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九年级英语Section A---2

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2.英语笔记本。 3.英语听写本。

Unit1 How do you study for a test? Section A ----2

1.If you are in trouble, you can ____Mr Wang___help.

Aask, to B ask, for C ask, about D want, for
2.----___did you tell him about the news?

----By ___an e-mail.
A How, sending B How, send

C How,sent


3.You are never ___ old ___dream a new dream. A very, to B so, that C such, that D too, to 4.----____you ___ a ticket for the football match? -----Not yet. AIs,bought B Are,bought Chas,bought Dhave,bought

5.We think ___more vegetables____good for our health. Aeatting, are B eating,is Ceating,are Deatting,is 6.---What about____(go) to the movies this evening? ----That’s a good idea. 7.Please read______(loud) to let everyone hear you. 8.Jenny has_____(learn)Chinese for 3 years. 9.My grandpa practices _____(play)Taiji by the river.

1.memorize Memorizing ___________


memory n. 记忆力

English words is hard.

The boy has a good ____________ memory

2.difference n. 区别;差异

different adj. 不同的

differently adv. 不同地;有差异地

There are many ___________between us. difderences
My new bicycle is __________from yours. different My father feels _________________. differently 3.quick adj.快的迅速的 quickly adv.快地;迅速地 He got up and had a __________breakfast. quick He got up and had breakfast_______________. quickly

1.学习更多英语的最好方式 the beat way to learn more English ___________________________________________ 2.一点________________ a little feel differently 3.感觉不同_____________________ 4.看演员说单词________________________________ see the actors say the words

5.玩得开心________________________ have fun
6.根本不;一点也不____________________________ not -----at all

7.讲英语结束________________________________ end up speaking in Chinese

1.Lilian Li said the best way to learn new words was by reading English magazines.( )

2.Did Lilian Li think grammar was interesting?
3.Wei Ming has been learning English for__________

4.What did Liu Chang think the best way to improve
her English ?

5.She added that having conversations with friends was not helpful at all.(翻译)

1.We think__more vegetables ___good for our health.

A eatting,are B eating,is he C eating , are D etting , is
2.The best way____ English is doing more practice.

A learn B learning C learning D to learn
3.Don’t worry! We still have___time left before the train leaves. A a little B little C a few D few 4.Susan got frustrated about the words and ended__ in a low voice. A speaking B to speak C up speaking D to speaking 5.Why not ____the basketball club? A to join B to take part in C join D take part in

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