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2.英语笔记本。 3.英语听写本。

Unit 1 Reading

deal with 1.解决;处理_______________________________

worrry about 2.担心________________
by learning to forget 3.通过学会忘记__________________________ 4.生某人的气______________________ be angry with 5.时间飞逝______________________ Time goes by. decide not to talk to each other 6.决定不再和对方说话______________________________ regard-----as--7.将—视为;将—看做________________________ complain about 8.抱怨_______________ 9.太多的工作________________ too much work try our best best to do sth 10.尽我们最大努力做某事_________________________ 11.在-----的帮助下___________________ one’s help with the help of =with think of 12.认为_______________ compare--- to--13.把---和---比较_____________________

1.What is the result(结果)of worrying about the problems? 2.What are the ways of dealing with problems? 3.Are the children angry for a long time after they have disagreement? 4.What do many students complain about?

5.What is an important part of the chidren’s development?
6.What is Stephen Hawking? 7.What are Stephen Hawking’s problems?

1.I saw the boys just now? They were playing basketball.(合并一句)
I saw the boys _______basketball just now. 2.To look up the words in a dictionary is helpful for us.(同义句) ____is helpful for us _____look up the words in a dictionary. 3.Why don’t you go shopping with me ?(同义句)

____ _____ go shopping with me?
4.If you don’t get up early , you will be late.(同义句) ______you get up early , you will be late.

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