.too old B.enough old C.so old D.old enough

( )13. They have been busy these days. They had no day ______ last week.

A.on B.away C.off D.out

( )14. —I usually play computer games on Sundays .How about you?


A.So am I B.So I am C.So do I D.So I do

( )15. The students ______ play basketball after school every day.

A.allow B.allow to C.are allowed to D.were allowed to

( )16. Jim is good ______ playing soccer ,he thinks it's good ______ his study.

A.at; at B.for; for C.at; for D.for; at

( )17. —______ his car is broken?

—He has to walk there.

A.What if B.What about C.Do you know D.Even though

( )18. —Each year, ______ fishes are killed by the polluted water .

A.millions of B.million of C.two millions of D.two millions

( )19. There are ______ books on the shelf.

A.plenty of B.a lot C.a plenty of D.lot of

( )20. The students ______ not allowed to leave the classroom at that time.

A.are B.have C.was D.were

( )21. I ______ read some good books than watch a bad TV program.

A.would rather B.would like C.had better D.prefer to

( )22. Mother is in the kitchen. She must ______ for us now.

A.cook B.be cook C.be cooking D.cooks

( )23. The new basketball ______ Dave. He bought it yesterday.

A.is B.is belong C.belongs D.belongs to

( )24. There's a red car parking in our neighborhood. Do you know ______ it is?

A.what B.who C.whose D.whom

( )25. Girl students ______ 56% of the students in our school.

A.make up B.deal with C.catch up with D.belong to

( )26.—Could I go to the movie this weekend, Dad?

—Yes, you______. But you have to come back before nine. A.shall B.must C.need D.can

( )27. —What are you busy doing for?

—The final exams. They're ______.If I do better, my parents will take me to Hong Kong. A.crucial B.easy C.useless D.final

( )28. Li Ming prefers singing ______.

A.than dancing B.to dancing C.than dance D.to dance

( )29. Jack spends a lot of money on books, ______ he is not so rich.

A.though B.when C.if D.because

( )30. Please don't do that. You'll make your mother ______ if you do it.

A.unhappily B.unhappy C.glad D.better

( )31. Did you enjoy the days ______ you spent in Beijing?

A.where B.when C.that D.what

( )32. —What do you think ______ the book?

—I like it very much. A.over B.of C.with D.on

( )33. It is better ______ more than to speak more.

A.to do B.doing C.did D.do

( )34. I like Mr. Zhang's lessons, because they are ______.

A.lovely B.live C.lively D.living

( )35. This is the small village ______ Huang Zhi wasborn.

A.that B.which C.who D.where

( )36. The boy ______ becoming a scientist in the future.

A.makes up B.uses up C.dreams of D.looks at

( )37. The children ______ clothes because they are too young.

A.needn't to wash B.don't need wash C.needn't wash D.don't need washing

( )38. You can see your mother, your father and brothers. Who ______ can you see

in the picture? A.other B.else C.another D.the other

( )39. —How long will you ______?

—Oh, three weeks. A.leave B.away C.be away D.go away

( )40. Not only his parents but also he ______ very friendly to me.

A.be B.are C.is D.were

( )41. The music is too noisy. Would you please ______ a little?

A.turn it on B.turn it down C.turn it up D.turn down it

( )42. —What does the girl look like?

—She ______ her mother.

A.looks after B.comes up with C.takes after D.takes care of

( )43. The boy was very angry ______ his best friend.

A.to B.at C.with D.on

( )44. —Could you do ______ for me, please?

—Yes, with pleasure.

A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

( )45. —I find that I have been unlucky these days.

—______. Everything will become better soon.

A.Keep silent! B.Why not cry? C.Cheer up! D. How about you?

( )46. This kind of pot is ______ keeping tea hot.

A.used in B.used for C.used as D.used by

( )47. I noticed them ______ the tall building just now.

A.went into B.go into C.was going into D.came out of

( )48. —Have all the students known that we will have an English exam this


—Yes. Every student ______ about it. A.tells B.told C.was told D.has told

( )49. —Surfing first started on the island of Hawaii, didn't it?

—Yes, but now it ______ by people all over the world.

A.is enjoyed B.is enjoying C.has enjoyed D.will enjoy

( )50. —______, you can work out the problem easily.

—Thank you.

A.On the way B.In this way C.By way D.In a way


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